acoutic version

Bakushima Playlist

Here we are — thanks to those that gave me suggestions! I was also browsing @bakushima​‘s blog because a lot of people were sending songs to them ^^

The Beginning by ONE OKAY ROCK  

Will Not Break by Good With Grenades

Work This Body by WALK THE MOON

True Love by P!nk 

What I Believe by Skillet 

Son Of A Gun by Search The City

Animal by Neon Trees

Believer by Imagine Dragons

Feel Invincible by Skillet

Idfc (acoutic version) by Blackbear

Head Over Feeling by Taylor Matthews


“The Number of the Beast” by Djali Zwan (Iron Maiden cover)

When I first saw the movie Spun (a disturbing and brilliant movie, btw, if only for getting to see Rob Halford working in a porn shop), I found myself singing along with this song, I knew all of the words, but i could not for the life of me place the title. Until the chorus, at which point I burst out laughing. 

This also goes down as the one thing I can listen to by Billy Corgan and the greatest acoutic version of any Iron Maiden song (and yes, I’m aware that Ryan “Don’t call me Bryan” Adams covered “Wasted Years).


Lies - Acoutic version.

It doesn’t matter who’s your bias, if you didn’t already love Seungri, you will now, because quite frankly his adlibs and beatboxing in this, were stunningly beautiful.

I know some people give him a lot of shit for not doing much vocal wise (which is like completely untrue because his harmonisations are gold and I’d wager he has the most lines out of any of the members because he’s always backing up the rest of the members singing but whatever, apparantly people don’t notice), I like to think this video is a bit of a kick in the face for them.