Dream Diary No. 21
Second entry into the horror/spoopy/Halloween theme up until Halloween, I was very thrilled to go visit @espeon-krossing‘s town of Merville [4C00-0024-7D59], that I wanted to go dream of since quite a while already !!

please note that I know witches does exist, and is more than a trend for some people but I decided to still include it into this little “Halloween DA’s” because it is still quite common for people to dress as a witch still, and well, it’s not because it’s halloween that we always need to see some gory and horrific things ~ we can still have some cuteness ! :) 

Where will I go next? If you know any DA’s following this theme feel free to send them my way ! the more I have, the more I can visit :3


Aerith’s Dream Diary 🍑

Entry 52: Anthemly/ 6D00-0031-2515/ @anthemlycrossing

I thoroughly enjoyed my dream of Anthemly. Everything felt so cozy. I loved the greenery, the paths, the interiors, even the time of day. It was so well put together. I hope others dream of this town too!

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Dream Journal #5

Cinder by @mayumi-chan

DA:  5D00 - 0044 - 3006

A beautiful plant-filled town for the nature enthusiast in all of us~* The placement of the trees, bushes, etc = absolutely stunning!