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Do you have any good Pacific Rim AU's? I live for drift compatible stucky

i doooo

In The Drift by  ACometAppears

Steve ‘Cap’ Rogers and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes are the best jaeger pilots the world has ever seen: their level of synchronisation is unmatched, and they’ve killed more kaiju than any other pair of pilots could ever dream of. But when Bucky dies in a tragic accident, Steve decides to quit his job, and leave his past behind him - that is, until ex-Russian pilot Natasha Romanoff turns up at his door, wanting him to be her new co-pilot. Can Steve enter the drift again, after losing Bucky? And what secrets are the Russians hiding from SHIELD?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve/Bucky, Pacific Rim AU.

your name in my mouth by radialarch

Five times Steve went into the drift.

We Are The Lucky Ones by distempered

The Soldiers will be drift compatible – of that, there is no question. They were bred for perfect synchronicity; two halves of one whole, one mind in two perfect bodies.But they cannot be allowed to remember.

The drift may be catastrophic.

Recently Completed WIPs, April 2016

Welcome to our monthly roundup of completed serials! Get ready to download; lots of our favorite writers have been very, very busy.

The Ghosts Of Who I Used To Be by Brenda

The Ungraceful Art of Falling by buckyfuckybarnes

Enjoy the Silence by neversaydie

Walking through Windows by untune_the_sky

Another Last Chance by eadunne2

You and a Test of Will by thepinupchemist

a marvelous gift by biblionerd07

P.S I Love You by L1av, The_Nerd_Alert

If Wishing Made It So by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)

Home Is Where The Hurt Is by vands88

Off the Leash by hjbaltimore

Super Soldiers Save the Day by girlwithaplan

Back to School by Cheetara

by foreign hands (or by familiar) by ACometAppears

How They Make You A Weapon by thelittlestpurplecat

The Place To Rest My Head by mrs_d

It’s No Coincidence by IsabellaJack

Everybody’s Watching Me by VeronicaFerCard

Flicker by Cinderstrato

Scars We Hide by Nationless

Scrubs in Love by lupus

We’re a Power Couple and Everyone Knows It (But Us) by infinityonfic, tigrlilly

Don’t Wait Up for Me by gwyneth rhys (gwyneth)

The Man From S.H.I.E.L.D by witchbarnes

Some Kind Of Madness by StarkRogers

The Troublesome Trio by spoonfulofsexy

Full Disclosure by SevereStorms, wreckingthefinite

The faults in our fists by cookie_book_took

life’s terrific thunder by cinnabonrollouis

the world no longer drowned by magdaliny

“Punk.” “Jerk.” by Sherlockd

Coming Out (Again) by AustinB

Head Full of Ghosts by Portrait_of_a_Fool

Patriotic Vice by superheroresin (must be logged in to AO3 to read)

There’s Nothing Like a Second Chance at a Broken Heart by AppleJuiz

Don’t Forget the Light by stellahibernis

Right Through Me by brazenlyunabashedlyshamelessly

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hey i love your account sm bc its helped my find all these amazing fics and i was wondering if you have any recs of steve going on tv like talk shows etc?


Starbucks Is Canon by 74days (AU)

Calling for Misters Kind and Caring by Lios (First Dates AU)

Brought to Brightness by eyres (10k, Catfish AU)

Agency by house_of_lantis (39k, Actor AU)

It’s a Strange Courage by mambo (28K, Actor AU)

Steve pissing off Fox News:

Steve Rogers: PR Disaster by @idiopath-fic-smile (4K)

5 Times Steve Rogers Pissed Off His PR Manager, and One Time He Didn’t by eden22 (3K)

Coming Out by Yevynaea (2K)

Beautiful Fraud by i_kinda_like_writing (2K)

The Price of Freedom by ACometAppears (115K)

tin soldiers by idrilka (20K)

Here are a bunch of Stucky fanfics I’ve collected!!!!! 

