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Did you see that post about Tolkien's editor not liking the abrupt ending of the Hobbit so that's why he added the battle in there? Now I imagine Thorin saying "Bilbo, the ending of the book is anticlimactic" and Bilbo gets mad and kills Thorin and his nephews off in his book because "How's that for anticlimactic?!"

Actual canon

Really Thorin, criticize a hobbit’s writing at your own risk.  

Amanda Clarke
“Acorn Kiss”

Here’s my interpretation of the moment when Peter and Wendy “kiss” from Peter Pan for this week’s Month of Love “Lost In Translation” challenge. I’m most familiar with the Disney version of the story, and did a mashup of that and the book-Wendy is smitten with Peter and wants an actual kiss, but Peter is oblivious and gives her an acorn instead.

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every time I think 'nah ur not THAT head over heels for Aaron Tveit I mean psshh it's never happened w/ other celebs why him' then I look through ur blog and for the 50000th time ask why I keep lying to myself [also ur bi Danny zuko gives me life. I may have heard in an interview Aaron say the director helped him find his 'own danny' to stray away from Travolta's Danny. Soo he thinks Danny Zuko gets it on w/ everyone?? Who knows ;) ]

i’ve got to tell you, ever since i gave up on living in denial and just embraced how much i adore this dweeb, my life has drastically improved. my debts are paid, my skin is clear, my crops are flourishing,,, do not lie to urself my friend. embrace being in love with acorn tivette, and know that many others have done the same

also grease live/aaron’s danny zuko is a bi menace fucking his way through rydell high and that was what aaron added to the role along with his lumberjack arms, superior voice and charm, and an ass to write home about

Easy Anger Release Spell

I wanted to figure out a way to Kitchen Witch a release of anger spell but I couldn’t find any non-complicated / it’s in my kitchen pre-made ones.

Today someone made me extremely angry, but as the saying goes, “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” So I created this super easy spell to release anger.

What you need: 

  • Tea (I used a flowery black but you can choose one with known calming like Chamomile)
  • An oversized coffee cup (mine was from one of those cocoa gift boxes for Christmas)
  • Honey
  • Boiling Water


  • Take your big cup and use the honey to drizzle / write the first letter of the first name and first letter of the first name of the person who angered you. This will create a sort of honey sigil.
  • Pour in the hot water on top of the honey.
  • Add your tea and start stirring clockwise.
  • While you’re stirring repeat “Let anger in be anger out, Let anger out be gone.”
  • Either stop stirring / chanting when the tea is done or until you get to a meditative state and feel the anger leave you.

I actually chanted through the whole process to infuse my intention as much as possible. I certainly felt a lot better afterwards which also led to me relaxing and enjoying my tea more.

Feel free to adapt this to your needs!

I need more fics where Thorin arrives early to bag end instead of late.  

He lost his way and somehow ended up being there days early.

And there’s misunderstandings.  And flirting.  Then Thorin sings and they end up in bed. (because really)

By the time the company arrives they’re practically married.