I’m sorry guys I just realized the text is very small and hard to read! Anyways..I’m opening chibi commissions!

  •  8USD per character
  •  4USD per animal villager 
  • doesn’t have to be acnl related
  • can be any OC
  • no mecha,old people or furries
  • no NSFW
  • only paypal accepted

If interested please message me here,not my acnl blog (mooncakecrossing) or send your request through the submit button!

Fill in this form when you request a commission:

  • Number of characters:
  • Reference: ( a clear image of who you want me to draw)
  • Details: (expression,pose,other details)

Feel free to send me a message if you’re interested in a non chibi commission! Info can be found here

Signal boosting would be appreciated! ^^