acoustic performances are my favorite performances

TFB Questions!!
  1. what’s your favorite album by the front bottoms?
  2. what’s your favorite song by the front bottoms?
  3. what’s your favorite song from brothers can’t be friends?
  4. what’s your favorite song from I hate my friends?
  5. what’s your favorite song from my grandma vs. pneumonia?
  6. what’s your favorite song from self titled?
  7. what’s your favorite song from talon of the hawk?
  8. what’s your favorite song from the Rose ep?
  9. what’s your favorite song from back on top?
  10. who’s your favorite member of the front bottoms?
  11. what’s your favorite interview that the front bottoms have done?
  12. what’s your favorite live performance you’ve seen of the front bottoms?
  13. what’s your favorite acoustic performance that the front bottoms have done?
  14. what’s your favorite session that the front bottoms have done?
  15. what’s your favorite form of the front bottoms’ social media?
  16. what’s your favorite picture of the front bottoms?
  17. what’s your favorite band that the front bottoms have ever toured with?
  18. what’s your favorite tour that the front bottoms have done?
  19. what’s your favorite music video by the front bottoms?
  20. what’s your favorite the front bottoms’ lyric?
  21. what’s your favorite quote from a member of the front bottoms?
  22. what’s your favorite story about or told by the front bottoms?
  23. what’s your favorite cover another artist has done of a front bottoms song?
  24. what’s your favorite cover that the front bottoms have done?
  25. what’s your favorite video of the front bottoms?
  26. what’s your favorite tour video that the front bottoms have done(the weird ones like when they pour champagne on mat or Brian punches mat over and over)?
  27. what’s your favorite of the front bottoms episodes?
  28. what’s your favorite picture of Brian?
  29. what’s your favorite picture of mat?
  30. what’s your favorite picture of Tom?
  31. what’s your favorite picture of ciaran?
  32. is it mat or Matt?
  33. is it Brian or Steven?
  34. is it ciaran or c dawg?
  35. is it tom, t money, or tommy casino?
  36. what was the first song by the front bottoms you heard?
  37. how did you get into the front bottoms?
  38. when did you get into the front bottoms?
  39. would you ever break up/stop being friends with someone just because they said they didn’t like the front bottoms?
  40. have you ever broken up with/stopped being friends with someone just because they said they didn’t like the front bottoms?
  41. what, if any, the front bottoms merch do you have?
  42. have you ever met any member(s) of the front bottoms? if yes, tell the story.
  43. why do you like the front bottoms?
  44. what bands/artists would you love for the front bottoms to tour with?
  45. what song by another artist would you want the front bottoms to cover?
  46. what piece of the front bottoms merch do you want that they have ever made?
  47. What other artists would you pick to open for your ideal tour headlining the front bottoms?
  48. have you seen the front bottoms in concert?
  49. What questions would you ask the front bottoms if you ever got the chance to interview them?
  50. have you ever slept on someone’s floor instead of in your bed?
  51. have you ever gotten so stoned you fell asleep in the front seat?
  52. have you ever washed yourself with hand soap in a public bathroom?
  53. have you ever taken a picture of someone to hang it in your room, or vice versa?
  54. are you probably uncomfortable?
  55. have you ever spent $437 on something?
  56. do you sleep on a twin size mattress?
  57. do you have any tattoos(done with a safety pin and a ballpoint pen or otherwise)?
Married to her art, married to the night

Hey friends, I’m running a little late with getting these posts out today so let’s jump right into Craft/Spectacle. Today I want to talk about the way the Lady Gaga has been critiqued as a talentless pop star, has fashioned herself as an artist (musical and otherwise), and possibly touch on the way that she and other female pop stars are often only considered worth consideration by a certain section of the music elite once they prove that they’ve sung an acoustic version of one of their biggest hits to prove they can “really sing.” Today I also want to dive more into Gaga’s own relationship with performance and how she negotiates that. Look forward later on to posts about her 2009 VMA’s performance of Paparazzi and of course Applause, but for now, let’s talk Marry the Night.

So at this point I’ve found something about basically every song I’ve talked about to say was my favorite. Marry the Night is probably the Gaga video that I would choose if I could only ever watch one Gaga video for the rest of my life. It’s totally wild and totally underappreciated. The first time I watched the video, I was with my friend Terrence in the computer lab during AP US History. We were supposed to be doing research for some paper or project that I no longer remember, but I remember watching the video. Of course we shouldn’t have expected any less, but we were still both a little overwhelmed when it got to the scene with the Cheerios all over her boobs. It definitely didn’t help that the computer lab monitor rushed in from the other room right as we got to that scene, but luckily we somehow weren’t the ones who were in trouble. Later I would go home and watch the entire video on my own without anyone peering over my shoulder at Lady Gaga’s chest barely covered by various household items.

