acorn shell

Lunar (Self) Love Sea/Earth Spell

Bring forward your inner strength by drawing upon that of the Moon Goddess.

Adopted and combined from these two spells.

Preform at night on a Full Moon.

~Ingredients: white or silver tea light float-able candles, quartz, (rose quartz), moonstone, shell or acorn if green witch), rose petals, bowl of water.

~Incantation 1: “By the brightest of days and the darkest of nights; let my inner-power rise by this light.”

~Incantation 2: “Silver moon above, let me learn your love. Fill me with your glowing light, and help me shine–full and bright.”


  • Place crystals in front of you with the candles; forming a crescent shape.
  • Each candle will represent a positive attribute of yourself, that you want to strengthen and draw power from.
  • As you light each candle, speak of this attribute or characteristic; and your intention with it. State Incantation 1 as you light each candle.
  • Focus on the light reflected in the crystals, visualize the light growing with strength and aligning with the light and power of the moon.
  • Touch your fingertips to your crystals and feel the warmth and light coming to you.
  • If using shells or acorns, feel the power of the sea/Earth joining you and the Moon goddess’ energies as well; complimenting, invigorating, and strengthening them. You may add these items to the offering bowl of you wish, or just have them incorporated into your grid.
  • Take the rose petals. For each one, state what you want to love more about yourself and the attributes represented by the candles.
  • You can light each petal by the flame of the complimentary candle if you wish, before dropping it into your offering/spell bowl of water for your ritual.
  • As the petals float in the water, draw the moon goddess’ love to you, while also offering up your love to her. The petals serving as both an offering as well as binding.
  • Place the candles in the offering bowl, visualizing the positivity expanding and being imbued with the love from the petals; all amplified by the water.
  • Stir three times while chanting Incantation 2.
  • Finish by stating: “As I will it, so mote it be. Love and strength come to me; three times three.”
  • Optional: allow all items to stay afolat in the “offering” bowl throughout the remainder of your ritual.
    •  At the end of your ritual, preform a Full Moon Release spell; in which you light candles in representation of any negativity you wish to let go of. Place those candles in the bowl of water, envisioning the negativity dissipating and being drowned out, while the positivity washes over and replaces it.
    • These spells can be like “bookends” of your ritual.
Charm Jar: Fertility and a Happy Home

You will need: 

Red Sandalwood: invoking Venus
Star Anise (ground): attraction, lust, physical coupling
Bay Laurel: wish fulfillment, luck
Raspberry Leaf: uterine health, fertility
Salt: purification
Ginger (ground): health, vitality, nausea relief
Acorns: abundance, growth, fertility
One snail shell or sea shell: snail shells represent home, sea shells represent lunar tides and menstrual cycles

Combine salt, ginger, and star anise. Layer in a jar with red sandalwood chips. Top the layers with the larger inclusions (acorns, shell, bay leaf, star anise if using whole pods).

Seal the jar and knot a ribbon around the neck, focusing your energy on fullness, health, and smiling babies.

Optional: anoint the jar with dew drops and charge it under a full moon.