‘The most beautiful bookstore in the world’ in Venice, Italy. The owner was lovely and allowed me to wander around with my camera one morning to take some photos for tumblr. The books are all in gondolas and bathtubs to protect them from the high tide 'Acqua Alta’, that occasionally floods the streets and stores of Venice. x


Acqua Alta Bookshop (Venice, Italy

This was one of the coolest bookstores I’ve ever been to! I didn’t end up buying anything, because most of the books were in Italian, but it was so awesome to just walk around and take pictures.

In the back area there is a staircase of old books that have been damaged by flooding and painted phrases all over the brick walls. While it was somewhat sad to see all those books ruined it was incredible to see that they’d done something fun with them instead of just throwing them out. 

If any one of you are ever visiting Venice, put this place on your list of things to do! 


Salve a tutti! Prossimamente andrò a visitare la libreria “Acqua Alta” di Venezia, descritta come una delle librerie più originali al mondo :D

Voi ci siete già stati? Ne avete viste altre di altrettanto favolose? Se è così, ditemi pure il posto, sia mai che abbia l’occasione di andarci :D

Naturalmente, vi posterò delle foto una volta visitata :)