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As someone who actually remembers when the acronym was ‘Only LGBT’, let me tell you, it was ‘only’ LGBTQIA+’ for SIGNIFICANTLY longer than it was ‘only LGBT’. It was ‘only’ LGBT for a very short amount of time, and insisting it never changed after or this change was recent and not like, 20 years ago, is not only false, but also ridiculous.

I am done with fuckin he/they xander aiden wannabe-gay demiboys I’m done with greasy nerd men who call themselves lesbians I’m done with the shitty inconsistent free for all alphabet soup acronym variations just let me exist as a woman who loves women away from the community straight people tainted

Can’t even go to any sort of gay youth group or anything because it’s always fucking lgbtqioapsoid+, you took everything from us so just leave us the fuck alone now you demons

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i saw your post about queer and slurs (and i assume you were saying that Youre an experienced community member who studied the history and stuff) so i was wondering what are your thoughts on the inclusion of aces and aros in the community?

Asexuality is part of the alphabet soup acronym for a reason: Ace spectrum folks are isolated in their relationships and often in society by their sexuality or lack of sexuality. 

In uni, one of my friend’s parents were dragging her around to psychotherapists to find someone that would do electroshock therapy to ‘fix’ her because she was aro ace and refused to date/have a boyfriend/give them grandkids. To make all that stop, she tried to have a relationship and forced herself to do stuff she wasn’t comfortable with, and as a result was suicidal and dropped out of uni for a little while. She has trauma from that whole experience. Why on earth would anyone think that’s not a queer experience? 

Ace folks are surrounded by sexuality. You don’t even notice this until you imagine what it’s like to just have no interest in it, or to feel uncomfortable about it. They’re told unless people have sex all the time and want sex often in a relationship, there’s something wrong with the relationship. They’re bombarded with messages that they are required to provide sex at x interval to their partners or they will be broken up with and they will end up alone and unloved. 

Aro people are told they are wrong and broken for having no interest in a romantic relationship. Aro women especially are stigmatised. If you think someone’s traditional mother is going to be fine with her darling girl not getting married and having babies, you’ve got another think coming. 

Sexuality is SO BIG in society, of course a lack of it, or a difference of it, OF COURSE is going to cause someone to feel wrong, broken and different? If you feel alone, wrong, broken and different because of your sexuality or gender, you belong in ‘queer’. 

Asexual folks belong under our collective umbrella and I am not interested in hearing someone who ISN’T asexual trying to explain different to me. 

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what does mogai mean/stand for? i heard an aphobes call someone who's asexual "that dumb mogai kid" and i was curious as to what they were referencing...

MOGAI stands for Marginalized Orientations, Gender alignments, and Intersex. It’s basically an alternate & inclusive umbrella for a larger community, similar to LGBT+ (and any variants thereof) or queer. 

This term was developed in response to several concerns with the other catch-alls. In comparison to the other catch-all options, unlike LGBT+, MOGAI is pronounceable like a word rather than just letters, and it’s initial meaning is to be inclusive of any and all sexual orientations and genders (whereas LGBT+ only has certain letters representing certain identities in any variation of the “alphabet soup” acronym, etc). 

Additionally, MOGAI highlights those who are intersex in an inclusive way without making it sound like being intersex is inherently related to sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Unlike queer, which could be considered a better alternative to LGBT+ in those specific areas I have mentioned, MOGAI isn’t / wasn’t a slur like queer has been used. There is debate about whether or not queer is an acceptable catch-all term despite having been largely reclaimed.

So, MOGAI was developed as an alternate catch-all that addresses these, and probably other, concerns. It hasn’t gained much popularity overall and there are good reasons for the use of each / any of the terms discussed. Certain people / groups will probably prefer one over the others depending on their linguistic needs.

However, with the aphobes and all that’s been going on with that, from what I’ve seen, they don’t like the MOGAI terminology, and generally discredit it, as far as I can tell, just because it is more inclusive of sexual orientations that they would like to exclude from any sort of community. 

-Mod Leaf

Okay, some slight housekeeping has been done. I’ll try to keep these tags consistent going forward. 

All posts related to Billy the elephant and the push for the LA Zoo to send him to a sanctuary are now tagged ‘billy the elephant’. 

All recent posts related to how zoos work are tagged ‘demystifying zoos’. 

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If it discusses a specific zoo accreditation, it’ll be tagged with the appropriate alphabet soup acronym. 

So @elanorjoy opened up the AU box for ACOTAR in my head with her “Feyre never asks for help at the wedding” story.

I got carried away.

I was expecting this to be like 500 words, it’s close to 2500.  

What if you put Rhys in Tamlin’s spot with the curse?

Titled: A Life For A LIfe

Rhys still shuts down Velaris and everyone in it but when he goes to Amarantha’s party, he takes Azriel and the Court of Nightmares with him because her instructions said to bring his court and the Court of Nightmares is technically his court. Rather than ending up locked under the mountain, he ends up as the one cursed to get a human with hate in their heart to love him.

