Thank you for following us! ♥ Here are the gifts! We did some in a hurry because real life is very race, but made with love and hope you like it. We also want to thank the original creators of the meshes for your wonderful work! The merit and the claims are all of them! 

Some 3t2 conversions and recolors: (sorry no preview :( delete what you don’t want in CAS or bodyshop)

- Simsimi Natural Fit Long Pants with Semller Acne Lark or Adidas Superstar: original mesh pants by Simsimi, original mesh shoes by Semller (note: adidas converted by Eirsims). 3 colors each. Texture by Simsimi and Semller.

- Simsimi W Boxy Crop Shirt: original mesh by Simsimi. 3 colors icluded. Texture by Simsimi.

- Pixicat Skater Skirt with Gladiator sandals or Semller Acne Lark: original mesh skirt and sandals by Pixicat and shoes by Semller. 2 colors included. Textures by Pixicat and Semller. Texture socks by Simsimi.

- Loubelle Sims Crew Neck Sweater: original mesh  by Loubelle Sims. 5 colors included. Textures by Loubelle Sims and Always Sims.

- 3 recolors of Delta Crop Top 3t2 by SpaceHatter. Texture by Always Sims.

It’s all separated in folder.

I think It’s all and we not forget mention nothing.