This City Bleeds Its Aching Heart by Renne/34,539 words

The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood

Critical Feline Mass by Kryptaria & Rayvanfox/39,536 words

Adjusting to civilian life is hard for any military veteran — especially for one ex-sniper with a cybernetic arm, a classic Harley, and friends who keep trying to ‘help.’ When Sam Wilson at the VA sends Sergeant Barnes to rent a room from the hottest guy in the DC area, Bucky thinks maybe civilian life is worth it after all. And then he finds out Captain Rogers is everything Bucky’s not: a real hero, a Medal of Honor recipient, and an all-around nice guy. Bucky doesn’t have a chance in hell with him.

Lollipops (WIP) by LeeWinchester/13,656 words

‘High school Au where bad boy Bucky begrudgingly gives up smoking so he can hang out with adorable asthmatic Steve and takes up eating lollipops instead, which really only makes Steve’s inability to catch his breath even worse.’ - murphels (tumblr).

One Shots:

You Were Standing There by Thebrotherswinchester/14,863 words (my personal favorite fan fic ever!)

Bucky accidentally breaks into the wrong house while drunk. The wrong house happens to belong to Steve Rogers.

Fireworks by ACometAppears/1,394 words

Bucky doesn’t realise it’s Steve’s birthday, at first. He wonders why he’s in the grocery store, staring at birthday cakes.

The Star-Spangled Man And The Winter Soldier’s Adventures In The Future by Carnies/1,404 words

alternately titled: a venti macchiato for the asset.

“Hey, jerk,” says the star-spangled man, dropping the soft weight of a plastic bag on the winter soldier’s lap. “Got these for you.”

The winter soldier lifts a pair of jeans. They’re dark-wash, skinny, and have a back pocket that peels away to reveal gold studs. “These are women’s jeans,” he says blankly.

“They’re stylish,” says the star-spangled man.

The Steven G. Rogers Guide to What You Missed the Last Few Years by What_Alchemy/5,195 words

Steve’s got the hang of this 21st century thing.

Deep as a secret nobody knows by This Girl Is (non_sequential) /4,286 words

To be fair, Steve is moderately drunk the first time. Not smashed, but drunk enough to make Tony and Clint’s ideas sound brilliant and hilarious.

Or: “the story where steve gets dared to call a phone sex line and of course bucky is on the other end. and then feelings happen.”

All Night by Mayalinified/5,014 words

Sam had warned him to be careful who he talked to.

“Prettyboys like you goin’ out alone on that side of town and lookin’ as sad as you are get attention from a very particular type.”

Prostitutes. He had meant prostitutes.

But Hey, You’re All Right by Beardsly/5,522 words

'This is not my fault,’ Tony lies. 'It was supposed to be a joke! Christ.’

'Thanks to your joke,’ says Coulson, 'we now have a code three-four-delta, with the variable being a Russian immigrant. We’re checking his background right now, but it might take a while. Meanwhile, I suggest you civilian-proof the Tower. If any SHIELD intelligence is compromised, I will hurt you.’

Yes, this is the story where the Winter Soldier is a Russian mail-order bride. Everything goes about as well as you’d expect.

In Winter I Get Up At Night And Dress By Yellow Candle Light by Laylee/2,218 words

Steve and Bucky spend the day naked and in bed.

The Leadership Breakfast by Victoria_P (Musesfool)/4,017 words

Steve likes Bucky more than pancakes.

Our History Is Just In Our Blood (History, Like Love, Is Never Enough) by ^^^^/4,884 words

Steve is sure the guy working the morning rush at Starbucks is Bucky. Unfortunately, the guy doesn’t seem to know that.

A Place Called Home by Renne (link above)/6,049 words

New Years Eve. Suits. Party at Stark’s place. Honesty happens.

It’s Not Home Without You by DaftPunk_DeLorean/2,886 words

When Steve shuffled down the hall in flannel pajama pants and a tank top, scrubbing his wet hair with a towel, he thought about a lot of things; his day, his search plans, how he wanted to spend the rainy evening. Mostly though, he just thought about Bucky.

What he didn’t think was that he would walk into the living room and see a pair of heavy, slate-blue eyes staring back at him.


Enjoy this REALLY long Stucky fanfiction post!!!

