acorn shell

Acorn moon candles

• Harvested acorn shells
• Wax bits from old candles
• Old incense stick bottoms
• Lavander flower (optional)

》 Melt the wax (wax burner or old tin can and an old pot full of water on the stove works well for this), pour into shells, stick the wicks in and blow softly for a few seconds… wax will harden and the candle is done! Repeat for as many as you’d like to make!

☆ These candles are wonderful for small or short spells AND they float on water which makes them extra fun! Enjoy! ☆

Can’t use metal shields as a Druid? Creative alternatives, time!

Water Druid? A large, dome shaped coral, a huge seashell, a massive octopus beak, or a turtle shell

Underdark, Swamp, or Night? A giant mushroom cap, a giant bird’s beak, a slab of slate

Forest or Plains? A giant acorn cap or nut shell, or a tortoise shell

Desert? A branch of dead wood as an arm shield for parrying, or a plate from a giant scorpion’s chitin

Still not enough? How about a dragon’s belly scale or pieces from bones or fossils, like a half of a ribcage?
A carved out giant tooth? A lid of a woven basket? A piece of a giant eggshell? What about a wheel broken off of a cart?

You don’t just need to take a wooden shield. Get creative. Use a dinosaur shoulder blade!

Faery Gifts and Offerings

• Earth friendly offering dishes •

  • Eggshells
  • Acorn caps
  • Walnut shells
  • Hollowed out mini pumpkin / watermelon
  • Wide flowers
  • Milkweed pods
  • Small stones
  • Leaves
  • Shells
  • Garden stepping stones
  • Base from a potted plant
  • Buried in the earth
  • Snow shaped into a bowl
  • Mini flower pot
  • Bird’s nest
  • Bark
  • Origami box or bowl
  • Mini pastry shell

• Offering Ideas

  • Any tea (hot or iced)
  • Milk or cream (you can add honey, spices, herbs, etc)
  • Honey
  • Bundle of fae flowers or herbs (thyme, lavender, daisy, pansy, yarrow, etc)
  • Sugar (you can add flowers or scents)
  • Flower crowns
  • Butter
  • Strawberry roses
  • Apple slices with cinnamon
  • Baked goods (cakes, cookies, pies, bread, jams and jellies, etc)
  • Candy sticks / rock candy
  • Paper stars or hearts
  • Dandelion or Elderberry wine
  • Strong spices like ginger, basil and cinnamon
  • Bowl of water
  • Pretty stones
  • Art and poems
  • Candied fruit or flowers
  • Candles (don’t leave unattended)
  • Painted rocks
  • Bubbles
  • Garden decorations
  • Pretty shells
  • Feathers

• Things you should NOT put outside!

  • Chocolate: I see lots of blogs recommending this but do not leave it outside! It’s bad for any animals who could eat it.
  • Glitter: It’s basically spreading lots of tiny plastic pieces that will not decompose and will end up in water where it will be eaten by fish. Some companies like EcoSparkles make biodegradable glitter alternatives.
  • Salt: Will kill any grass, moss, and plants it falls on.
  • Jewellery: Unless it’s natural stones/shells/wood beads strung on a biodegradable thread, don’t do it.
  • Glass jars: They’re the same as if you tossed a beer bottle into your yard. If you really need to bury one, put it in a plant pot and dig it up again the next day.
  • Plastic trinkets
  • Essential oils: Strong oils like peppermint and rosemary will burn or kill plants.

• Things faeries don’t like as offerings

  • Man-made mirrors
  • Clothing (not cloth)
  • Bread (some fae are fine with bread, others it offends)
  • Metals (excepting silver and gold)
  • Tomatoes
  • Money

On Consistency: I’ve seen lots of people saying you must always leave gifts at the same time, but you don’t need to worry or feel guilty about this! Just do it when you can, and refresh things when you remember.

Faery blessings! 💜

9 Practical Tips for New Witches

1.  Write down a list of your current passions, interests, goals, and beliefs.  Knowing this information can help you to develop your witchcraft and to make it more personal.  It’s important to feel a deep connection to your own style of craft, so it is incredibly helpful to incorporate the things that you love in life. While it’s a good idea to think of and list serious things, it’s 100% okay if your list mostly contains entries like ‘shiny things, stuff that smells good, My Chemical Romance’; you should definitely add entries like that, because that right there still tells you that you’ll probably enjoy using reflective objects, aromatherapy, and music in your witchcraft.  The entries on your list can help you to creatively think of ways to make your magick yours, while still helping you to identify any pre-existing styles and paths of witchcraft that incorporate elements of your list.