Marry the Night is the founding myth of Gaga the Artist. The opening monologue is one that should always be remembered when considering her work, and it can basically be summed up by one line: “It’s not that I’ve been dishonest, it’s just that I loathe reality.” At the time I made this line my Facebook status and now it comes up once a year in my memories. It’s embarrassing as hell but I refuse to delete it at this point. In this video, Gaga calls out exactly what she has spent her career doing, especially on Born This Way, and then does it to the extreme. “It’s sort of like my past is an unfinished painting, and as the artist of that painting, I have to fill in all the ugly holes and make it beautiful again.” Not her most subtle moment, but it sets up the video well.

I chose this video for today because it shows both the craft and the spectacle of her work. The video highlights the song perfectly, tying the themes of her early nights as an artist in New York with the extreme version of events. It shows her artistry, her singing, dancing, acting, her vision of herself and her work, through a depiction of her history as an artist. But it’s also a total spectacle, full of flaming cars, bedazzled denim, backlit stage scenes, and choreographed dance breaks beneath giant overpasses. It’s a spectacle to watch, but it’s also intimate and wonderful and weird and totally Gaga. Marry the Night is a great example of the way that Lady Gaga has always chosen themes for her videos that add depth to her lyrics and songs, and included quirky narrative structures to make them come to life. She still manages to use beautiful, striking images purely for their own sake, but she takes them further and puts them to work. Craft meets spectacle, art meets pop.

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so i have been listening to Teen Top since 2015 but i have yet to stan them. any ideas on where to start learning about them? any advice is nice because im really bad at getting to know new groups, thank you in advance!

Hello!! I’m so sorry I saw this late but I’ve been getting together a list of things. It’s a bit much and not very organized I apologize. I get too excited when I get to share teen top things with people lol I always want to show them everything! Teen Tops weekly idol appearances are a must watch, even people who don’t stan teen top say their appearances on the show are the best and funniest. I’ve also added some of my favorite live stages of theirs and favorite songs. I’m not sure how familiar you are with their music ^^; I didn’t want to overwhelm you, even just this is quite a bit, but if you’d like more I’d be more than happy to recommend stuff!

Niels birthday party (MUST WATCH)

Teen top on air the new beginning

Teen top go

Teen top secret island

teen top never stop in Guam (MUST WATCH) ( teen tops iconic bedroom scene)
(Links in description. This seems to be the only place I can find all the full episodes)

Weekly idol (MUST WATCH)

Entertainers/entertain us

She was pretty parody

Secret garden parody (Old but gold)

KBS world

Some of my favorite performances and songs.

Fantastic baby cover/parody

Teen top 100% trot performance

Teen top little psy(MUST WATCH) (Cutest thing ever. L.Joe adores him lol)

Teen top 100% sorry sorry

Angel No.1 (get ur tissues ready)

NMPOY Acoustic/r&b ver

Teen Top (Changjo, Niel, L.Joe) except for me

Teen top Hello

Let’s dance teen top

Teen Top Niel solo memory

Teen top so sweet

Mad at u

Stephanie feat LJoe higher

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The red room is the artist doing performances and all the ones I've seen from my favorite artists they're usually laid back and acoustic. Some times they're just regular performances but more often, its acoustic!!

Thanks, Nons! Yay for fresh live performances, and I’m guessing other LA promo too. xo

Hey guys, I’ve finally decided to remove the autoplay music from my blog. I know a lot of people found it annoying, and the first thing I usually do when looking at my layout is turn it off anyway, so I thought it was time. But so many people have been introduced to songs they didn’t know about through hearing them on my blog, and so many have asked where they could find these songs online, that I thought I’d go ahead and share the complete blog playlist along with each version’s url on youtube or soundcloud. These are in no particular order, as they were programmed to play randomly anyway. 

