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is it just me or does every hit single on the radio sound the same? like it’s not an elitist ‘modern music is shitty’ type of thing it’s more like you can clearly hear that these songs have that minimalist electro base with maybe a trumpet and a voice singing lyrics with no meaning in a rhythm a bit shifted from the music…. as if every single song were an electro remix of an indie acoustic ballad

so Fall Out Boy was AWESOME

my voice is completely gone and I’m so dead tired and my camera died halfway through but it was WORTH IT

I’ll try to upload pics/videos as soon as I can, at least within the week :>

According to the Irish Archaeological Consultancy, the widespread discovery of “buried horse skulls within medieval and early modern clay floors” has led to the speculation that they might have been placed there for acoustic reasons—in other words, “skulls were placed under floors to create an echo,” we read.

Ethnographic data from Ireland, Britain and Southern Scandinavia attests to this practice in relation to floors that were in use for dancing. The voids within the skull cavities would have produced a particular sound underfoot. The acoustic skulls were also placed in churches, houses and, in Scandinavia especially, in threshing-barns… It was considered important that the sound of threshing carried far across the land.


For decades, Roland has been a leader in electronic percussion technology. The original OCTAPAD was a revolutionary percussion instrument that was adopted by musicians worldwide and set the standard for future percussion pads. With the OCTAPAD SPD-30, an exciting new chapter in Octapad history begins. Combining cutting-edge drum and percussion sounds with the latest triggering technology, a Phrase Loop function, USB MIDI, and much more, the OCTAPAD SPD-30 is a rugged instrument that’s versatile for any musical application.

  • Includes new percussion sounds from around the world, plus 30 types of multi-effects
  • The latest pad-sensing technology developed for V-Drums® provides even and accurate pad triggering with excellent isolation between pads
  • Four dual-trigger inputs, plus hi-hat controller for adding pads to create a mini kit, or for connecting triggers from acoustic drums
  • Phrase Loop function inspires your creativity; record your playing in real time and overdub up to three layers
  • USB connectivity for MIDI and memory storage
  • Large backlit LCD and pad indicator lights for easy operation in low-light conditions
  • Rugged, road-worthy design

World Class Sounds

The OCTAPAD SPD-30 includes more than 600 drum and percussion sounds from around the world suited to cover any musical style. Arranged in 50 kits, the sounds are dynamic and expressive, and range from traditional to contemporary to exotic. You can customize the sounds with the onboard controls for tuning, muffling, attack, pitch sweep, and more. You can also layer two sounds per pad to create an infinite number of sound combinations.


Based on Roland’s world-leading effects technology, the SPD-30’s multi-effects engine will take your performances to another level. There are 30 types of internal multi-effects onboard, plus EQ, limiter, and seven Ambiance types.

Phrase Loop Function

The onboard Phrase Loop function is a powerful creative tool that lets you quickly record your playing in real time. You can overdub up to three layers per phrase, and store 50 phrases internally. Connect optional foot switches for seamless recording and hands-free operation. You can also save your phrase data to optional USB memory.

Advanced Triggering Technology

The OCTAPAD SPD-30 benefits from Roland’s most advanced V-Drum triggering technology. Each pad is a separate, isolated unit, providing the ultimate in sensitivity with complete crosstalk rejection. In addition, you can connect four dual-trigger inputs, plus a hi-hat controller (compatible with Roland FD-8, VH-11) to create a mini drum set with external pads (Roland KD-/PD-/PDX-/CY-series). The OCTAPAD SPD-30 is also compatible with Roland RT-Series acoustic drum triggers for even more flexibility.


  • Built-in Pads: 8
  • * Four external trigger inputs are provided, allowing you to connect Pads.
  • 670
  • 50
Kit Chain
  • 8 chains (20 steps per chain)
Instrument Parameters
  • Tuning,
  • Muffling,
  • Soft Attack,
  • Tone Color,
  • Pitch Sweep,
  • Volume,
  • Pan,
  • Reverse
Effect Types
  • Ambiance (7 Types),
  • Equalizer,
  • Limiter,
  • Multi Effect (30 Types)
Phrase Loop
  • Phrases: 50,
  • Parts: 3,
  • Tempo: 40 to 260,
  • Resolution: 480 ticks per quarter note,
  • Recording Method: Real-time,
  • Maximum Note Storage: approx. 10,000 Notes
  • 160 x 160 dots Graphic Type LCD (Backlit LCD)
  • Pad Status Illumination x 8 (LED)
  • PHONES Jack (Stereo ¼ inch phone type),
  •  OUTPUT Jacks (L (MONO), R) (¼ inch phone type),
  • MIX IN Jack (Stereo ¼ inch phone type),
  • HH CTRL Jack,
  • FOOT SW Jack (¼ inch TRS phone type),
  •  MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT),
  • USB MEMORY Connector (for USB Memory),
  • USB MIDI Connector (for USB MIDI)
Output Impedance
  • 1.0 k ohms
Power Supply
  • AC Adapter (DC 9 V)
Current Draw
  • 600 mA
  • Owner’s Manual,
  • AC Adapter (PSB-1U),
  • Screws (M5 x 12 mm) x 4
  • Pads (PD series, PDX series), Cymbals (CY series), Kick Triggers (KD series), Hi-Hats (VH-11), Hi-Hat Control Pedal (FD series), Pad Stand (PDS-10), All-Purpose Clamp (APC-33), Acoustic Drum Trigger (RT-10K, RT-10S, RT-10T), Pedal Switch (DP-2), Foot Switch (FS-5U, FS-6), Personal Drum Monitor: PM-10, PM-30, V-Drums Accessory Package: DAP-3, V-Drums Mat: TDM-10,
  • USB memory

* Use USB memory sold by Roland. We cannot guarantee operation if other products are used.

Size and Weight

  • 541 mm
  • 21-5/16 inches
  • 272 mm
  • 10-¾ inches
  • 88 mm
  • 3-½ inches
  • 3.8 kg
  • 8 lbs. 7 oz.


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Summer Fun (Folk, Acoustic)

Summer Fun (Folk, Acoustic)

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This is a bouncy, happy tune, featuring acoustic guitar and ukulele along with some piano and a simple whistling melody. Perfect for background music for any type of presentation that needs to evoke lightheartedness and happiness.

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