2.  Keep a regular journal, along with any magick journals that you might have.  Keep track of your health, your dreams, your moods, your habits, your life in general. When you are first starting out, it can be difficult to automatically see how magick affects you.  By keeping a mundane, regular journal, you’re better able to reference past events against your magick journals, to see if any changes or unusual entries (negative or positive) occurred at the same time as something witchcraft-related.

3.  Sign up for as many guided nature walks and talks as you can.  It’s always a good idea to know the nature around you, especially if you’re a witch. Guided walks and talks can give you first-hand experience when it comes to identifying plants, animals, and other things that you can find in your area. If it is allowed, remember to bring along a camera and / or a notebook so that you can record and reference your new knowledge afterwards.

4.  Take an interest in cooking.  This is an especially good tip for any witches that are looking to hide their witchcraft.  Learning to cook is a life skill, and doesn’t tend to draw unwanted attention.  The food, herbs, and spices that you use all have their own magickal correspondences and associations, so it really comes down to figuring out some ingredients that match your magick’s intent, and then finding an actual recipe that calls for those ingredients.  

5.  Start your own garden, no matter how small. Seeds can be affordable purchased at most stores with gardening centers, and you can grow some herbs in a leftover tin can.  Really, you don’t need a lot of space or cash to be able to start some sort of garden, whether indoors or outdoors.  Just make sure that wherever you are planting, you have permission to plant there!

6.  Develop your DIY skills.  Crafting, sewing, upcycling – spend some time learning about the ‘Do It Yourself’ culture.  Aside from being an excellent way to learn how to create your own tools and witchy stuff, a lot of the skills that you will learn can be incorporated into your spells.  So can any supplies that you have on hand for regular arts and crafts, for that matter. And when you get right down to it, nobody has to know that your handmade lavender lip-balm is actually an enchanted item and a dual healing / beauty spell.  Making anything by hand helps to give it power, and can be another great way to practice witchcraft under-the-radar; unless you literally announce that your felt-and-an-old-sock plushie is actually a poppet, how can anybody know?

7.  Find places to source your witchy ingredients and supplies. Look up and scout out any local:

o   Book stores

o   Box stores (like Walmart, Target)

o   Craft stores

o   Dollar stores

o   Farm stands

o   Farmer’s markets

o   Flea markets

o   Garden stores / Nurseries

o   Libraries

o   Hiking trails

o   Metaphysical / New Age stores

o   Rockhounding locations

o   Tea / herb stores

o   Thrift stores

o   Rock / crystal / mineral shops

8.  Build a non-fiction library.  Cookbooks, how-to books, field guides, books that teach you skills. History books, scientific magazines and journals, textbooks on any topic.  Read about first-hand accounts, theories and practices, facts and trivia. Read educational books meant for kids, and encyclopedias meant for months of study.  Don’t be afraid to check your material against a different source, either.  Finding multiple sources citing a piece of knowledge is a good habit to develop, especially if your knowledge deals with the safety or danger of anything.  Whether it was posted online or published in a book, make sure that the author’s information is accurate!

9.  Collect and upcycle bottles, jars, tins, and other storage.  It’s a running joke here on Tumbler: ‘witches love jars’. But wow is it an accurate joke.  There have been a couple of times that I’ve come home with new loose supplies like shells or acorns, only to stand there and realize that literally all of my other storage is taken and that unless I want to stick them in a plastic bag, I have to temporarily store them by taking the last few Piroutte cookies out of the tin and giving it a quick cleaning (and now you know the exact moment that I thought of posting about this tip! lol).  Practicing witchcraft can be a really quick way to turn into a self-powered miniature recycling plant; it’s a lot cheaper to clean that jelly jar than it is to go buy an actual Mason jar, and it’s usually better for the environment as well ^_^

Title: Autumn Leaves
Pairing: Analogical

A/N: Good ole fluff for the soul

Scattered thoughts changed with the seasons, it seemed. Summer meant the appearance of many mosquitos and other totally-not-fun-please-go-away bugs while spring held plenty of nice flowers and winter meant unearthed acorn and walnut shells.  But, fall held the best scattered thoughts.  Wonderful, fun, colorful-

“Cannonball!” Virgil shouted, jumping feet-first into the pile of leaves Logan had just finished raking.  A shower of reds, yellows, purples, and browns fell over the two sides, one grinning and the other…not so much.

Virgil had become quite a bit more at ease apparently, and he was none too shy to take Patton’s lead.  Which is how Logan ended up with an even worse eye twitch.

