Toh Kay - They Broke Him Down

I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day.

Post-Seattle pick wear update for #gibsunday! As you know, I’ve been in Seattle most of the summer, effectively from April until the end of August, and rehearsals for #Godspell started after my first engagement ended. Just before those rehearsals, I took a photo of the pick wear on my ‘64 J-50 wondering what it might look like at the end of the summer. Looks like my vigorous right hand technique definitely wore into the top, and I’ve extended the finish intrusion toward the outer edge of the guitar by a few millimeters. I’m so glad I did this. Fun little experiment. Left photo taken on June 2nd, right on Aug. 30. #guitar #vintage #vintageguitar #musician #gibson #gibsonguitars #acoustic #j45 #j50 #musicaltheater #theater #wear #pickwear #worn #loveit #longhaul

  • Lovers In A Misery (Original track)
  • Lilly B

Got the guts to put it all on the internet!!

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❝ i like you ❞ [LISTEN]

“most people call me thomas. well, except newt - he calls me tommy.”
1. one direction: happily (acoustic) - 2. danny schmidt: this too shall pass - 3. ben howard: the wolves - 4. hozier: cherry wine (live) - 5. keaton henson: charon - 6. the 1975: chocolate (acoustic) - 7. alex gardner: there goes my heart - 8. george blagden: hallelujah

dedicated to lexi

image © @gladerious
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Track: Weeds

Artist: Queenadreena

Album: Taxidermy

There is an anger comes off this girl
That she can’t find an origin
The things I plant won’t grow
Yet the wild weeds flower in wind and snow

Nothing to be
Nothing to prove
Nowhere to go
Nothing to lose
Nothing to lose

When will my season come?
Was I born of infertile soil?
Is my seed without song?
Can I not see the woods for these forests in my head?
Can I not see the sunlight as I play dead?

Nothing to be
Nothing to prove
Nowhere to go
Nothing to lose
Nothing to lose

It Was True (To You)
  • It Was True (To You)
  • Matthew Allred
  • Demos

“It Was True (To You)”

Your maudlin story made you weepy.
I fell for it because it was true… to you.

The remainder left an oder…
Lasted the weekend…

Lasted the whole year.
I just needed it this evening.
Lasted the whole year,
but I just need it this evening.

Are you an enemy?
Ghostly reminder?
Are you a darling-era holdover?

I’m telling you it’s not a mask.
Part of that is actually your face.

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Due to Nemo and Dori messing around with my computer right now, I cant upload anything to YouTube tonight. However, I have been promised by the Gods of Cookie and cream land that I will get my computer back tomorrow. SO I WILL BE UPLOADING NEW COVERS TOMORROW GUYS!!!!!!!! =>