I posted this shot (from last night’s “Thursday Night Guitar Shopping” junket to Long & McQuade in Cambridge - about 1 hour west of Toronto) on my Facebook last night and I just saw a comment from my incredibly talented UK guitar-playing friend acousticbrewer.  His comment was basically how awesome a slotted headstock is on a steel string acoustic guitar.  I totally agree Jamie! 

This guitar isn’t a slot-headed Martin, but here is a taste of Jamie’s playing.  Hint: it becomes mind-blowing at about 1:23…  :D 


Guitar EXPLOSION #8!  The fun from The 12th Fret guitar shop in Toronto, Canada, just keeps on coming!

1930s “Kalamzoo” KG-14, made by Gibson:

Most of these photos are about a cool little acoustic guitar we don’t see every day, a “Kalamzoo” KG-14.  I read this book, a few months ago and I learned that Kalamazoo was a line of budget-priced guitars made by Gibson in the 1930s.  I guess the stock market crash of late 1929 and the subsequent Great Depression put a severe cramp in most peoples’ ability to purchase fancy new Gibson guitars, so the Kalamazoo line filled some of that gap.  All I can say about the depression is “thanks for f*cking up the world YET AGAIN, Capitalism!” ;)  

The other guitars visible in this set may have been posted before, but they are worth another look.  And more explanation too.  :P

1975 Larrivée dreadnought:

In photo #7 there is a vintage Martin dreadnought on the right, but I didn’t really look at it after I noticed the the 1975 Larrivée in the middle (can you see the clear pickguard?  It’s pretty typical of early Larrivées)!  

This guitar is cool because it was (probably) made by hand and by Jean Larrivée himself, and built here in Toronto!  If you know anything about Larrivée, you may know that their guitars are made in Vancouver (on the west coast of Canada) but most don’t know that Mr. Larrivée started building guitars here in Toronto in the late 60s.  He moved his business out west in 1978 or 79, and has been there ever since!  Well, they have a factory in California now as well…

George Lowden made in Northern Ireland:

To the left of the Larrivée in Photo #7 (and headstock visible in photo 8) is a Lowden - a brand I had never heard of until a few posts ago when it showed up in one of my previous photos.  My friend the gifted UK guitar player Jamie Brewer, replied to tell me that Lowden is a respected maker from Belfast!  The old phrase “you learn something new every day” really applies here.  :D Thanks Jamie!

Hey, I have an idea!  While you’re here anyway, why not check out Jamie Brewer’s playing (below)!  He’s not playing a Lowden in this, but it’s still cool!   :D

PS: stick with it…at 1:23 is gets pretty mind-blowing!

PPS: the Gibson thinline in the glass case behind the Lowden is a 1962 Gibson ES-335 which is worth roughly twice what my car is worth!