Eva Visits Neil's Place for the First Time - a fanfic

Reluctantly, her stomach churning with dread and chagrin, Eva labored up the steps to number 29, lugging a giant suitcase behind her - a loud clunk on every step.

It was her first time here, and she had to admit - it was a surprisingly nice neighborhood. She didn’t think quaint townhouses and cul de sacs would suit him. But then again, she had to remind herself, she could never assume she knew everything about him - despite being acquainted for nearly half their lives.

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5 years English Major with Professional Writing Minor, Creative Emphasis.  2 Years post grad fiction and poetry lectures, seminars…responding to writing prompts.  Acolades from professors, editors, peers.  And I do this to amuse my tired Self.

black people are not clueless, when you code switch and say ““Black lives, of course, matter, I spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights and dignity, but if you don’t want me to be here, that’s O.K. I don’t want to out-scream people.” we hear “yes your lives matter.. but sike not really enough to stop me from talking about my special white acolades within civil rights movements and how much more ive been dealing with this than you my voice is more important and i cant sit here and be forced to lisen to these black people problems”. and if you think for one second that this attitude towards black people wont transfer over to policy you wrong af. black folks are tired of being lied to and we needa know from the get if they really fuck with us or just sayin shit for votes.

Congratulations to Katie Cassidy

Like most Laurel fans, I was surprised and pissed off when I found out she was  back in LA after two days of filming. I thought it was going to be a repeat of her cameos in episode 19 and 20, and I am still bummed about the infamous blackboard picture and the lack of teases for her season 4 storyline. So it was not surprising that I thought she was done filming and was like “Yeah, I am definitely dropping Arrow. I got better things to do with my Wednesdays anyway”. Turns out it was me being paranoid and jumping into conclusions. She was in LA because she was receiving the Prism Awards for her accurate portrayal of a woman struggling with alcoholism and addiction in season 2. Words cannot convey how happy I am for her, and how proud I am to be a fan of hers.

I remember how painful it must have been for her when this storyline was going on. She was body shamed, she was called ugly and anorexic, she was called the weak link in an otherwise “great” show, her acting skills were called into question, some fans wanted other characters to permanently take her role as Black Canary and the Arrow’s love interest respectively so she could get killed off. Come to think of it, I sometimes think this storyline is responsible for her marginalization (She may be the second billed actor but TPTB stopped treating her that way). While alcoholism and addiction is not part of my experience, I cannot imagine it being an easy thing to deal with, whether it is the addict themselves, or their friends and family, so the difficulty was conveyed very well. The fact that a lot of arrowheads commented on her body shows how dedicated she was in order to look the part. I also like the fact that in spite of her sobriety, she still conveys her past addictions as an ongoing struggle. Therefore, it is extremely satisfying to see her recognized for her hard work, even though it must not have been easy getting all the grief or having to lose so much weight. I hope there are more awards and acolades in her future cause even if the fan base does not consider her “popular” or “likeable” (whatever that means), I think her character has a lot of substance and I hope the writers would give her the room to grow closer to the Dinah we know from the comics.

So congratulations again, Ms. Cassidy, she worked hard in embodying a woman dealing with addiction and depression, and is more patient than I will ever be.

P.S: To the detractors who took this event as yet another opportunity to bash or discredit her, thanks for the laughs. You never disappoint. It does not matter what KC says, it does not matter what KC does, you people will always find a way to show your lack of class, intelligence and sound mind to the rest of the world. Lucky for us and her, she will continue to rise above your stupidity and immaturity, and move on to greater things, while you act like overgrown teenagers because of a ship.