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Join me if you can for awesome food, drinks and relaxing ambience as I play acoustic music on the patio… The Craft Shack at The Point El Segundo is perfect for families! (at Craft Shack Fueled by Simmzy’s)

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What Matters (original - Guitar Version)
This is a spontaneous live recording of a song that I finished this week. It's originally accompanied on the piano though. The song is dedicated to someone who's been one of the most important people

Hello my fellow swifties ♥

Lately I’ve been writing a song about Taylor and the hate she’s been getting again a while ago. But most of all, the song is about the relationship that Taylor and us have and how all the hate cannot destroy her, as long as she has us. And we have her.

I hope you agree with my lyrics. And I hope @taylorswift would, too, if she heard it.

xx Eva


Sepertinya malam inu kita puncakin lg geess.
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Oh baby I will love you til the end of time. #lanadelrey #karaoke #smule #bluejeans #acoustic

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she’s a sight to see, she’s good to me

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[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Hallelujah - Pentatonix

week 28/11: een liedje dat een cover is

dit vind ik zelf de mooiste cover die ik al gehoord heb. ik hou van die acoustic en het is ook gewoon heel mooi gemaakt. het is ook zonder instrumenten gemaakt. zeker een aanrader om te beluisteren! de stemmen zijn zeer mooi. hij is echt zeer geslaagd deze cover. de groep pentatonix heeft meer mooie cover.


Don’t forget to listen to my newest cover, this time from Britney Spears and Tinashe! Enjoy ‘’Slumber Party’’ ,great song from the former last album ‘’Glory’’!


My band’s single is out.
Check out on Youtube for the credits and to DOWNLOAD THE EP


Another instrumental cover of Damien Rice :)

My Heart
  • My Heart
  • Garage Groove

I wrote after moving to Oakland. It’s just a writing exercise - a fictional conversation between a sort of endearingly sleezey guy and his upset lover. It’s sort of a “hey baby, please don’t be mad” song. I always planned on rerecording it with a real bass, but ran out of time. This version is just acoustic guitar, piano, and midi. 

My heart loves you, and my body it wants you

And my mind, it thinks of you

My soul is your mate, make no mistake

But when you come down on me so hard

Make me feel so awkward about the things I didn’t do

I know you’re right I didn’t really think it through and I’m sorry

I can do better, cause my heart loves you…

Before you turn little things into big ones

Look I’m under no illusions, I know that relationships take work

And that the work is a sign of my love and I’m sorry

I can do better, cause my heart loves you…

If we can just take this moment and notice that you’re so beautiful

I know you say that I say it all the time, and that it comes across shallow

But I’m not shallow, cause my heart loves you