It was a messy year. With the webcomic and school as work besides my regular illustration stuff, made the production of art a bit harder this year.
I felt it was not the most productive ones, but the numbers tell different.

January: Still figuring out how to handle the webcomic and school while doing art. The effect is visible. Only 2 submissions in this month. The best one of the two is my fanart of Ghost Trick, a fantastic game with nice silly characters and loveable ones. I also tried to be less detailed in my drawings, people always critizised me for being too detailed. Still doing what I love and keep it my style.

February: The Daily Drawing February Challenge. Once created and always joined on Sketch Tavern, now 3 years in a row on SatelliteSoda. Being hold, with 28 submissions my most productive month. I took the Evil Horde as the main theme (which is still not finished) and other drawing which I am still proud of. One of my most controversal pictures was my Arielle spoof. Silly Disney fans…

March: March was my downfall in productivity. I had a lot payed work, my traineeship in a kindergarten and the webcomic. The only submission were some storyboard parts I did for the Flintstones WWF Smackdown direct-DVD special, which was released in this month. My name is on a Warner Brother movie. I am proud, no matter what people think of the film as a whole.

April: March flu continued. I produced just 3 drawings. I returned to traditional inking and noticed how much my brush brand started to suck. It was hard to get good lines with the cheap tips and so far I have not found a good alternative. The Cackletta drawing was frustrating, since the brush was unable to do one line right.

Mai: Productivity came back. I did mostly gift arts/free requests. Which made me depressed, since peeps showed up just to get a freebie and then never showed up again. Well, my fault for giving myself for free away.

June: School started and was again not able to produce a lot. Steven Universe warmup drawings, one a Themrog drawing. All my original content got few comments all year.

July: Summer weather and vacation. Art restarted and productivity came back. I celebrated the first year anniversary of the SWEFS webcomic. July and August became my next most productive months of 2015.

August: Vacation the whole month. A lot drawings to be proud of. My personal fav was the Themrog landscape.

September: School came back. Productivity slowed down again. I posted a lot pages from the webcomic. The comic about my grandgfather got the most responses.

October: The halloween month. Monsters, ghosts and zombies… my creativity got tickled and I was productive again. The Undertale fanart got the best and highest numbers this year… no wonder since it became an instant Tumblr rape vicitim. The end of the month however became dark… very dark.

November: Being close doing amistake, I did a very personal comic page. Like always crying for help on the net is somehow crying into a void. I tried to convert the spirit into art. I tend to draw happy and joyful art when I am very depressed. The result wa the Steven Universe drawing. Steven Universe was my main inspiration source this year. I watched all episodes this year in a marathon and am now addicted and can’t wait for the return.

December: Finally being able to introduce one of my favourite OCs Acquilara to the webcomic. The SWEFS really took a lot time away this year. I focussed a lot on the webcomic. I wish they reach a big audience and peeps get their fun out of it. I put one and a half year all my energy into these pages. Some night were worked trough to get the deadline. With school I have only 5 hrs free time to do homework for school and cleaning stuff… the webcomic needs attention and I need at least tuesday-thursday to finish a page with a -for my tastes- decent quality. It#s a hard fight to don’t get depressed and still love doing it, when the responses are not as high as the fanarts i do. I am aware I cry on a high level here and should only concentrate on the art and fun itself, but c'mon, we all also do it to get attention.

I hope you all have a god start into the NEW YEAR! See ya behind the panels!
And smile in front of empty space!


WIP of the redesign of the female main chars in the SWEFS. Finished version will come soon. For the return of the webcomic I wanna consider the critic of my females not having enough variation in shapes, I gave some of them a radical change. In general I wanna reduce the details a bit, since redoing them a lot will take some time, so giving them a more streamlined simple design will help keeping up with the work.

Nanaka - Thinner, more teenagerlike, like she was supposed to be.

Minty - Smaller but rounder.

Marscha - More muscles and a masculine vibe.

Clarissa - Smaller and more acrobatic.

Triki - Taller, thinner. Giving her more the vibe of a vamp/goth.

Acquilara - Smaller and a bit rounder. A bit more geekier.