tutto ciò che posso dirti è che queste braccia sono state create per stringerti
—  Black-is-acolor
Meet the Parkies

by Steven Ebalobor

At the end of a long, winding road on the outskirts of theUC Santa Cruz campus lies Leonard Lane, an on-campus community that houses acolorful band of undergraduate Banana Slugs. Leonard Lane is not your typical on-campus housing community. It is a camper park hidden in the midst of an expansive redwood forest, where 42 trailers and motorhomes, embellished with artwork, sculptures, antiques, and heirlooms, seamlessly coexist with an infinite number of beautiful redwoods. The trailer park came into existence in the early 1980s as a result of a housing shortage for UC Santa Cruz students, and it has remained an everlasting aspect of the culture of UCSC ever since.

The residents here are known as “Parkies” and they are the modern day incarnation of the counterculturalist hippies of the 1960s. These free spirited Banana Slugs exhibit a surreal sense of community togetherness running the neighborhood like a co-op rather than a dormitory. They have community potlucks twice a week and they share a single restroom facility and kitchen for all the residents.  It is not uncommon to find these Parkies having impromptu jam sessions with someone banging away on an outdoor drum set, while others show off their unique dance moves, gyrating their unclothed bodies and waving their hands through the cool Santa Cruzan breeze. 

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ci sarà qualcuno disposto a mandarmo un pezzo di carta con scritto ‘ti voglio bene’ ?
—  Black-is-acolor