🌲🌈LGBT+ Animal Crossing Canvases, Clothes and Umbrellas 🌈🌲

Made all these designs a while ago for my LGBT+ Café on ACHHD and I thought that it’d be cool to post the QR’s so that others can use them too! I couldn’t get all of them here so I’ll post them next!

These aren’t pro designs meaning that you can use them as a canvas on your wall, T-shirt’s and even umbrellas! 😁

Please do leave my caption if you Reblog and credit me on other sites if you do use and share them! It’s more because I’d love to see you guys using my work! 😊

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Back in the fall I got super inspired by this outfit from @cosmashanti​ (the outfit link goes to a reblog on my main blog because the original post has been deleted) and decided I needed to recreate it for my mayor! And then when I was done I realized it was October and my mayor would freeze in the short sleeves… so I made a long-sleeved version to match!

Mairin likes to wear this dress with the star hairpin, black tights, yellow buckled shoes, and heart i. balloon - but it goes well with a pretty wide variety of items~

If there’s a wide enough demand for it, I might try to make a matching umbrella pattern… (or I might just make one either way because I want it) And if anyone wants a darker skintone edit just let me know & I’ll hook you up!

Tile Shelf Tutorial

Start with a white canvas, then add some darker squares

use a color in between the two to create some depth

I do a single line on the bottom of the squares, with two on all the others

now, Add some stuff!!

like a stack of plates

or some books

how about a simple jar?

use a slightly darker outside and a stripe of lighter color to create a round depth to the jar.

how about a plant?

or a teacup?

teacups require a bit more depth and shading since they have more angles.

or a plant IN a teacup?

it’s a small plant, but it’ll grow fast if you want it to

by putting parts of the plant in front of the white space, it makes it have even more depth, as well as adding different colors for the vine vs the leaf

now, all you have to do is put whatever you want in the boxes and ta-da you have a shelf!