Non-binary Fragrances: Tip 1

Looking for a fragrance but have trouble finding anything non-binary?

Here I’ve collected a few of the unisex fragrances for any genderqueer person.

Some of the fragrances have muskier tones whereas others have a lighter or even floral scent. That’s why I’ve included a list of scents to describe the products and help you narrow down your try-out list.

Acqua di Parma
(bergamot, lemon, lavender, rosemary, rose, cedarwood)

Marrakech Intense
(wood, florals, spice)

Black Saffron
(pepper, black violet, leather, raspberry, juniper)

Calvin Klein
(wasabi, jasmine, wet cobblestone)

Fresh Laundry, Rain, Skin, Warm Cotton, Shower Fresh…
Most of the fragrances by Clean can be worn by anybody. You get what’s written on the label. Personal favourite: Cool Cotton

Comme Des Garçons
Blue Santal
(sandalwood, juniper berries, blue pepper)

National Scent
(hibiscus, jasmine tea, amber, patchouli)

Ex Nihilo
Cologne 352
(citrus, rose, wood, lily of the valley)

Eau de Narcisse Bleu
(daffodil, orange blossom, wood, musk)

Jo Malone
Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne
(sea salt, sage)

Original Musk
(orange blossom, musk, rose, lily)

Le Labo (three amazing fragrances so I’ve included all of them)
Neroli 36
(orange blossom, musk, vanilla, rose, jasmine)
Fleur D’Oranger 27
(orange blossom, musk, bergamot, petit grain, lemon)
Patchouli 24
(patchouli, birch, vanilla)

Cargo de Nuit
(ambrette, cedar)

Tom Ford
Oud Wood
(cardamom, amber, wood)
Mandarino di Amalfi
(mint, thyme, grapefruit, black pepper)

Yves Saint Laurent
(black pepper, bergamot, patchouli, lily of the valley)


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anonymous asked:

Hi! Okay so im a lil embarrassed about this lol, but how do I achieve that fresh out the shower smell all day with smooth soft skin? I shower everyday, moisturize, and put on perfume, but it usually lasts only maybe 3 hours and then throughout the day it fades. Like Idk what I'm doing wrong. How can I achieve this? Like you know those girls who smell like they just took a shower and it's 5pm????!?! What products/ what routine should I do to achieve this?? Sorry if I dont make sense or its long

Hello, I get this, I smell nice all day but I didn’t used to!

1. Men’s deodorant, That is key, It’s better than women’s deodorant and unless your guy/gal is into weird armpit stuff it’s unlikely they will know.

2. Use lots of heavy scents. don’t go for a very light scent that is easily drowned, go strong.

3. You get what you pay for unfortunately. Cheap perfume has more alcohol in it which makes it evaporate quicker, this means the scent won’t stick around. In more expensive perfumes they use oils instead so they don’t evaporate as quickly and will stay the whole day. I recommend tom ford or acqua di parma. 

4. keep a small roll on version of it in your bag. You can buy roller ball applicators online and you can just pour some perfume in and update your perfume throughout the day. 

5. Rub some vaseline on the spot before you apply perfume, I don’t know why it works but it works.

6. Use nice body washes and moisturisers which match scent. it will make everything more intense. I recommend Le Labo for stuff that smells great and lasts throughout the day.

7. Scents travel up so sprits on thighs, wrists and cleavage. Also spritz some in your hair.

That’s it x its just money an placement unfortunately x

Lots of love, Mary xoxo


Acqua di Parma

carneliane  asked:

Hello! I'm looking to acquire another perfume but don't know much about fragrance. Could you give me some recommendations to start me off? To give you an idea of what I usually wear, the three perfumes I have now are Betsey Johnson by Betsey Johnson, Miss Dior, and Brigitte by Tocca. I prefer romantic scents and am looking for something noteworthy and sensual. Thank you!

I love grand, almost carnal, lush fragrances for romance and sensuality: A La Nuit (Serge Lutens), Grand Amour (Annick Goutal), Magnolia Nobile (Acqua di Parma).

Along the lines of the perfumes you mentioned, though: 

-L’Instant (Guerlain), 
-Diorissimo (Dior),
-Soir de Lune (Sisley),
-Roses et Reines (L’Occitane En Provence),
-Summer Hill (Crabtree & Evelyn),
-Beautiful (Estée Lauder),
-Peony & Blush Suede (Jo Malone)
-Fleurs D’Oranger (Serge Lutens)
-Le Chevrefeuille (Annick Goutal)
-Narciso For Her (Narciso Rodriguez)

I think all of them are fairly noteworthy except perhaps Summer Hill, but I do think it’s a lovely romantic fragrance. & I know Lancôme cultivates a romantic image, but, really, I would avoid them at all costs.
-Pat x


Get to know the luxurious fragrance ingredient that everyone’s talking about.

Oud is having a moment. While it’s been in the perfume world for thousands of years, this insanely premium ingredient—known as “liquid gold” because it’s so precious—has been popping up in a noteworthy number of new fragrance launches.

So, where does it come from? An ingredient this lusted-over must come with an interesting origin story—and it’s strange, but true: When mold infects a rare kind of tree known as agarwood, the tree reacts by producing a dark resin, which (along with the oil distilled from it) is oud. However, only a very small percentage of this type of tree actually has this reaction, hence its powerful desirability. Oud is an acquired taste, like wine or certain kinds of cheese. While the dark, sensual scent is a favorite of perfume aficionados and worldly sophisticates, it’s avoided the mainstream spotlight—until now.

The truth is, many new fragrances have concocted perfect introductions—they feature rich oud undertones paired with lighter notes to create uplifting aromas. To start, take a clue from the master of modern luxury himself—Tom Ford—and try his Oud Wood scent, which features the ingredient along with an exotic, smoky blend of cardamom, amber, and vetiver.