Back to being healthy

I’m finally back! I’ve missed writing in my blog and tracking my progress. But I’m feeling a lot better and ready to get back at it!

While I was sick I still made sure I took my supplements and ate healthy. I couldn’t get much food down but I had homemade chicken soup and for carbs I did have a flat bagel with butter ad some pretzels. That was pretty much my diet for 3 days but when you have the flu it’s hard to eat. The supplements I took were while sick were:

Fiber powder
Acnetame - I was breaking out from being sick so this really helped my skin stay dry and clear
Addrena - this supplement helped me stay focused the last 2 days I was sick so I got some work done while in bed
Vitamin C
Vitamin D

Supplements are not there to do all the work but to help with your progress! Remember that! You need to have a clean diet and work out hard. Any questions on the supplements I take send me a message!