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could u possibly rec me some long stucky fics ??????? ive read a lot of them already but i know there's some out there i havent read yet :~(

Slow Work by lorata

devil’s gonna follow me (wherever I go) by Lyaka

your blue-eyed boys by Feather (lalaietha) (this. entire. series)

Learn How To Tell You Goodbye by torakowalski (coulson/clint, told in clint and coulson’s pov’s just in case you’re not into that)

Before the Sun Starts to Burn by didoxidate (peggy carter being a bamf, peggy/natasha included)

cards to your heart by mwildsides (quentessional coffee shop AU)

escape from new york by beardsley

180 Days and Counting by SarahNoH and the_wordbutler (expansive, delightful teacher AU. Includes practically everyone you’ve ever heard of in the Marvel universe. I highly recommend checking out the_wordbutler’s Motion Practice AU verse)

Pianissimo by Odsbodkins

strictly no hugging, no kissing by troublesteady (pushing daisies au)

Wanna Take You Home And Show You I’m the Best by Paraxdisepink (13k of bucky eating phallic food, what more can someone ask for?)

Might like Love, Mighty like Sorrow by Regann

Subjective Histories by Odsbodkins (outsider pov and it’s gorgeous)

Flying too close to the sun by viverella (flight attendent au)

Amidst the Rubble (We Can Build a Better Us) or “Five Times During Bucky’s Recovery and One Time Everything Was Pretty Okay” by EmilianaDarling (check out the series too!)

My Brother, The Hero by Odsbodkins (Rebecca Barnes POV)

Ablation by ACometAppears and ataxophilia (the daemon au)

i was found and now i don’t roam these streets by hipsterchrist (bucky bears!!)

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Hi there, I love you blog! Thank you for doing this! Do you happen to know of any new cap!steve/modern!bucky fics? At this point I've read everything in your tags and I crave mooooore :-)

Dear Anon, I have a bunch of new ones for you! And thank you for giving me a reason to go through my bookmarks, because it turns out I wasn’t subscribed to Heaven and That Other Thing, Fan the Flame, or The One-Armed Tailor, and now I have a ton of new chapters to read.  *blows kiss*

First up, there are a couple of new sequels:

Call Me (Maybe?) by euseevius, sequel to Not-quite-a-date 

“Hey,” Steve protests, and he’s smiling again now. “I like Little Mermaid!”

 “And so do I.” Bucky grins, lifting Steve’s hand and pressing a gentle kiss on the back of it. “But I’m willing to bet Captain America doesn’t.”

“Yeah, he’s probably more of an Iron Giant type of guy.”

Bucky discovers that first dates with national heroes aren’t all that nerve-wracking, if the national hero in question is a huge dork who quotes Disney movies over lunch and is willing to marathon High School Musicals on the second date. Yeah, you heard right. The second date. There will be one.

Bucky Barnes and his Big Beefy Blonde Part 2 by Kellyscams, sequel to (surprise) Bucky Barnes and his Big Beefy Blonde

Bucky Barnes once spent eight glorious, sex-filled days with the Big, Beefy, Blonde fuck of a lifetime – the recently defrosted Steve “Captain America” Rogers.

Three months later, things aren’t exactly the way Bucky imagined they’d be. This Big, Beefy, Blonde, really may have changed him forever.

Then there are a couple of older fics I’m not sure we had tagged:

live for the way that you cheer and scream for me by oh_la_fraise                

“Jesus, you’re buff.”  He snatched his hand back again, blushing.  “Christ, I can’t keep my mouth shut.  Sorry.  It’s just, you could be Cap himself with those arms.”

Aka the one where Bucky is dressed like Captain America at a Captain America convention and doesn’t realize he’s talking to Captain America.

The One-Armed Tailor by ACometAppears                

When Steve manages to wreck the first Captain America suit he got after waking up in the 21st century, he decides to go to a tailor Natasha recommends to him, to make him a new one. At least, that’s why he goes originally. He gets more than he bargained for.

Not On The Lips by bondboy68 (abandoned WIP)

“You’re paying me a thousand dollars, Steve. I don’t think you need to feel guilty about anything you do to me.”

Steve accidentally picks up a prostitute while on a week long trip to New York. He ends up paying him to stay the entire time, which proves to be a good distraction from meetings with SHIELD, Fury trying to control every aspect of his life, and Stark trying to get him to move in. But is America ready to know about this side of Cap?

On to the very-very new ones!

