soo awesome ÖwÖ


Bethan is lovely and so damn talented, so you should all go check her out.

Walking down the street,
listening through my headphones,
to the songs that remind me of you.
Because I might as well be alone,
if you’re not here too.

Is it wrong to say I miss you,
though I haven’t met you.
Is it wrong to say I haven’t met you,
but I like you.

‘Cause I remember every sweet text message,
Whether if you mean it or not.
'Cause even though they’re sweet,
I can’t help feel jealous of what she’s got.

She gets to hold your hand.
She gets you whispering in her ear,
when your kissing on your bed
And she gets everything that I could ever want.

She gets to hold you close
And do you know what hurts the most
Is the fact I know I’m being stupid to think that I could ever be the one the by your side I just say someday.

Just one day to be the one that you hold
Just one day to let my heart to unfold
Just one day to be the one that you love. - Bethan Mary Leadly