This happens for reason. Tbh I’d have to reread book one to really break down the whys here but for a brain-barf AU just stick with the theory for me.

He spends 50 years living at “home” in the Court of Nightmares and the palace on top of it but he can’t ever go back to Velaris without risking the city and everyone in it.

But he’s also less likely to passively wait on some salvation than Tamlin is. He’d go hard on curse-breaking.

Tamlin sent some of his generals out into the human world to get themselves shot but Rhys has Azriel and is more of a strategist than Tamlin is. Also because he’s more dedicated to his people as a whole, he’d have a hell of a time stomaching that kind of “Go off and die for me” ethos. So instead he has Az and the spies he has at his disposal go out and fetch pretty much any human who kills a faerie, anywhere and for just about any reason.

Then he can attempt to seduce them.

You’d think it would be relatively easy but 50 years in and it hasn’t really been going well.

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Okay so I understand you get many many prompts and stuff but can you write more of that one where Chloe has a girlfriend and doesn't tell Beca and then Beca meets her on Christmas break? I need it like I need air. I need to know what happens next. And you should know in my head I cast Dianna Agron as Chloe's girlfriend for some reason.

Now the girlfriend’s name is Quinn. For…reasons. Part One here 

“Shit,” Chloe whispered, throwing a quick glance behind her to see her girlfriend watching the interaction with a jaw set and arms crossed. She quickly reached up, wiping the tears that were threatening to fall before looking at her phone to check her appearance. “Hey,” she shot out, hoping that it held a semblance of organic cheeriness. Her girlfriend, Quinn (…or Queen…or Quincy…?…Who the hell has a name that starts with Q anyway), scooted into the space next to Chloe, taking a deep breath before looking at Beca. 

“Everything alright here, Babe?” she said, smiling sweetly. 

“Yeah, yeah,” Chloe said quickly, picking up her menu, but Beca shifted at the other side of the table. 

“Chl–” she started, but the other girl held up a hand. 

“Um, Becs,” she said, her voice impossibly small. Quiet. Almost, guilty. “Can we talk about it after dinner, maybe? Or…something…” 

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Soooooo do all the people talking about how straight people don’t belong at GLBT events fundamentally not understand the fact that there are straight trans women out there and that there’s a T in the alphabet soup acronym or are you all just shitty transmisogynists? Lmk!

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So when you say "the gay community" who exactly do you mean? Cos that phrase is a large part of why a lot of people want to use "gay" as a label. Gay people get rights and a community and marriage and all that cool stuff. The rest of us get nothing. If they didn't want other people using that word they shouldn't have forced it on us. If we only get rights by assimilation then who are you to bite us for assimilating to survive?

I hear what you’re saying, and here’s a bit of what I’m thinking about it. 

Why did this community become the gay community, when “early” fights (like Stonewall) were spearheaded by trans women? Why is a community of people of all genders being referred to as the “gay community?” Why is it “gay marriage” when statistically half of marriages would be lesbian marriages and a lot of the very publicized marriages in states that just figured their crap out are between two women? Why does one letter speak for the whole community?

Because patriarchy. Because it’s easier for people to stomach men liking men than women liking women, or people who like multiple genders, or people who don’t identify with the gender assigned at birth, or people who don’t like anyone.  Because in our society, the “neutral term” is that which refers to men. 

You’ll notice I referred the to “the gay or lesbian community” once and only once - and in that statement, I meant “the community of homosexual men or the community of homosexual women” - not the whole alphabet soup group. 

I actually just had a talk with a queer group of women tonight and while they all did throw gay around a lot, when it came to talking about the community as a whole, consensus was that we’d rather use either an inclusive acronym or call it alphabet soup. Because gay doesn’t, in the literal sense, mean everyone, and because it’s not a label that we necessarily picked for ourselves. It was a label pushed on us that we’ve taken up simply so we don’t have to explain what LGBTQIAPican'trememberwhatotherlettersgohere stands for and because cishet folks don’t want to hear about our own labels. We’re less scary when they’re allowed to label us.

As we always say - your identity, use whatever labels you like best. But I reemphasize the last point I made. Why are you using the labels you are using? What impact is that having on other people who use those labels or feel the way you do? What impression are you giving other people when you use that label? Make educated choices.

From where I’m sitting, I don’t want to be called gay. Not because it’s an insult, but because I’m not gay. That’s not how I identify. That isn’t my experience. I am asexual and I want to be referred to that way, and I want to refer to myself that way. I want this community to go by an inclusive acronym, not “the gay community” - because that is so exclusionary. Even “the queer community” would be better. And I want to fight for everyone to be included, for no one to be denied rights or discriminated against, without having to water things down to make them palatable for the cishets.