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Did you miss Jamie and Sam on MorgenMagazin on 30.3.17? No problem. We have the two acoustics and interview right here and we’ve translated the interview just for you.

Interviewer: He is successful as a model and actor, we can see him here beside Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd, a vampire in the Twilight Saga or as a shadowhunter in The Mortal Instruments. Jamie Campbell Bower is with us, welcome and good morning.

Jamie: Thank you very much.

Interviewer: One of your talents we haven’t mentioned yet, we have already heard some, you are a musician. You sing and play guitar in Counterfeit. We call it punk rock but you presented it a bit softer a moment ago. Why did you choose punk?

Jamie: Umm, it was never really a decision that I made to go and make a punk band. I never set out to like try and be any specific genre. I guess, I sort of grew up, I’m 28 now, and for like the last portion of my younger life I was very happy and floating around I think. And then as I got older I became sort of a little bit more disillusioned I think with life. Umm and therefore this anger just came out of me and I guess it ended up being described as punk music now I s'pose but that’s cool I’m down with that. That’s fine.

Interviewer: We want to hear and see it so here is a little clip. It’s definitely punk rock from Counterfeit. Tour has started, you played yesterday in Hamburg. How was it?

Jamie: Yeah we started three days ago in Hamburg, it was great. Yeah yeah yeah it’s been good thus far. Yeah we had a night off last night which has been really nice, so I’m rested as I can get which is good. But it’s been crazy, wherever we play it always goes a bit nuts. Our shows are what I’d call reactive, um, so we’ll just react to however the audience are as much as we can. We give back whatever we get.

Interviewer: You are from London where the punk rock scene started. It’s a real export hit. The Germans love the punk rock scene. Can you feel that during your shows? Today you are playing in Berlin, it will probably be massive.

Jamie: Yeah, I think for us like playing anywhere in Germany is always such an honour, I mean the kids here seem to just instantly be into rock n roll music in whatever shape or form, there’s no front to it, they’re very much accepting of everything you’re doing and yeah I think it transfers for sure, I mean in terms of a London punk scene now, there isn’t really a London punk scene now it’s very much like a very isolated small pocket of it.

Interviewer: Jamie, we know you as an actor, we have just seen a few clips. You played in Harry Potter. How can we understand that? It’s the typical question to a musician who is an actor at the same time. What is your second job?

Jamie: What’s my second job, I can’t choose, I can’t choose, they’re both my life. I love them both. I’ve been playing music since I was about 15. Both of my parents work in the music industry so I’ve just grown up around it. Um, it just happened that the acting took off first. Yeah I’m trying to juggle the both of them at the moment which is tough but it’s cool. I’m having a good time doing it. I’m stressed. For sure.

Interviewer: You don’t look like it. A question for the fans? When can we see you in a movie again?

Jamie: Um, I’ve just finished shooting a television show, comes out in June, it’s called ‘Will’. We made it for TNT but it’s coming out over here as well. Um, so that’s about a young William Shakespeare, I play Christopher Marlowe so that’s out in June.

Interviewer: Can you use the different skills in your other job, the musical talent in acting and the other way around? The acting talent as a punk rock singer on stage? What do you do? What can you take from the one job to the other?

Jamie: Erm, I don’t think there’s much of a transfer in terms of what I do in acting to music. Erm, I think that music allows me to be a lot more free than my performance as an actor. Since I started this band I’ve sort of shed a lot of those anxieties and my fears and I think that that gave me the opportunity to on camera, to do the same thing, you know to feel free and to not have any worries. So, that kinda. There’s not much to cross over for me to be honest, they’re two completely different like, skills.

Interviewer: Great that you are here from Counterfeit. You are running the band with your brother and a few other people. Jamie Campbell Bower. Get ready, thank you.

Jamie: Thank you so much.


July 18, 2013 || Tonsberg, Norway @ Slottsfjell Festival
➥ Holding On To You (acoustic) + interview clips

  • Van explaining how difficult it is to come up with one of their killer riffs:

“We say it’s never a chore. When you get told ‘you’ve got to go make another album’ it’s not like ‘oh no what are we gonna do?’ It’s like: ‘Get in. Another one. Let’s go again!’”

“It’s never a chore to write music or go on tour and play it”

  • About touring and feeling at home on stage:

“It’s always just the most comfortable I feel, you know, when we’re walking on stage playing songs.

‘Cause it becomes more about the atmosphere than the music or the songs or the bands. It’s just about grabbing that atmosphere.