“Was that truly necessary?” Logan asked through a sigh, leaning on the rake.  “You just re-scattered everything!”

“Not everything; I’m sitting on some of them,” Virgil said with a smirk.  Logan huffed and shook his head, which was when Virgil got an idea.  While the logical side wasn’t looking, he scooted closer and hooked his ankle with his own foot.

“Virgil!” Logan shouted as he toppled down, landing only softened a little by the leaves.  “Why’d you do that?!” he yelled, taking a fistful of leaves and throwing them in Virgil’s face.

“Don’t throw leaves at me!” Virgil fussed, scooping an armful up and dumping them on Logan’s head.  Logan snarled and scooped with one arm, flicking a bunch of leaves at once at Virgil’s back.  “No!” Virgil yelped, hopping to his feet.

“Get back here!” Logan shouted after the anxious side when he started to run.  

Virgil led Logan around the back of the mind palace house, dodging and ducking to keep from being seen.  Once back around the front and in the open, Logan realized he’d lost Virgil.  Groaning and gripping at the roots of his hair, he started to look around.  Only when Logan gave up and stooped down to pick the rake back up did he “find” Virgil.

Down his shirt went a bunch of leaves.  Logan had borrowed Virgil’s old hoodie for the chiller temperature, but that seemed awful, now, as the hood (filled with leaves, of course) came over his eyes.

“You’ll pay for that!” Logan whipped around to face Virgil, taking him by the jacket and tossing him down in the no-longer-piled-up pile of leaves.

“Are they not done yet?” Roman asked as he passed by Patton, who was watching out the window.

“They’re just playing, oh –“ Patton snickered and ducked away from the window.  “Now they’re kissing.  Oops!”

Roman peaked out the window and, sure enough, Logan and Virgil laid in a destroyed pile of leaves kissing.  Wow.  “Those two lovebirds need to calm down.”

“No!  Absolutely not!”

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Lunar (Self) Love Sea/Earth Spell

Bring forward your inner strength by drawing upon that of the Moon Goddess.

Adopted and combined from these two spells.

Preform at night on a Full Moon.

~Ingredients: white or silver tea light float-able candles, quartz, (rose quartz), moonstone, shell or acorn if green witch), rose petals, bowl of water.

~Incantation 1: “By the brightest of days and the darkest of nights; let my inner-power rise by this light.”

~Incantation 2: “Silver moon above, let me learn your love. Fill me with your glowing light, and help me shine–full and bright.”


  • Place crystals in front of you with the candles; forming a crescent shape.
  • Each candle will represent a positive attribute of yourself, that you want to strengthen and draw power from.
  • As you light each candle, speak of this attribute or characteristic; and your intention with it. State Incantation 1 as you light each candle.
  • Focus on the light reflected in the crystals, visualize the light growing with strength and aligning with the light and power of the moon.
  • Touch your fingertips to your crystals and feel the warmth and light coming to you.
  • If using shells or acorns, feel the power of the sea/Earth joining you and the Moon goddess’ energies as well; complimenting, invigorating, and strengthening them. You may add these items to the offering bowl of you wish, or just have them incorporated into your grid.
  • Take the rose petals. For each one, state what you want to love more about yourself and the attributes represented by the candles.
  • You can light each petal by the flame of the complimentary candle if you wish, before dropping it into your offering/spell bowl of water for your ritual.
  • As the petals float in the water, draw the moon goddess’ love to you, while also offering up your love to her. The petals serving as both an offering as well as binding.
  • Place the candles in the offering bowl, visualizing the positivity expanding and being imbued with the love from the petals; all amplified by the water.
  • Stir three times while chanting Incantation 2.
  • Finish by stating: “As I will it, so mote it be. Love and strength come to me; three times three.”
  • Optional: allow all items to stay afolat in the “offering” bowl throughout the remainder of your ritual.
    •  At the end of your ritual, preform a Full Moon Release spell; in which you light candles in representation of any negativity you wish to let go of. Place those candles in the bowl of water, envisioning the negativity dissipating and being drowned out, while the positivity washes over and replaces it.
    • These spells can be like “bookends” of your ritual.
Creepypasta #1083: The Fairy Door

Length: Long

It was a little door set into the tree. It was disguised as part of the tree, covered with bark and with a little acorn cap for a knob. It was just the smallest little door, something only a child would think to look for.

My niece Jessie tugged my hand. “Look, a little door! Let’s go see who lives there!”

I let her pull me over. The door had been placed over a little hollow in the tree, so cleverly that I couldn’t even see the hinges. Jessie opened it and made a disappointed noise when there were no fairies, just broken acorn shells.

