We made an acoustic cover of Critical by State Champs!

Hopefully we did it justice! Let us know what you think!

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caragan & i released a new album! full of assorted love-related songs for the month of valentines. featuring: 2 gender confused teens, crushin on bobby z from a goofy movie, a party girl x her mdma, queer love letters written in blood, a boy x his alien, and more


I have a problem…  It’s this show.  I LOVE IT!  Haha!  I hope you guys enjoy this acoustic cover/mashup of Miraculous and It’s Ladybug.  Please, if you like it, check out my other videos on my channel. 😃🐞


Our cover of Dragon Roost Island just hit 30,000 views! :D
Thanks for all the continued support <3

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Photos On The Wall // Maxim

After long last I’ve finally put out a song of my own, I’m proud of this shit, the production quality may not be 100, and it’s a bit more cheesy than my other stuff, but I’m pleased with myself

This is the first song released from my first ever EP ‘The New Romanticist’ which I shall be uploading on Sunday February 14th

Hey! My band is in the middle of recording our Acoustic EP. You can check out and download (for free) the two songs we have up currently on our Bandcamp

I lost a few friends to drugs/alcohol. This song is dedicated to every person that begged their friends and family to make smarter choices and who stood confidently by their own. This is for the people who have lost friends and family, and to those who have lost themselves, to drugs and alcohol. Be safe.


i wrote a bunch of short songs about my job, internet fandoms, my morning routine, identity politics, and college respectively.