itshansolbitch asked:

I don't mind you talking about your pet, it's so cuuuute *ω* I always wanted an iguana, but my mother doesn't like any reptiles QwQ Please tell me mooooore c:

Awww thanks! I really wish she was in better shape, she’s adorable, but her scales should be shinier/brighter. When I got my previous iguana, as a baby, she was in super perfect health. I hope Géraldine will get healthier soon. ;__;

Iguanas make great, rewarding pets, but they get HUGE and can actually be very dangerous if they become aggressive (commonly a problem with males in season, they try to mate with their female owner and show dominance over guys in the house). You have to have a lot of space, time, money, and know what you’re doing to provide proper care for one. If your mother isn’t fond of reptiles, perhaps getting a smaller lizard would get her accustomed to them. :3 But, of course, iguanas are much more impressive and it’s so fun to have a big pet lizard… and it’s great because iguanas are vegetarians. That doesn’t make them any less expensive to feed when they grow older because they eat like ogres, lol, but it’s better than lizards who eat insects because crickets are noisy, smell bad, and they bite. :(

I hope you can get an iguana one day! :3 They’re adorable, intelligent (they recognize their name and can be potty trained), and super interesting. My mother wasn’t too thrilled about me getting Ginette years ago, but she grew really fond of her over time and she’s happy we have a new pet iguana now. ^__^