“And once you get that the night is just gone. It’s just madness then. The crowd take over…”


You had been running around with Luke all day. Interviews and acoustic performances all day at various radio stations. Your day had started at the studio though, with the boys and John. The boys wrote for a little bit, and then went to get coffee. Michael ran into you, you were barely awake, scalding hot coffee all over your white t-shirt. That definitely woke you up.

After assuring Luke you would be okay, you curled up in the car holding onto his hand, out of habit, you tended to, even though you were 13.

By the end of the car ride home, you really couldn’t be bothered with the whole idea of moving.

Luke carried you inside and cuddled you to his chest, as if you were a toddler, walking up the stairs and gently laying you in bed. He pulled the covers up to your chin, which you rolled around in. Next he grabbed your teddy bear and tucked it under your arm, lastly placing a kiss to your head.

You looked adorable, he took a picture and sent it to the boys. ’Little rugrat is exhausted.’  He texts.

The boys smile and all reply with something sweet. Luke leaves the door cracked as he walks out, just in case.

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Full 20 minute performance on KEXP: September 5, 2015

As requested by @princestump, here is a Front Bottoms intro post! 

ill include links to full albums, a few of my favorites from each album, and some extras (interviews, acoustics)

Back On Top (2015):

GDP & The Front Bottoms Split EP (Liberty and Prosperity) (2015):

Rose EP (2014):

Talon Of The Hawk (2013):

The Front Bottoms (2011):

My Grandma Vs. Pneumonia (2009):

Brothers Can’t Be Friends (2008):

I Hate My Friends (2008):



In today’s interview we listen to sounds we wouldn’t normally hear–such as tadpoles ‘munching’ on a hydrophone or sand moving like an avalanche on a dune. Acoustic engineer Trevor Cox’s new book is called The Sound Book: The Science of the Sonic Wonders of the World. Here Cox explains thunder:

What’s amazing about thunder is when you hear it, it’s actually got that crack and then it’s got the rumble afterwards. As a kid, when you drew thunderstorms you would’ve drawn the lightning with that jagged line. If you didn’t have that jagged line, you wouldn’t have the rumble of the thunder.

… The visual look of lightning is really crucial to how the thunder sounds. … Each little kink is actually generating the sound, and … the sound takes different time to come from different kinks because they’re all slightly different distances from you. That’s the reason you get that very distinct rumble sound.

We’ve got some sounds from the interview here

Photograph by A. Rodriguez , My Shot via NatGeo

Chicago’s Sears Tower backlit by multiple bolts of lightning. The picture was taken August 4, 2008, during the severe thunderstorm that spawned several tornadoes in the Chicago area.

On top of the world

pairing: bestfriend!michael x reader (kind of the whole band idk you’re just best friends with michael ok)

word count: 2,043

this starts out where you two are young childhood friends and y'all get older kk

“What do you want to do when you’re older?” You asked your friend Michael one day as the two of you sat around his room thinking of something to do. 

It was a summer day like any other, where you’ve basically run out of ideas. You had harassed his neighbors which he hated with a burning passion (especially this one guy that’s in your grade, Luke), played countless hours of video games, done everything worth doing in your hometown of Sydney, and it was that point of summer where you pretty much were over the novelty of not going to school. 

Michael just shrugged his shoulders, combing his fingers through his hair and pushing the fringe in front of his eyes, seeing how long it fell over his face. “I don’t really know yet. I’m only 15, Y/N. I have my entire life ahead of me.”

“Then what’s your biggest dream?” You asked. “No matter how crazy it may be.”

He looked up at the ceiling, fixing his fringe back in it’s original style. “Probably being in a band.”

“You can barely play the guitar though.” You scoffed, glancing at the acoustic leaning up against his bedroom wall.

“Shut up, Y/N. You said my biggest dream in the entire world, and that’s it.” 

You looked back at him. “You think it could actually happen?”

“No.” He laughed, shrugging it off. “I’m obviously not going to get my hopes up, and like you said, I’m no good at guitar so what’s the point of even trying?”

“I’m sure if you actually tried to get better you could.”

“Maybe…” He said, eyeing the instrument as it remained untouched. His eyes traveled to the My Chemical Romance poster handing on his wall. “I wish I could play like Ray Toro. But that’s obviously not going to happen.”

“Stop being so hard on yourself, Mikey. Is that really what you want to do with your life?”

“Well I’m obviously not going to go to university because I’m an idiot, and music is my favorite thing.” He said, looking down at his hands in his lap. “But then again I’m kind of lazy and being in a band seems like hard work.”