  1. [Undone]  
  2. [Wonderwall] - Oasis cover Ed performed on the Fifi and Jules show in November of 2011.
  3. [Do It Like a Dude] - Jessie J cover Ed did with Chris on their Ustream in February of 2011. 
  4. [Traktor] - Cover of Wretch 32 which Ed did in the BBC Radio 1xtra Livelounge.
  5. [Swim Good] - Ed’s Frank Ocean cover, dammmmn I love this one.
  6. [If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time] - R. Kelly Cover in Pittsburgh, July 2013.
  7. [Saturday] - Ed’s song from Sounds of the East Coast II, released in April of 2009.
  8. [Give Me Love] - Recorded for The Live Room in Chicago, May 2012.
  9. [Hometown Glory] - Adele Cover on ITV from August of 2011. 
  10. [Wild Mountain Thyme] - Performed live on FM104′s Strawberry Alarm Clock in January of 2013.
  11. [Last Ones Standing] - Cover of Example’s song, 2010.
  12. [Skinny Love] - Bon Iver cover from Ed’s Sun Biz session, June 2011. 
  13. [I Never Fell] - From Ed’s BBC Introducing page in April of 2008. 
  14. [We Found Love] - Rihanna cover for SiriusXM, October 2012.
  15. [New York] - Ed’s second ever live performance of this song, November 1, 2013, at Madison Square Garden.
  16. [Heaven] - Cover of Emeli Sande in the Radio 1 Livelounge, October 2011.
  17. [All of the Stars] - Performed live for Austin City Limits, 2014.
  18. [Wonderful (Remix)] - Angel ft. Ed Sheeran and Michael Kiwanuka for SBTV, June 2012. 
  19. [Let It Out] - This is the music video version where Ed wanders awkwardly through a field, 2009.
  20. [Fulham Broadway] - Favorite underrated song, live at The Troubadour, July 2008.
  21. [My Eyes Are Red] - Laid Blak cover for Cut the Chat, November 2011. 
  22. [I See Fire] - Live acoustic version for ZM, April 2015.
  23. [Lighters Up] - Lil Kim cover for L’Officiel, November 2011.
  24. [No Diggity] - Kygo remix of Blackstreet cover by Ed and Passenger. (Original cover [here].)
  25. [Miss You (Autopilot)
  26. [Volcano] - Live Damien Rice cover with Laura and Vivienne Long in Dublin, January 2013. 
  27. [Pony] - Cover of Genuwine for in New York, June 2012.
  28. [Stay with Me] - Sam Smith cover in the Radio 1 Livelounge, June 2014.
  29. [Kiss Me] - Performed live for Total Access, April 2014.
  30. [Shine a Light] - McFly/Taio Cruz cover with Kal at The World’s End, December 2010. 
  31. [The City] - At Sticky Studios, January 2009. 
  32. [I’m Glad I’m Not You
  33. [Chasing Cars] - Snow Patrol cover at 92.5 The River in Boston.
  34. [All About It] - The music video with Hoodie.
  35. [Without You] - Slix Ft. Ed Sheeran, 2008. 
  36. [Royals] - Lorde cover for The Edge NZ, May 2014.
  37. [Fire] - Kasabian cover by Scorcher Ft. Ed Sheeran, September 2010.
  38. [Better Man] - James Morrison cover, October 2009. 
  39. [Coco] - HitImpulse remix of OT Genasis cover. (Ed’s original cover [here])
  40. [Hold You] - Gyptian. (Okay, this isn’t Ed, but he used to cover it in the middle of live performances of Wake Me Up and it’s my favorite part.) 
  41. [Comin’ from Where I’m from] - Anthony Hamilton cover in the BBC Radio 1xtra Livelounge, June 2014. 
  42. [I Wasn’t Expecting That] - Jamie Lawson cover at The Edge NZ, April 2015.
  43. [Atlantic City] - Cover of Bruce Springsteen on BBC Radio 2, June 2014. 
  44. [Trap Queen] - Fetty Wap cover ft. The Roots for The Tonight Show, June 2015. 

There was also one beautiful piano version of Lego House, but it’s been made private now. The rest of these links should work though. Enjoy! :) 

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Shakira 10,5,12 Gerald 12,17

(I just realized I messed up on the numbering, so I assume this one is the one you asked?)

6.) Favorite English/Spanish song?

English: Underneath your clothes & Fool 

Spanish: tough but I think i’ll go with Octavo dia 

10.) Which songs from El Dorado are you looking forward to her performing on tour and why?

I looking forward to her performing Chantaje in it’s original version since she’s been performing it acoustically lately (that song deserves to be dance!). Also want to see her perform Amarillo because it’s my favorite from ED, and Toneladas because it’s a beautiful song as well.

12.) If you could interview her, what would you ask her that hasn’t been asked before?

I would ask her what she thinks about her legacy. She’s somebody that’s left an impact in mainstream pop culture, especially in the latin market. I would ask her what she thinks other generations will make of her (or what she wants them to make of her music) once she retires.

12.) What’s the most inspiration thing about Gerard to you?

The most inspiration thing about Gerard is that he’s so confident in everything he does. He doesn’t care what other say or think about him, his confidence and hard work are all he needs to get things done. As somebody who double thinks about everything, I think his attitude is inspiring. What I would give to have half the confidence and self esteem that man has lol. 

17.) What do you expect from Gerard this upcoming season? Do you expect him to ever become one of Barca’s captains?

This season I expect for him to be very motivated. When people have their doubts about Barca and are rooting for them to fail, I think that’s where Gerard thrives and steps up the most. Barca will have a lot to prove this season and i’m sure Geri will be one of the most motivated players on the squad. 

