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Hey! Love your Elriel writing so much!! For the drable prompt thing would you be up for either 48 or 51 for Elriel? Both of them would be so cute!!!! Keep up the amazing awesomeness!!!!! <3

48: we’ve become that clingy couple you used to complain about + 51: I’m your husband. It’s my job.

I hope you enjoy this! And thank you so much! I’m glad you think I do Elriel justice!


The airport is filled to the brim with people, but the couples and families and friends that are saying goodbye and hello are still obvious. It reminds her of that last scene in Love Actually, the one in the airport with all of the people welcoming each other home - the one that always makes her cry like a baby.

It’s sort of what she feels like doing now.

Azriel stands next to her, one hand on the sleek black suitcase and the other playing with her hair as she leans into his side. It’s always felt right, leaning into him, like finding the perfect puzzle piece. Her head rests on his shoulder as she watches the crowds mill around. If she’s perfectly honest, she’d be content with just staying here for a little while longer: wrapped in Azriel’s embrace and enjoying the warmth that comes with his affection. But then the sign announces that he can now drop off his suitcase - and it means that Elain is going to have to say goodbye.

Not for forever, but it will feel like too long by the time he comes home.

He’s not even going that far. There’s a business conference in Paris that he has to attend in place of Rhys, who is busy taking time out to spend a well deserved holiday in his parents’ townhouse with Feyre and the new addition to their family: Isla. She’s happy for them, she truly is, but it also means she’s going to lose Azriel for a little while.

Elain has never been an incredibly needy person. Sure, she heavily relied on Feyre in their time of poverty - which she regrets every day - but she has never required constant attention to survive like so many others she knows. Perhaps marriage can change that about a person, especially when they’re so in love it can hurt to breath sometimes.

“Promise you’ll be back in a week. No extensions, no delayed flights.”

“Elain, I can’t exactly help delayed flights.” Az snorts, though he presses a soft kiss to her temple and murmurs into her hair, “but I promise I won’t be staying longer than I need to. It’s only a week, you’ll be fine.”

“I know, but it’s the first time we’ve spent any proper time away since we got married.” Elain mutters in return, tilting her head so that she can meet his gaze. Her teeth nibble at her bottom lip - and Azriel instinctively pulls her lip away from her teeth with his thumb. He always tells her it’s a bad habit. She always ignores him. After a moment of silence, of simply looking into each other’s eyes and contemplating the week ahead, Azriel dips his head and places his lips over her own. Azriel’s kisses have always felt like an embrace. Even when they’re more passionate, primal, uncontrolled, Elain finds comfort and security. His fingers dust across her cheek before cupping her face and tilting her head to deepen the kiss. He only pulls away when he knows she’ll be breathless. But she was breathless from the start, anyway.

“I’ve got to go now, okay?” A lock of hair is tucked behind her ear and another kiss is pressed to her forehead before he slowly pulls away. There’s a tiny amount of space, but it already feels like a gaping hole. “I love you, El.”

“I love you too.”

And then he’s walking away, and Elain almost forgets how to breathe.

He’s almost at the queue when Elain begins to run towards him, twisting and tilting as she avoids rolling suitcases and rushing people.

“Wait! Az!”

He turns just in time to catch her.

Elain’s legs wrap around his waist and her head immediately comes to bury in the crook of his neck. His warmth feels like a safety blanket. It always has done.

“You know,” he begins, his breathy laugh fluttering the fine hairs by her ear. “We’ve become that clingy couple you used to complain about.” The smile that stretches her cheeks is automatic, and she can’t help but press a quick kiss to the soft skin of his neck before pulling away to see his expression clearly. His thumbs run soothingly across the back of her thighs, and it still amazes her how he doesn’t even seem to tremble when he holds her weight.

“I know, but I’m happy, so who cares what others think.” There’s another moment of content silence before Elain presses her lips to his, quickly, softly. “I’m going to miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you too.”

“Even when you’re in beautiful Paris surrounded by beautiful women and stunning scenery and expensive cakes?”

“Yes, Elain.” He laughs again. “Even then. I’m your husband. It’s my job to miss you - and to show you just exactly how much I missed you when I get home.”

“Does that mean-?”


“Disney marathon?”

“Any movies you like.”

Elain grins as Azriel sets her back down on the floor softly and presses one last kiss to the corner of her lips. This time, she lets him leave without running into his arms again. After all, he’ll be back in a week, and then she’ll be able to fulfil her job as his wife and show him just how much she missed him.

Nothing can replace the absolute horror of scrolling down the tag of a book you’ve recently started reading and facing a major spoiler


@faenet event: antagonists // Nesta and Elain Archeron

Says he made the big mistake of dancing in my storm
Says it was poison
So I guess I’ll go home
Into the arms of the girl that I love
The only love I haven’t screwed up

nessian: autumn bookshops

the proud girl was hiding behind one of the twenty seven bookshelves of the velarian town bookshop. she tried not to sigh or think of the man she was hiding from. 

he was browsing the ancient warfare textbooks on shelf twenty nine, rather casually, when nesta caught sight of him. how could she not recognise his firm, muscular figure that made the local fae swoon when he walked by, the carelessly tied bun on his head and the effortless style of his clothes. how couldn’t she? it’s not her fault that he… attracted her so much.

nesta furtively studied him, every inch of him, before he left the bookshop, leaving her for a very long time. 

she rarely saw him now, or any of them. it’s not her fault that everyone gave up on her after the war. she hated to admit that she suffered, badly, for a whole year from the memories of the war. 

but for now, nesta was fine. alone. after her embarrassingly atrocious arrival and early leave of feyre’s birthday, she hoped that one by one, her family will come back to convince her to open up. 

but they didn’t. feyre was apparently trying for a child. elain was torn between two powerful males. and she? nowhere in her life. 

even cassian gave up on her. cassian, of all people. had he…? the eldest archeron quickly ushered away the thought of him forgetting about her. she despised such thoughts. but didn’t quite know why.

she still didn’t know why when he walked out the bookshop, like any other customer. 

she didn’t even know why she cried after that. 

Azriel : *is watching Elain read a book*

Az: Whatcha reading El?

Elain: A Mist Filled Night. It’s a romance.

Az: Cool, maybe I’ll read it too then.

Elain: :)

Cassian: *Is spying near by*

Cassian: *Walks up to Nesta who is also reading a book*

Cassian: Whatcha reading Nes?

Nesta: None if your business.

Cassian: Cool maybe I’ll read it too. :)




Cassian: …wait

Cassian approaching human Nesta

*right after first meeting with the queens in acomaf*

Cassian: hey r u interested in a badass, 6’3, funny fae that might or not be the funniest person in prythian? *winks*

Nesta: I hate faeries! Go away before I kick you OUT of my house!!

Cassian: *tries to hide ears behind head* wha.. wha.. i meant BAE, pshhhh I also HATE faes!

Azriel: *in the shadows* ok i’m hurt


And here they all are!  The completed trilogy + the novelette.  These were so much fun to do and I’m thrilled with how they all turned out!  If you’re interested at all in how I went about defacing these books, follow the links below to view the timelapsed process for each book.  I’ve been absolutely blown away by the wonderful feedback I’ve received after defacing each book, it has absolutely warmed my heart, so thank you!!  As always, if you have any questions regarding materials or methods I use for defacing, feel free to shoot me a message.  And if you’re at all interested in me making a companion video to go with the timelapses in order to give a more detailed explanation as to how I did these covers, then let me know!!

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