Hi everyone! I just posted my first ever album to SoundCloud. It’s composed of 14 original songs and covers all recorded by myself on my laptop. 

Check it out here!

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This is a single from our first release, Othello’s A Decade Awake, out everywhere digitally 11/26. We worked really hard on this so if you like it please share it around!

I love it when like minded music fans reach out to introduce me to good music, like someone did in this case, to share a song she had been obsessing over for some time. Prepare to melt as I did to Brooklyn singer songwriter Jesse Ruben’s gorgeously tender acoustic number, This Is Why I Need You. Cuddle up to someone close to you, light up that fireplace, and sway to the heartfelt beauty of the tranquil, inspiring song. The saccharine tone and soul stirring sentiment on this one equals that of lullabies we love from acts like Passenger, Ed Sheeran, and James Bay. Purchase This Is Why I Need You on iTunes.

Not only did I decide to record a cover of this because it seems painfully relevant right now, but also because I felt like cover a vintage Taylor song from her teen days was a good way to pay homage to her on the week of her 25th birthday. Happy Birthday, Taylor!

Thank you for forever guiding me with your words, and letting me know I’m never alone, even when a guy I cannot get out of my mind makes sport of ignoring and playing with me. xox I love you, taylorswift

“And you come away with a great little story
Of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you…”

Pop – Bright, fresh, Inspirational, motivational, beautifull acoustical background pop-rock music . Great for infomercial, promotional joyful video, podcast, TV production, video production, audiobook, presentation and more.
You can purchase this track without watermark(voice) in highest quality here:

Hailing from Ireland is a new singer songwriter by the name of Soak, aka young 17 year old Bridie Monds-Watson. Soak is the very first artist to be signed to Scottish electropop band CHVRCHES’ new label Goodbye Records, and for good reason at that. I don’t know what’s going on with all these young talented artists these days (ie. Lorde), but Soak is extremely adept when it comes to music. She’s a multi-instrumentalist, and she plays everything on her beautiful debut song Blud. The enchanting song easily evokes comparison to Lykke Li, mixed with a touch of early Tegan & Sara and some raw, soulfulness of Cat Power.

[Terinspirasi dari Film Nasional berjudul “Filosofi Kopi” disutradarai Angga Dwimas Sasongko, 2015]

Filosofi Kopi

Kehidupan itu seperti kopi
Sama-sama pahit
Tapi pilihan ada ditangan kita
Agar bisa meraciknya menjadi lebih manis untuk dinikmati.

Terkadang pahitnya kopi itu perlu
Agar kita tahu ada kisah di luar sana yang semanis madu
Mencicipi rasanya sementara tak apa
Toh tak selamanya dirundung duka.

Pahitnya kopi menenangkan
Kentalnya melegakan
Layaknya hidup yang harus dipahami
Untuk mencapai tujuan berarti.

Hitam tak selalu tentang duka
Pahit tak melulu buruk dirasa
Kadar manisnya dapat kita terka
Untuk racikan rasa paling mesra.

Kopi pun tak hanya tentang pahit kan?
Coba kau cium aromanya
Bukankah kau merasakan nyaman?
Seperti berada di pelukan sang pemilik rasa.

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Latar musik: Semesta, Maliq & D’essentials

Sebuah persembahan kecil dari KITAJABODETABEK dalam rangka memperingati Hari Film Nasional (HFN) ke-66.

Mari bangga dengan film karya anak bangsa yah, gengs.

Selamat Hari Fim Nasional
“Film Indonesia adalah KITA”

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Positive, happy, fun and uplifting music for videos, slideshows, presentations and much more. This simple song with claps, acoustic guitars and whistle gives a feeling of happiness, joy and carefree.
You can purchase this track without watermark(voice) in highest quality here:

Genre- Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Motivational,
BPM- 120
Instruments: Acoustic guitar, solo guitar,  claps, bass, bass drum, human whiz.


I’ve already watched so many different acoustic videos of Norwegian dark princess of pop AURORA performing her haunting song Murder (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) on YouTube, and even caught her performing it live earlier this year, but nothing prepared me for this riveting new music video. Starkly simple yet thoroughly riveting, AURORA transfixes me fully with both the melancholic beauty of the song as well as her twitchy motions and emphatic expressions in the clip. Cold and twisted Murder (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) is oddly tender and heartrending despite its theatrical qualities. I can’t wait for what comes next from this brilliant artist, who’s sure to be a huge sensation soon.

This is an old song I wrote when I was about sixteen, that I never recorded until now, about when you love someone who will never know you. 

It’s called “Kensington Gentleman” because it’s inspired by this idea of the unattainable man in my life…  

But really, it’s for any of you. 

Whether it be that man in the perfect suit you stare at for too long as they walk by on Regnant Street… or girl who lives down your street that you’ve never spoken to… Or the one you think about when you see a beautiful sunset or a shooting star, becuase they’re the only one you want to share it with…but they already have a girlfriend or a wife or a boyfriend… Whether it be the ones on stage with such beautiful smiles that you want to rip your heart out your chest because of the way it aches to love them… aches to love someone it never can… or the superstar with dark eyes that you know better than you know yourself, who finds their way into your dreams at night..and yet you’ve never met… 

If you’ve ever felt any of that - this song says, I understand, so very completely.