acro yoga

i’m sorry for being such a cornball but like this is so pretty to me like the way he massages her temples and brings her in for a hug and she has no fear or hesitation and their dog wants in on the vibes at the end i can’t

she says in the original caption that when they practice they work on eye contact a lot and it takes a lot of time to be able to look into someone’s soul, some people cry or laugh through the discomfort but now they connect so much and it’s very easy for them and anyways wow

Inspire to rise to new experiences today 🌴

Feeling the power of nature is so amazing and humbling. Especially with freezing wind chill 25ft up in the air! 😁💨🍃

Yesterday I was hesitant as I stepped out to the beach in Santa Monica with 35mph gusts of wind pushing my body back into my car. I am really glad I still went ahead and hung out did #acroyoga with my friends, and did my rope climb circuit. 

The new Acro Yoga move… The Man Mantle
Try it out its fun 😉🔄