The Mayor promise

• I will never run in your town
• I will never steal your flowers, pluck your weeds, or shake your trees
• I will always stay on your paths
• if we’re doing a trade, I will do/go exactly what was agreed upon and nothing/nowhere else
• after the trade I will always go straight to the train station and go home unless you end the session
• I will never dig up anything buried
• I will always be respectful of your town and its residents
• if I’m following you and I get lost, I will wait for you to come back and direct me again
• I will not pick anything up unless it is part of our trade
• I will never walk through your flowers, and if I do by accident, I will turn around and find another way
• I will not buy anything from Main Street unless I have permission
• your town is yours, and I will never do anything I wouldn’t want done in my own town

I promise to abide by these always, and forever
—Fellow AC mayor

🌙Mayor Bramble’s Spring Ref!🌙

✨loves people
✨but is super shy
✨reads a ton
✨loves to sew (she’s the designer)
✨lots of freckles and moles*
✨stormy blue eyes
✨smol ears

✨dark purple grid shirt with moon and star pins
✨peter pan collar
✨lavender skirt
✨lace socks
✨yellow buckled shoes
✨braided qr with added moon and star pins
✨short bobbed hair
✨bandages (of course, star patterned*)

*not really in game