To my friends who lost their self confidence because of acne:

I know exactly what it feels and it’s the absolute worst feeling in the world. It’s when someone asks if they could take a picture with you but you make every damn silly excuses so you can’t be in the photo because your face is basically 95% acne. It’s when you go to a comfort room and you make all the effort to avoid looking at yourself in the mirror. It gets even harder when the mirror is right in front of you while you wash your hand. There are times when you feel like looking at yourself in the mirror inside the public bathroom so you wait until there’s no one inside but you quickly shy away when someone uses the mirror and they look decent than you are. I absolutely know the feeling of avoiding mirrors at all cost. You feel a little better about yourself when you don’t see what you look like and mirror is just a basic reminder that you look like shit and you don’t want to be reminded of that every second of your breathing life so if you can avoid mirrors, you will. I also know that life feels unbearably longer when you’re dealing with acne. Every morning before washing your face with tons of chemicals there is in the market, you kinda hope that it’s gotten better and that these creams you put on your face are actually finally working. But then it hits you, right when you touch your face and all the bumps are still there, with even more of them. Yet another failed attempt of clearing acne, so you resort to just try and peptalk yourself. There are also days you spend mindlessly looking at your acne in the mirror for hours. You touch them and pop them and imagining yourself without them covering almost half of your face. You couldn’t remember anymore how you looked without them but you know that it must have been really nice to not care about your skin and not get acne. I know you miss that. I do to. Everyday I miss myself without acne. I also know you would do anything to clear up your acne. I would to, even if it meant drinking whatever oral drugs with serious side effects, Im willing to take that risk to get cleared up. I know you are suffering like I am also. I know it will take a long time before we can rebuild our self confidence. For now, I wish us happy and positive thoughts. We need a lot of that in fighting this battle with acne. Let us always keep our hopes us because we will live another day!