About being captain, i’m sure he’ll end up as one soon. Iniesta and Masche are in their last seasons with us, so Geri is a must as a captain.

Send me your answers :) 

DAY 5.

Brand New at Starland Ballroom on 12/21/13 in Sayreville, NJ.

Even if The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is my favourite album ever, I still love nights dedicated to Your Favorite Weapon because so many of those songs never make it onto any of their other set lists.

New Year’s Eve is coming up, and I still haven’t found a way to top 2011’s when I rang in the new year with my favourite band, who played a ton of songs that they don’t normally perform, with acoustic instruments that they don’t normally use.  

Brand New is a rare and special treat. But there’s something so much sweeter about hearing some of their lesser played songs performed live.

walk the moon unplugged; all of my favorite walk the moon acoustics, including covers and unreleased songs.

001. tightrope (987FM acoustic performance) // 002. maps (MTV unplugged) // 003. quesadilla // 004. i can lift a car (acoustic) // 005. tiger teeth // 006. shiver shiver (987FM acoustic performance) // 007. next in line // 008. let’s dance 

Fic: More Than You Bargained For

So now that Blaine apparently just gets underwear flung at him all the time, that gave me some inspiration. Alternate meeting where Blaine’s a rockstar, Kurt’s a fan, and Rachel’s “ingenious” plan goes a little awry, 2200 words, PG-13.

Kurt rubbed his temples in exasperation as Rachel let out yet another ear-piercing shriek next to him. She had managed to win them tickets to the Blaine Anderson concert after winning a radio contest, and Kurt couldn’t say he wasn’t thrilled to see his favorite artist perform live, but he could live without Rachel ruining his hearing.

“Rachel, he’s not even onstage yet!” he yelled over the din of the crowd. “Why are you screaming?”

“I’m just so excited, Kurt!” she screamed back at him, accidentally sloshing some of her astonishingly pink drink out of her glass. Why this venue was serving alcohol when half of the attendees were underage was beyond Kurt, but he just knocked back another slug of his vodka, hoping to get just buzzed enough that Rachel would be less annoying but still in control enough that he could drag them out of there easily at the end of the show. “Blaine’s so cute and his voice is like silk! I hope he can see us from here so he can dedicate his acoustic set to me.”

“Unless you brought your own personal spotlight, I’m not sure that that’s gonna happen, honey,” Kurt said, almost rolling his eyes out of his skull when Rachel looked away to sip her drink. They had won good tickets, surprisingly enough, but they were still a few rows back from the stage and off to the side a little. They might just be in Blaine’s eyeshot, but Kurt wasn’t holding his breath. “His ‘Acoustic Angel’ is probably going to be some ten-year-old girl in the front row wearing a birthday hat or something.”

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Lights performing “Flux and Flow” acoustic at Sneaky Dee’s. One of my favorite versions that she played flux and flow.

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Can you make a list of your favorite underrated bey-performances? :) (for example one of my faves is "satellite" at the "I am yours"-concert in las Vegas)

Yes :)

My absolute favorite performance is this. That gets me in a great mood, regardless of what is going on + it is very underrated.

I think her performance on Oprah, this one, is also underrated. The theme was flawless. 

Run The World on X Factor France is SOOOOOOO underrated. When she climbed their table omg and she was preggers (!!!!!!)

Sex On Fire (Cover)  OHMIGOSH

Her acoustic rendition of Halo is life changing!

The leg thing she did during this performance, lakjdlkajsld;as

Ex-Factor OTR version is also underrated. I cannot stress that enough.

As the Acoustic Sessions Tour comes to an end tonight, I really wanted to type up something special in honor of this tour.  This tour is my favorite tour I have ever been to. The venues were small, intimate, unique little places that you could just tell had walls full of so many stories and memories.  The stage set up they had for this tour was simply beautiful.  It was very raw and very old school and I loved that. And now on to the best part of this entire tour, Cody’s spectacular performance.  Now, I have been a fan for just about 4 years, I’ve seen him perform many times, even acoustically and the first time I saw him perform on this tour, I was literally blown away with how extraordinary his performance was.  I was honestly speechless and if you know anything about me, you know that about 99.9% of the time I have an adjective to describe everything.  But his performance was just so amazing and so lovely and so simple and so outstanding and so incredible and so breath-taking.  This set he performed show cased his immense amount of talent so wonderfully.  You could tell that Cody was 110% in his element up on stage during these performances and you could just tell he was so chill and really loved how this whole tour came together. This entire tour was such a unique and intimate and lovely experience.  Cody really went out there on this tour and showed the world who he is, where he is heading in the future.  This tour was hands down the best tour and this tour will forever and always hold a very special place in my heart.  <3