You laughed and shook your head at your friend. “It’s probably easier than you think.”

Michael let out a loud laugh at your statement. “You’re delusional, Y/N. And I’m delusional thinking I actually have a shot at that.”

“You aren’t delusional.” You told him. “It’s okay to dream.”

“Yeah, dream. This conversation is just stupid.” He said, laughing it off and shrugging his shoulders and ending the topic at hand. “You wanna go play some more video games?”

“I can’t believe that actually happened.” Was the first thing out of Michael’s mouth when he got off stage.

It may have been just a normal day in December for some people, but for Michael it was his first gig as a full band. Yep, the lazy kid you were talking to just last year had actually banded together (literally) with his other best friend Calum, along with a guy called Ashton he met online and Luke, who last year he had hated. Somehow they all became best friends, and here you were at their very first gig together, that only had 12 people in the crowd (including yourself). Sure, they might not have been perfect, but this was just the start. And comparing Michael’s guitar skills to his last year, he was a lot better. 

You pulled him into a hug. “You guys did great.” 

He wore the biggest grin on his face, just like the rest of his bandmates. You could tell this is what Michael really wanted to do with his life, just from the way he seemed so genuinely happy right in this moment. He always was so happy when he was playing guitar, whether it be back in his room with just you, singing mindlessly as he strummed away at the instrument, or if he was in front of other people, or if he posted another cover on YouTube. He seemed so damn happy, and you loved to see him like this. 

“Thanks, Y/N. Kinda sucks that there was barely anyone, though.”

“Just wait, you’ll be selling out arenas one day.” You told Michael, trying to get him more hopeful.

Not just him, but the rest of his friends laughed. “Yeah, okay Y/N. We’ll go sell out arenas and then right after we’ll hop on a plane and fly to another country–no, continent, and then we’ll sell out more arenas.” Ashton said sarcastically. “What’s next, will we sell a million copies of our debut album?”

The 4 guys all laughed at Ashton’s jokes, and you couldn’t help but giggle at the things Ashton was saying. “Hey, you never know, it could happen.” You said in between laughs.

“Sure, Y/N.” Michael said. “You keep thinking that.”

As you rode back with them to Ashton’s house, the car was filled with so much energy bouncing off between the 4 guys, all in awe that their careers as a band had officially started. Michael had done it: he got off his ass and learned how to play guitar, and on top of that, started a band. You hated to admit, but you didn’t think he was actually serious about his whole dream. Michael was ambitious, sure, but you had never seen him work this hard in his life. Just talking to him about music got him so excited, and music was where he felt happiest. Everything about it he loved, and you couldn’t help but think they might actually go somewhere with this. And by somewhere, you meant to another city.

Not the other side of the world.

Here you were, on the other side of the fucking globe, about to watch Michael bounce around on stage absolutely slaying at guitar. You couldn’t even believe it yourself, and you could no where near comprehend how your best friend thought of what his life had turned into.

You threw Michael a bottle of water as he walked backstage, fitting the earpiece in his left ear. “Thanks.” He said, before taking a quick sip of water.

“You ready for the show tonight?” You asked, walking alongside him.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” He laughed. “I’m in fucking LA, Y/N. How the fuck did this even happen?”

“You tried, Michael.” You told his, resting a hand on his shoulder. “You actually tried and you fucking succeeded, that’s how it happened.”

“How many people are out there tonight again?” 

“Like 17,000.”

“Oh my god.” He said, covering his eyes with his hand. “This isn’t real.”

“Yes it is, Michael. You’re living your dream, how does it feel?” You asked, laughing at how adorable he was acting. Michael, over time, believed he was actually living less and less the more famous he got. When One Direction asked them to go on tour with them, he refused to accept it up until right before he walked onstage for the first time. It was so surreal to him, and apparently he still hasn’t gotten over the fact that he’s achieved his dream, and at such a young age, too. He would’ve never guessed it would only take him 2 years or so to get where he was today. 

He shrugged his shoulders. “It’s unreal.”

You followed him backstage as he met up with the guys, each grabbing their instruments (or in Ashton’s case, drum sticks) and all getting hype for the show. “Alright, you guys go out there and kick some ass.”

“Y/N, we’re playing crappy music and acting like idiots on stage for 2 hours, it’s not like we’re beating up some guys.” Calum said, making you all laugh.

“For the millionth time, your music isn’t crappy!” You argued.

“Whatever you say, Y/N.” 

