Perfectly Aligned

A/N: Elriel POV for ACOWAR, ACOFAS, and beyond. Where Elain explores her powers, both as a seer and the affinity Az’s shadows have for her.

There are canonical scenes included in this fic where much of the dialogue and the general plot of those scenes belong to Sarah J. Maas.

“I have been a little off balance since the day I met you. This is because I had never known what it is like to be perfectly aligned.”

- Courtney Peppernell

Elriel fluff, angst, slow burn

Word count: 4482


Beta: @sncinder

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Part 4


Elain attempted to send a frantic shadow message tumbling out into the night. 

Nothing happened. She searched everywhere, drawing on the power of the shadows that had become so familiar to her over the past week, but she couldn’t sense a lick of Az’s lingering magic.

Nesta had come banging on her door quite a while after Elain had fled back to the relative safety of her room. When Elain had tried to ignore her, Nesta had just barreled in, relaying the news that the Summer Court was under attack and everyone else besides Amren had gone to their aid.

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Drew a lil Feyre in between prep and practice for Inktober and because I finally read A Court Of Frost And Starlight and I loved it!!!

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And here they all are!  The completed trilogy + the novelette.  These were so much fun to do and I’m thrilled with how they all turned out!  If you’re interested at all in how I went about defacing these books, follow the links below to view the timelapsed process for each book.  I’ve been absolutely blown away by the wonderful feedback I’ve received after defacing each book, it has absolutely warmed my heart, so thank you!!  As always, if you have any questions regarding materials or methods I use for defacing, feel free to shoot me a message.  And if you’re at all interested in me making a companion video to go with the timelapses in order to give a more detailed explanation as to how I did these covers, then let me know!!

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Timelapse links:


High Lord and Lady of the Night Court 🌌
Swipey swipe to see the full image. I sold my soul for this. I LOVE this painting. Charlie Bowaters official designs were so fun to paint. And HELLO Rhys and Feyre ❤❤. I love them to bits and pieces.
This painting took a LOT of time and love. So I hope you all enjoy it. And thanks for all the LOVELY comments on the wip shots over the last few days. 😭 They were so sweet

Me, with a book that I love: “omfg this book is amazing it deserves a movie!!”

Also me, when a book I love is rumoured to be turned into a movie: “omfg they’re going to ruin it is nothing sacred”

Family: *has company over*

Me, in another room: *screams*

Company: Oh my God, is your daughter okay, was that her screaming?


Family: …she’s reading.