Now featuring a brand new cover, here’s the January 2014 update to the Animal Crossing notebook!

A new dream address, and new long term goals have been added! Coffee orders for villagers who have sadly moved away have been crossed out… Haven’t yet found out the coffee orders for my new villagers, that will be coming shortly! 

Finally, February-July 2014 event’s calendar has been updated. 
Note: this events cal is correct for UK players only

New and improved map for my Animal Crossing notebook!

Recently I decided to erase all of my paths and go au naturale. So far it’s working well, even if it means losing a little bit of structure to the town. 

I’ve added in the new public works projects as well as the new villagers! Briefly toyed with the idea of adding names to the houses, but I feel it’d get too cluttered. 

Updating some of the other pages now, I hope you guys likey :)

Planning big new updates to my Animal Crossing Notebook

For those of you who may have seen my notebook, I thought you all may be interested in a big big update that’s coming soon!

New pages will incluuude:

  • pictures and price of noteworthy bugs/fish/mushrooms/fruit
  • drawings of my villagers!
  • new favourite dream towns (this one might take a while, need to do some exploring first! If you’d like me to dream about your town, drop your dream code in my ask box!)
  • a page to explain turnip trends