Magical Night || St. Berry

Rachel had been planning something big since Jesse’s confession about missing out on prom. She had something in mind that she was sure would be adorable and give him a memorable night. She had gotten up early and slipped out the apartment to do some shopping. They were in the middle of packing but Rachel thought that a night off was just what they needed. Jesse had done so much for her lately, especially with getting her the kitten and for once, Rachel wanted to do something for her fiancé. She felt like she didn’t do nearly enough. Rachel stashed away the stuff she had bought and tried to figure out when she was going to have to kick Jesse out of the house. 

The day progressed like normal. Rachel tried really hard to pretend to be normal. She was terrible at keeping secrets from Jesse but she was bound to not spoil this one for him. She looked at the clock and figured that now was the best time to put the rest of her plan into action. “Hey babe.” she called out as she carried the new kitten into the living room. “I have a favor to ask. Do you think you can run to the house and pick up something for me? I need it for tomorrow and I didn’t realize I already packed it. And I need you to run and pick me up some stuff from the store that’s on my list.” 


When the days turn into nights and the wants turn into needs, that’s when I think of you the most. That’s when I drive myself crazy imagining the way your arms might feel wrapped around me. The way you might look at me if our noses were pressed together, so close that any closer would be kissing. I crave to understand your hopes and dreams and vow to myself to help you accomplish them. I want you to know mine too. 

I want you to be here. Not in some fancy hotel ballroom dancing with a girl who we both know is all sorts of wrong for you. And I know you’re just friends and you just went as friends. But she gets to see you in a tux, smiling that beautiful smile. She gets to see your awkward dance moves and laugh at how ridiculous you look. She gets to sleep in your bed and she gets to be a little piece of you, if only just for the weekend. And it kills me. 

What I’m Listening To: You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift 

Ciao I.
So che ti ho scritto solo ieri, ma non resisto più.
Ho scritto il tuo nome su un foglio a cui ho dato, in seguito, fuoco, sperando che così muoia anche il tuo ricordo.
Ma nulla, non ha funzionato.
La cenere sfrigolava ancora, quando una folata di vento la scombinò tutta. Rimasi lì, impietrita, a fissare il vuoto e piangendo. Tutte le lacrime urlavano qualcosa, una promessa, forse, o vendetta, chissà.
Nella doccia oggi ti ho pensato per sbaglio e ho pianto ancora, odiandomi per esserci cascata.
I fiori non hanno più quei bei colori di prima.
Sanguinano, i papaveri.
I petali rossi sbiadiscono e sanguinano, a causa di ciò che rappresentano: sogni.
Sogni, illusioni, rappresentano ciò che ci uccide.
Ho colto un papavero.
Mi sono guardata dentro.
Sanguinavo anche io.
Siamo morti dissanguati, io e il papavero.
Non ho lottato per salvarlo, per salvarci.
Siamo morti, così come ci si ritrova a sognare.
—  @tempestanotturnadicaosinfinito