acr: spoiler

Never a traitor…

“ Your grandfather was an assassin once!” Varius shouted, casting his voice several yards away to his left, obscured further by its echoes off the chimmeneys and skylights. “ He turned on the Brotherhood and the Creed he’d sworn to uphold! He was nothing but a coward and the traitor!” 

“ Never a traitor to the truth!” the Hunter shouted. “ He never betrayed the Templar Order!”

So yeah, I actually continue things when I tell you I’ll write a sequel! Here you have a teaser:

“Leaving his bag in the sofa, he went to the kitchen and slipped his strong arms around Moniwa’s waist. He brought the older closer to his body - minding dangerous situations with kitchen affairs -, feeling his warmth and freshly clean fluffy hair in his nose. He inhaled.

“You smell so good,” he said, moving to nuzzle Moniwa’s neck and placing a kiss there.”

All Eyes, first part of this fic, it’s in ao3, here. Go read it if you want! You’ll make me happy. ;w; Aoniwa 4ever, bruh.

Poor little Fili.

Even for his corpse nobody showed any interest.

Let’s pretend Dwalin picked him respectfully up and carried him to Erebor, tears running down his scarred face, and everybody cried:“No! Not our good Fili!” And nobody asked for his brother.

EDIT: Made a new version based on the same lineart as the old one, for getting used to my new (and first) graphics tablet.