The crew backstage was motioning for the boys to get ready to run out, and Michael leant over and gave you a quick, friendly kiss on the cheek. “Good luck, boys.” You called out, as you watched Michael give you a thumbs up before starting to strum the intro to ‘End Up Here.’

You remained backstage, watching the guys perform and trying your best not to look like an idiot singing along to the songs throughout the night. All the while, you couldn’t help but be so incredibly proud of those 4 guys, Michael especially. What they had accomplished in such a short amount of time was mind-blowing. They had created so much with this band, helped thousands of people with their own lives, whether it be find their passion in life or find their happiness. Just like Michael found his in this band. This band, 5 Seconds of Summer, this home Michael created for himself and for his 3 other best friends was irreplaceable.

Through all the countless interviews, acoustic performances, award shows and touring Michael has really grown as a person. It’s hard to see him as anyone else but some dorky 15 year old whom you were best friends with, and truthfully you still saw him as that. He still makes stupid dick jokes daily, he still has the same haircut, and everyday he’s always trying to better himself, whether it be in his music or in his image. 

You watched as Michael performed, always glancing to you between songs while he was grabbing some water and shooting you a wide grin that always made you smile back at him. And he would turn right back around, continuing to inspire his fans right before your eyes, and ultimately rule the world in that moment. All he wanted to do when he was younger was feel on top of the world, and to him that was up on stage in front of thousands of fans.

Looking at him right now, he was most definitely on top of the world.

Michael was happy–beyond happy–with his life thus far, and by the looks of it, it can only get better. You’d be by his side, being the loyal friend you are, supporting him every step of the way.

When they had finished performing ‘Good Girls,’ Michael held his hands up. “Can I just say one thing?” He asked, to which the crowd erupted with cheers. You smiled and shook your head, knowing Michael was going to most likely say some random thing like he does at every show, since he never was the one to give sentimental speeches (that was Ashton’s job). “I know I’m not the one that usually talks about this kind of thing, but seriously thank you so much for getting us where we are today. I’m in fucking Los Angeles in front of 17,000 people all having the greatest night of their fucking lives. I could’ve never told my younger self that I would be right here where I am today, it’s fucking amazing. I cannot thank you guys enough for supporting us and what we love to do, because if it wasn’t for my annoying friend Y/N backstage–” He said, looking over at you, “–I wouldn’t have even realized this is what I want to do for the rest of my life: making music I love and inspiring people like you guys.”

“Damn that hit me right in the feels.” Calum spoke into his microphone, making the crowd go wild yet again.

Michael laughed and looked back at you, mouthing you a quick ‘thank you.’ You just smiled and held up two thumbs up, watching as they got in position for their next song while Calum followed up Michael’s speech in agreement. 

The smile would not come off your face for the rest of the night, thinking back to that day in Michael’s room where he admitted he wanted to be in a band. How you told him he could do it, and how he got the confidence to get off his lazy ass and work towards it.

How he went from being a lost boy in his bedroom located in the suburban Sydney, not knowing what he was going to do with his life, to being happier than he could’ve ever imagined, being on top of the world.

Unsigned & Unleashed Is Hiring! Seeking Writers, Photographers, and Social Media Nerds

Unsigned & Unleashed has been up and running for over 4 years and combines a focus on both new and popular bands in the scene. We’re looking to add some new members to our staff. Working on the blog is a great opportunity for anyone with interest in either music journalism or the music industry.

We are looking for three different kinds of people:

1. Social Media Aficionado - We need someone who is tech-savvy, creative, and good with marketing. Some tasks include coming up with new contests ideas (ex. a signed vinyl giveaway for Tigers Jaw), making sure the awesome content we have on the blog is being seen by all our followers, and engaging our audience.

2. Camera King/Queen- If you are good at photography and love photographing musicians and shows then this is for you. We love having live photography on the site. We ESPECIALLY love when you also don’t mind getting in front of the camera to talk one on one with bands. If this sounds like you, this is the way to go! Tasks include shooting concerts, filming acoustic sessions, and doing interviews.

3. Writer Extraordinaire - This is the most important of the three and has the most freedom. Some tasks include posting news on the site, writing album reviews, doing interviews, and/or coming up with your own segment!


- a passion for music or music journalism and a basic knowledge of what’s happening in the scene. 

-some free time and stable access to a laptop/internet

*previous experience helps but is not necessary 

If you are interested in applying, please email Briana Boyd at The subject line of the email should be “Staff 2014”. In the email, be sure to tell us which role(s) you are interested in, some info on yourself, and why you’d be a good fit for the blog.