Playlist for sketching your thoughts

  1. Troye Sivan - Touch
  2. The 1975 - Settle Down
  3. Sam Smith - Nirvana
  4. Melanie Martinez - Soap
  5. Halsey - Ghost
  6. The Weeknd - Rolling Stone
  7. Bad Suns -Rearview
  8. Melanie Martinez - Mrs. Potato Head
  9. Troye Sivan - Fun
  10. 5 Seconds of Summer - Broken Pieces
  11. Twenty One Pilots - Guns For Hands
  12. Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls

Eskimeaux live in an NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert.

Set List
“Folly” 00:00
“A Hug Too Long” 02:42
“I Admit I’m Scared” 05:25

Very sweet and simple songwriting.

Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club review: Roonil Wazlib - "Putting Fluffy To Sleep" August 2007

Our next entry in the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club reviews is Roonil Wazlib’s “Putting Fluffy to Sleep”, which was the August 2007 release.

I’ve discussed this EP before on this blog, but it’s been a while so we’ll approach this one with a fresh set of ears.

Roonil Wazlib’s first release “Muggle Knitting Patterns” in 2006 earned Molly Newman an award from the Wizrocklopedia’s readers for Best New Band of the year. The debut album was a bit uneven, filled mostly with goofy, jokey tunes like “Ode to Lav Lav”, “My Mirror Is My Best Friend”, and “Rap Master T”. There were a few absolute gems though, such as “Mollywobbles” and “Twelve Grimmauld Place”, which would give fans a glimpse of what Roonil Wazlib might sound like in the near future.

Well, that future started with “Putting Fluffy to Sleep”, and the very first song “The Fog” which showed a vastly matured singing voice & songwriting skills. Arpeggiated piano chords and soaring vocals paint a desolate picture of what it would be like to be caught outside with dementors approaching, just before they attack.

It’s the next song, “Green Eyes”, that fully pulls the listener in to Roonil Wazlib’s grasp, and never lets go. It is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, wizard rock songs ever.

I don’t say this lightly.

The sheer emotion of this song, a love letter from Ginny to Harry, is simply breathtaking and moving. I freely admit that I was on listen 135 or so before I was finally able to get through the song dry eyed. It’s a near perfect song, wizard rock, muggle, whatever - it’s just beautiful. I was lucky enough to get the chance to tell Molly how I felt about that song in person; I told her I often had to put it on a shelf so I didn’t wear it out. I’d go through periods where I forced myself NOT to listen to it, because I didn’t want to listen to the song and not feel it right in the gut when she got to the last chorus.

If you don’t own this EP, just go buy this song on iTunes. It’s a must-own for every wrock fan.

Trevor the Toad” helps to lighten the mood after the sheer heart wrenching power of the previous song, with Molly singing over slightly jazzy fingerpicked guitar chords while telling the listener from Neville’s POV how cool his pet is in comparison to the other animals at Hogwarts.

The uptempo “Bookworm” gives everyone a song from Hermione’s view about how much her friendship with Harry & Ron means to her. Later on, a full band version appeared on her “Timeturner” release, but this simple acoustic version is a bright little piece that’ll get stuck in your ear.

Someone Isn’t Getting Any…” is a slower song about Krum’s problem with women - namely that they don’t actually see him, just his fame. The chorus lyrics are written to be funny, but the delivery is actually the complete opposite, and it really works well. The EP ends with the jaunty title track about the Golden Trio in Book One, featuring some nice glockenspiel work to help accent the acoustic guitar and vocals.

“Putting Fluffy To Sleep” serves as a great bridge in hindsight between Roonil Wazlib’s two full length albums. There’s a lot more maturity all around on the EP when it comes to the songwriting and performances, and that went up another notch on “Timeturner”, Roonil Wazlib’s final album which featured a number of full band songs and ended with two of the more emotional songs in the wizard rock discography. This release struck a real contrast over the previous month, and helped show fans the diversity of wizard rock.

Coming up next: The Fleur Delacours “I Now Pronounce You Mrs. Bill Weasley”


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