Arxiu d’ombres. Bodegó #112

© Toni Catany (1942-2013)

Toni Catany was not only a great photographer, but also a very good friend. He suddenly passed away 2 years ago, and we still miss him a lot. We feel lucky to have had him as a friend, mentor and to have worked with him.

Yesterday, on Spanish national TV it was aired a documentary produced by “La Periferica” about Tony Catany and his work that we would like to share with you.

If you watch it, you will learn two things: one is the influence Toni had on the photographer Masao Yamamoto ( he says so in the video ) and you’ll see us making Toni’s platinum print that you can see above. 



Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag - True Golden Age of Pirates Trailer

What do you think?

November 10th 2014; ONE MORE DAY TO REVOLUTION

I couldn’t help it, I thought we needed more Les Mis/AC Unity. But, I am also so excited for the the release I’m losing my mind. Oh, and AC Rogue comes out too, there’s that too.

Oh, I almost forgot, edit is my own, but the original image is from

Albarrán Cabrera

Amsterdam, 2015.

We are back from Unseen photo fair 2015. It has been a great success for us. Beyond any of our espectations. 

We are very happy and very grateful: with our gallery who believed in our work, all of those who visited us, the nice people who bought our work, and the fantastic staff of the fair. Without forgetting everybody who supported us via email or tumblr.

We are now full of energy to continue working in new series.
Thank you all!

You can look to the booth here in Artsy. (Very nice guys too, by the way).

Albarrán Cabrera

We are happy and proud of have been published in Tutto Arabi Magazine with a really nice article about our work in his LLL section. You can download the high resolution PDF with the article here:

We hope that you like it as much as we do.


Images from Keiichi Tahara, Mimmo Jodice and Bernard Plossu.

Albarrán Cabrera

We are proud to have an exhibition of “The Mouth of Krishna” in the fantastic city of Beirut inside the festival Photomed Beyrouth 2015.

We will participate in the festival together with photographers that we admire very much as Mimmo Jodice, Bernard Plossu, or Keiichi Tahara.

In fact, we are sharing the exhibition space with one of them: Keiichi Tahara. Looking forward to meeting him in person in Lebanon next week!


Albarrán Cabrera

Testing the last revision of platinum paper from Capellades Mill.

Platinum printmakers know how difficult is to find a paper suitable for the platinum/palladium process. So when we had the opportunity to collaborate with Capellades Mill to create a new one, we didn’t hesitate to help them.

We have been working together for more than one year to make this hand-made paper perfect for this process. Thanks to the long fibres and particular absorption, this paper is also suitable for inkjet printing, engraving… 

We wish them a great success!

“While Assassin’s Creed 3 season pass holders have towait two weeks for the first episode of The Tyranny of King Washington to drop on February 19, Ubisoft has finally announced the launch dates for the follow-ups. The second episode, titled The Betrayal, and third episode, called The Redemption, will be available for download on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC on March 19 and April 23, respectively.”

More info here.
Memories for Keepsake: You - in Angel Albarran's and Anna Cabrera's Project - Bird In Flight

A box of underexposed negatives inspired Angel and Anna to create a photo project that explores a connection between photography and memories.

Albarrán Cabrera
“This is you”

Nice article about our work “This is you” written by Ira Veles in the magazine Bird in Flight
Unterbelichtete Familienfotos als Symbol unserer Erinnerung › kwerfeldein - Fotografie Magazin | Fotocommunity

Aus alten, im Müll gefundenen Familienfotos entsteht eine Serie über unsere Sicht auf die Vergangenheit

Albarrán Cabrera
“This is you”

Nice article about our work “This is you” written by Chris Hieronimus in the German magazine