so the fronds have been spammed enough with this i figure id turn to the rest of you. :o
working on jades acnl room and im stuck. looking for ideas of more items to add (it has one more size upgrade from this to go) that can be connected to her character or referenced from the comic. both alpha and beta timelines are free game!

currently i have:
pumpkin head (what pumpkin?)
watering can/sunflowers (gardening)
letter set (penpal letters)
double neck guitar
fireplace (from the grandpa strife)
festive tree (kringlefucker)
hologram (gp’s blue ladies and/or the transporters)
froggy chair
post office poster (animal/furry posters)
science table, machines, microscope (science/robotics)
doghouse and microwave (bec and his irradiated steaks)