“Nevermind that,” I told her, “why don’t you leave something for the fairies?”

I took a gum wrapper from my pocket and my eyebrow pencil and told her to write a secret message. She did, with her back turned to me, giggling the whole time. When she was finished she rolled it up real tight like a scroll and we stuck it in the knothole.

Jessie went to one of those new-age schools where they were all about the wonder of nature in this hippy-dippy druid kind of way, so we walked at this park near the river a lot. I figured one of the teachers or maybe a parent had made the door, and maybe they’d talk about it in school.

I was going to tell my sister-in-law Tara about it when we got to her house, but she started off the minute she opened the door.

“Jessi-ca,” she said. The way she said my niece’s name, emphasizing the last syllable, always made me want to flap my arms and go ‘caw caw caw.’ “Mr. Gold hasn’t been fed yet. Do you think he’s been lonely waiting for you to get home?”

My sister-in-law never yelled at my niece, but the way she talked to her, I almost think yelling would be an improvement.

Jessie waved bye as she went inside. I said an awkward goodbye to Tara, who closed the door before I even finished speaking.

I forgot all about the door until the next day. I walked to pick up Jessie and saw her giggling with her friends in a pack.

“Can we go see the fairy door?” she asked when I drew closer.

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⠀⠀ 🌿 Little Fox Travel Altar Box 🌿


☽ ↟ Willow leaves ↟ Rosemary sea salt ↟ Lavender ↟ Black salt ↟ Desert sage ↟ Lavender incense ↟ Brass button ↟ Matches ↟ Black, white, blue & pink candles ↟ Pentacle candle holder ↟ Pencil ↟ Paper ↟ Jute twine ↟ Acorn ↟ Baby’s breath ↟ Snail shell ↟ Bells ↟ Glitter stim jar ↟ Sea shell ↟ Sun & Moon/Wolf & Fox ↟ Clear Quartz point ↟ Snowflake obsidian ↟ Amethyst ↟ Rose quartz stars ↟ Blue lace agate ↟ ☾


⠀⠀⠀⠀☽ Element representation

Spirit ↟ Sun & Moon/Wolf & Fox figures, Amethyst, Lavender incense, Rose quartz stars, ‘Vulpecula’ constellation, Pentacles ↟
Water ↟ Sea shell, Glitter stim jar with tiny sea shell, Willow leaves (water loving tree), Sea salt ↟
Fire ↟ Matches, Candles, Incense, Brass button, Desert Sage, Strike strip ↟
Earth ↟ Acorn, Snail shell, Baby’s Breath, Willow leaves, Wood pentacle candle holder, Quartz point, Black salt, Rosemary sea salt, Lavender ↟
Air ↟ Bells, Lavender, Incense, Desert sage ↟


I’m still getting the hang of the wood burner but I’m quite happy with how this turned out! ♡

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His eyes, they weren’t just brown, you know.

They were the colour of earth after rain,
sprinkled with small flecks the shade of acorn shell.

A hue that reminded me of warmth and happiness,
like hot chocolate on a cold winter day.
A vibrance and glow that made it impossible to look away.

They were calming, like water on burning flames.
They were soothing, like a long embrace.

You see, they weren’t just brown, his eyes.

—  U. By @madebybella

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say I love and adore my Sheldon plush!! I do have a question though how should I clean him if he gets dirty?

I’m glad you like him! I don’t actually quite know the best way to clean the plushes I’m afraid, I’ll see about getting some information from the manufacturer if I can.

The plushes are pretty well made and sturdy, but I would advise against placing them into a washing machine or washing them roughly. The acorn shell is attached with a number of threads that could wear out from that. Spot cleaning is probably your best bet if you want to be safe.

I hope this helps!

Smoke bowl cleanse!

Alright, since I’m a witch who likes to make things her own let’s do Cleansing. Most of the cleansing I do is with smoke!

So here’s what you’re gonna need
1. Bowl (preferably glass)
1. Item(s) you’re gonna cleanse
1. A base to sit everything on (I chose a mirror, you could use a plate or a piece of paper with a sigil on it!)
1. Whatever else you want (I put some clovers and a acorn shell because I feel they boost my spells)

Alright! Now steps!
1. Gather your items and place them on your base
2. Light whatever you are using to smoke cleanse (I use incense, you could use herbs )
3. Place bowl over and watch it cleanse! It looks super cool if you got a glass bowl
4. Let items stay under bowl until most of the smoke disappears
5. Remove items
6. Now you’ve got perfectly cleanse items for your use!