400!🙏A special thank you for those of you who have chosen to follow this humble soul. I am honored and blessed to be able to share my art with you. These are the top 4 of my images that gained the most likes (each over 100!) If it were in my power, I’d give you all a great big hug 😇 #400likes #400followers #grateful #acostamt

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A little late night sketching with Paper by Fiftythree. Total time: approx 60 minutes. Inspired by phenomenal artist David Jon Kassan. 

A tribute to one of my biggest inspirations, Joe “PhotoJoe” Hoddinott -done on my iPad using FinngrPro

This is my second time using this app since installing it- and it might be my last time as well! One thing I thought about after coming out the fetal position (while patting myself saying “Shhhh it’s going to be okay…”) that this app put me in: this app needs a warning label. Now, I like a challenge, but this is just silly. This was done in three hours and here are some fun facts:
-there is no ‘undo’! If there is one, I couldn’t find it :(
-every stroke is volatile and speed controls the line thickness
-there is no zoom
-this is one of the rare apps that register multiple touches at once. I found out the hard way by totally marking over the lower side of the face when I was concentrating on the top half. LOL
-85% of this was done with finger (thus the name I suppose)
The only thing that kept me going was playing some really loud rock music. It really helped with those frustrating spots :)


On July 12th, 2013, for the first time ever my art had been put on display in an art gallery. The Mobile Art Academy, in partnership with the Pacific Art League, hosted the 1st  Annual Mobile Art Exhibit. Over 200 hundred artists submitted their artwork created on mobile devices (tablets and phones). My “Paper Tiger” was one of the 50 that were selected to be on display. This exhibit is at the Pacific Art League Main Gallery located in the Palo Alto, CA. Click here for more information.

I am now very excited to have seven of my Paper projects on display at the “All Things Considered” Art Show at the Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. The opening reception is on August 3rd and the show will run through  August 31st. Anyone interested, click here for more information

I feel very blessed and honored to be able to share my Paper creations and to be a part of the Mobile Artist Collective and member of the iPad artists community.


**Caution! This video is several minutes long**

This is about as close as I’m going to get recording a session from beginning to (almost) the end- the actual full length recording was over 90 minutes! The time lapse cut it down to a third of that. Considering my average Paper project can last over 3-4 hours this isn’t too bad. All done with the Pencil from Fiftythree and zoom used sparingly (I only use it when I need to). I know long videos can be a tad boring, so fast forward if you like or watch while listening to your own music! (I won’t be offended lol)


Received the Fiftythree Paper Book in the mail yesterday! Here is a quick video review. Enjoy!