acoustic water

The Signs as Five Senses

Aries: Looks like fireworks. Smells like the woods. Feels like calloused hands. Sounds like yelling at sports games. Tastes like hot tamales.

Taurus: Looks like a ballerina. Smells like flowers. Feels like silky hair. Sounds like acoustic guitar. Tastes like water from a waterfall.

Gemini: Looks like sunflowers. Smells like birthday cake. Feels like a surprise party. Sounds like the screams of an amusement park. Tastes like strawberry ice cream.

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been sick in bed all weekend. working on this acoustic arrangement of water on mars has made me feel a lil bit better. There’s always an acoustic version it’s the natural phase of a composition, like day and night. this is what I got so far. guitar is my third self taught instrument. still learning. it’s been my go to instrument when songwriting lately. 🎸💞 #cruescontrol #singersongwriter #independentartist #musician #guitar #guitarist #blackgirlmagic

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Transparent gel-based robots can catch and release live fish

Engineers at MIT have fabricated transparent, gel-based robots that move when water is pumped in and out of them. The bots can perform a number of fast, forceful tasks, including kicking a ball underwater, and grabbing and releasing a live fish.

The robots are made entirely of hydrogel – a tough, rubbery, nearly transparent material that’s composed mostly of water. Each robot is an assemblage of hollow, precisely designed hydrogel structures, connected to rubbery tubes. When the researchers pump water into the hydrogel robots, the structures quickly inflate in orientations that enable the bots to curl up or stretch out.

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Can I just say, that I love how Omega constantly is checking on Water in this and encouraging him to do good, and practically cheering him on, and how Omega helped him a bit when he messed up and it was okay

I feel like Omega is a father figure to Water sometimes, I also recall reading something where someone met the band after the show, and Water wandered off somewhere and Omega yelled at him in Swedish to return and it makes me so happy.

I Saw Water (Acoustic)
  • I Saw Water (Acoustic)
  • Tigers Jaw

 I said I wanted a break my friends 

 But my dependency won’t let me away 

I’d like to think that I can work it some 

But I wanna be put into the ground

Today I needed a break

 My friends are up in mountains and I’m drowning in lakes 

 I swallowed water right in front of her face

 Just to show that I had nothing to say

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somewhere tonight- beach house

come back for me- jaymes young

i am the antichrist to you- kishi bashi

i saw water (acoustic sessions version)- tigers jaw

shaver- porches

the kids don’t stand a chance- vampire weekend

faker- miike snow

life in the vivid dream- grimes

fall in love- phantogram 

traps- years & years

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i haven’t done a cover of something in quite a while, so since i restrung my guitar recently i thought i’d do one, apologies for the mistakes here and there but by this point my fingers were starting to hurt so i went with it lmao


Pink Floyd cover - Goodbye Blue Sky

[a subtle yearning]

“Don’t fall in love,” Aunt Beru told you a long time ago. “Not until you’re ready, until you’re sure.”
You think about it every time you see him smile, and god how you wished you’d listened.


Within - Daft Punk // It Had To Be You (Acoustic) - Motion City Soundtrack // Water - Ra Ra Riot ft. Rostam // Coming Up Roses - Eliza Rickman // Coming Down - Halsey // Boats & Birds - Gregory and the Hawk // I Found - Amber Run // Giving Up the Gun - Vampire Weekend // Your Bones - Of Monsters and Men // Brothers On A Hotel Bed - Death Cab for Cutie

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i don't know how i'm doing but it's not ok
not a human but a monster, not a girl but a witch / i hate you, don't leave me, i love you, i'm sorry / sad crazy girl seeks love / broken heart, broken brain /

a playlist i made about feeling bad/crazy/borderline


  • oh my god - ida maria
  • rill rill - sleigh bells
  • chandelier - sia
  • japanese candy - little teeth
  • cicada whisper - o’ god the white whale
  • violet - hole
  • weary - cerce
  • alice practice - crystal castles
  • fat chance - swearin’
  • a perfect sonnet - bright eyes
  • creep (acoustic) - radiohead
  • heavy water / i’d rather be sleeping - grouper
  • talk show host - radiohead
  • the lightning says - i hate myself
  • runaway - yeah yeah yeahs