Thank you for following us! ♥ Here are the gifts! We did some in a hurry because real life is very race, but made with love and hope you like it. We also want to thank the original creators of the meshes for your wonderful work! The merit and the claims are all of them! 

Some 3t2 conversions and recolors: (sorry no preview :( delete what you don’t want in CAS or bodyshop)

- Simsimi Natural Fit Long Pants with Semller Acne Lark or Adidas Superstar: original mesh pants by Simsimi, original mesh shoes by Semller (note: adidas converted by Eirsims). 3 colors each. Texture by Simsimi and Semller.

- Simsimi W Boxy Crop Shirt: original mesh by Simsimi. 3 colors icluded. Texture by Simsimi.

- Pixicat Skater Skirt with Gladiator sandals or Semller Acne Lark: original mesh skirt and sandals by Pixicat and shoes by Semller. 2 colors included. Textures by Pixicat and Semller. Texture socks by Simsimi.

- Loubelle Sims Crew Neck Sweater: original mesh  by Loubelle Sims. 5 colors included. Textures by Loubelle Sims and Always Sims.

- 3 recolors of Delta Crop Top 3t2 by SpaceHatter. Texture by Always Sims.

It’s all separated in folder.

I think It’s all and we not forget mention nothing.


Date Night

Keeping it cool and casual in this satin two piece. LeighLoves how effective it can be to wear a pair of statement heels with a simple but stylish outfit.
I love that in this outfit the shoes do the talking.
Every woman should own at least one pair of statement shoes that can set off any outfit!

Top- Asos
Jacket- Acne
Skirt- Acne
Shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti
Clutch- Lulu Guinness

Reconsider The Awe

When I think about high school, I think about mostly nothing. While my time wearing braces and polos was no doubt an enlightening intellectual time for me, I often feel like the lessons I learned there were transitory and forgettable: remember your gym clothes, don’t get the cafeteria pizza, cover your textbooks.

Maybe the seeds were planted for real lessons: books > boys, don’t dry hump too much, lay off the blue eyeshadow, find what you love and do it. But nothing much came to bloom in high school, besides acne.

When I think about lessons, I do not think about high school. Still, whenever September rolls around, I feel both relief and slight envy that I am no longer in school. I usually buy pants and pencils, which dulls the pain enough, and then I do adult things like drink whiskey and not schnapps, which dulls the pain considerably. Then, the waxing nostalgic happens, and I’m thinking about 16 years old. Worthy enough, if only for the memories.

For somebody who hated high school, there’s not much to wax. Except how good it felt leaving it, how good it felt senior year knowing I’d toss that shit behind and shoot forward, how good it felt to have everything, right there in front of you. Ah, the goddamn awe of it. In a roundabout way, we’ve reached the lesson. Perhaps the only thing I took from high school, and, of course, promptly lost somewhere along the way.

It’s not even a lesson, really. It’s a memory of a feeling, and one I haven’t felt for a long time:

Reconsider the Awe.

I remember being in high school enough to remember feeling absolutely fucking awed at absolutely everything. When a boy touched my hand, sparks flew out of it. When I stayed out late at a diner and ate egg whites and soggy bacon with friends who didn’t even like me that much, I felt electric and almost wild. When I stood at graduation in front of 300 bored parents, I felt like the entire world was floating above my head, ready for me to grasp. When I heard a fucking SONG I liked—revolution. When I got a haircut–new leaves turned, new opportunities abound.

This feeling has lessened so much, and replaced with–this egg sandwich is okay, I guess this sunset is nice, the date was okay, the new job is nice but hard. We censor our emotions because we know that life sucks and everything ends, and we’re trying not to get hurt along the way. It happens when you reach the real stuff, and the real stuff hardens your nails, heart, and head.

And today, I ask you to reconsider the awe anyway. To throw some cynicism aside. To feel shit wholly and gigantic, to appreciate things large and small and be wild over them. Get giddy with it: the fall leaves, a good hug, some new outfit, a good bite of pizza, a friend, a kiss. Get fuckin awed with it.

Why? I don’t know. Because phases of our life die so quickly. Because things end so rapidly and all we have are the emotions leftover from them. Because we get hard, and we forget, and because of those things, we lose the awe of it. But if we could hold onto at least a little, we can grasp at things fully before they are gone. And if I could close my eyes and see high school, I see: acne, denim skirts, and awe. Not much, but something.

I almost miss it. I’m gonna try it—I’m rusty, but I’ll see how it goes. If anything, it’ll fade faster than curfews, than drugstore black eyeliner in your water rim, than concert ticket stubs you thought you’d never throw out and do. But maybe one day you’ll stand on some street corner like 300 bored parents are flapping their pamphlets at you, waiting for the ceremony to end. And you’ll feel alive. There: you grab the world above your head, you pay for your coffee, and you move on.

That could be enough.

  • Me: I blow dried my hair today and it looks really good if u want me to come in to the agency and do digitals...? (said while wearing a Peter Pan collared blouse, pantyhose, pencil skirt and Acne boots)
  • Agency: Actually the light is gone, so it will have to be another day...
  • Me: ohh. (leaves for castings in black jeans, sweatshirt and flat shoes)