The way back home by silverynight (WIP)

The man smiles at him and Steve’s heart does a funny thing inside his chest. A warm shiver passes through his body. Just then he decides to look at his eyes, they’re green and bright; there’s a mesmerizing sparkle dancing in them.
And Steve feels it; it’s like a pull, something that’s dragging him close to the man.
He feels at home.
“Breathe with me,” he says and Steve does.

In which Steve meets Bucky in the 21st century and he falls really hard for him… literally.

Just to See You Smile Again by amadwinter (WIP)     

Bucky came back from Afghanistan with PTSD and a metal arm. After years of therapy, he’s finally regaining a sense of self and identity that was lost when he became a POW.

Then aliens descend upon Manhattan and Bucky is thrown back to Europe during World War II. Because why have one reality-shattering event when you can have two? But the 1940s weren’t meant to handle Bucky Barnes, and beyond the cardinal rule of time travel (you can’t go back in time and kill Hitler), there’s a few things he’s having trouble not messing up. Like Captain America’s epic romance with Peggy Carter or the whole damn timeline.

The last thing he needs is to fall in love with Steve Rogers (although Howard Stark gaining proprietary rights to the iPhone around the same time he helped split the atom was a very close second).

Close Your Eyes and Dream by die_traumerei (WIP)

Steve Rogers hooks up with this really hot mer-guy for a one-night stand. It’s all pretty much downhill falling in love and being happy from there.

(An AU with Steve Rogers as we know, love, and occasionally sigh in frustration at him, but a modern, merman Bucky Barnes.)

My Heart is the Worst Kind of Weapon by sadtrash                

Bucky got hammered and accidentally broke into Captain America’s apartment.

It’s okay though, he was looking for Sam.

Touchstone (You Lead Me Home) by portraitofemmy

Steve meets Sgt. James Barnes on his first day at SHIELD headquarters in DC.

An AU in which Steve Rogers still became Captain America and crashed his plane in the 1940s, but James Barnes wasn’t born until 40 years later. When the newly thawed Steve joins SHIELD, he meets a man who might just be able to help him understand how to not just be alive in the future, but really live in it.

Never Talk to Strangers by mambo                

Never Talk to Strangers: or; How a Forgotten Childhood Lesson Led Bucky Barnes to Appreciate Charlie Chaplin, Befriend an AI, Slip on Soap Bubbles, Be Mistaken for a Succubus, and Try to Woo a Superhero.

There was another new one that was posted and immediately deleted. Dear author, if you’re reading this, I hope you’ll repost that soon. It looked like fun!

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okay this is really specific and weird, so if u can't find anything I totally get it. so u know how in CATWS Bucky pulls Steve from the river, and CACW Steve pulls Bucky from the water, blah blah. do u have any fics of them giving each other mouth to mouth? sorry if this is super weird but I appreciate everything u do!!!

the end of all things (and the start of some) by dirtybinary

“The span of a breath,” he explains, or tries to explain, still mostly delirious in his hospital bed. “And then he was there. It was all very quick. How long is the span of a breath?”

“On average?” asks Natasha, who, as always, can be counted upon to dispense trivia like free candy. “Thirty or forty seconds. But the Guinness World Record for static apnea is upward of twenty-two minutes.”

Or seventy years, he thinks, just before he falls back asleep.

Bucky saves Steve from drowning in the Potomac. Steve relives the rescue over and over again, in dreams and flashbacks and fantasy.

I’ll Race You Home by ACometAppears (warning, major character death)

Bucky tries to save Steve from the Potomac. Steve doesn’t make it.

The Miracle of Modern First Aid by MedicBaymax

“…And one thing that had totally blown his mind during SHIELD training was the day they’d been marched into a room full of plastic torsos and told human beings could be saved from death even after their hearts had stopped beating.” Missing scene from CAC9.

waterlogged by Team_Free_Tardis_Deduction (warning, civil war spoilers)

A filler, because we all wonder what happens when the cameras are off.

Steve and Bucky take a third plunge, this time together. This time it’s Steve that drags Bucky to shore.
This time they’re almost not so lucky. ft. CPR, man tears and a HELLicopter

Part 3 of Civil War: What Is, What Was, What Could Have Been… series