acorn king

My first internet fandom back in ye olde times! The Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog series was so engrossing. What really stood out to me as a child/teen was the female cast- many more characters than just the three I drew too. They were all so strong and diverse in their personalities and backstories. Each dealt with a variety of heavy issues told through mature storytelling that made me feel respected as a reader at such a young age. Rarely do I see that kind of approach anymore. What a gem of a series ❤

Ken Penders and how his misinformed view of how monarchies work ruined not only what could have been a good au story but also Sonally

*profanity warning*

Now, just to preface as you may have gathered from my current icon and some of my art, I primarily ship Sonamy, however that does not mean that I hate Sally or Sonally, as a matter of fact I really like Sally as a character, she subverts some of the typical princess tropes (which I’ll get to later) and her relationship with Sonic, especially in SatAm is really fun to watch, they bounce off of each other so well. 

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  • Graham: *loses all of the knights near a crowd during the tournament*
  • Graham: Here goes...*cups hands around mouth and screams into the crowd* GRAHAM WILL NEVER MAKE IT AS A KNIGHT!
  • Manny: *from inside the crowd* NOW YOU JUST WAIT A SECOND THERE--!
  • Whisper: *posing on the edges of the crowd* WHO DARES TO INSULT A FRIEND OF WHISPER?! HAVE AT THEE, SCOUNDREL!
  • Acorn: *a ways off from the crowd* WELL, HE'S A JERK, THAT'S FOR SURE!
  • Achaka: *drops from the Heavens with his bow drawn* STALAMA.
  • Graham: wtf

So I decided to remake some of the badges/trophies you get for achievements in KQ! I couldn’t find any large sizes of them (the biggest I found was 240x240) so I thought, why not! I remade the Whisper, Achaka, and Acorn ones. The Graham one was from an achievement you can get in Chapter 3, and I replaced a graduation hat with his adventuring cap. The Manny one I made myself, since I didn’t see any Manny badges!

They are transparent, so feel free to use them if you so wish! You just might have to resize, since they are HUGE.

Here are Rosemary and Amadeus Prower, they will also come out in my AU, their designs are from @simonsoys originally, but I change them a little, although I must thank you for making this design so great.
Well of how they occupy the history in my AU is that Amadeus is a swordsman of the guard of the king Acorn, also is friend of Chuck and Jules.
And Rosemary would be like a secretary or very close escort of Queen Aleena. That’s right, Queen Aleena will leave.