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if your skin problems/conditions are so extreme that essential oils aren’t an option, that’s okay!!!

if your skin problems are so extreme that you can’t use cutesy little products, you use medical-looking ones, that’s okay!!!

if your skin problems are so extreme that trendy face masks don’t do a thing, that’s okay!!!

if your skin problems persistent, extreme, and even annoying, that’s okay and you are beautiful!!!


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// rosehip oil //

This serum changed my skin.

I had combination skin - super oily, so I washed it twice a day, but washing it would create dry patches that would become super irritated.

Buying this changed everything! I use four drops every morning that I work into my skin after washing my face. My face feels firmer, looks brighter, and seems more elastic. Now I can wash my face twice and I ~never~ have dry patches! It has also reduced my red patches I sometimes get on my skin.

It blows my mind that I don’t have combination skin anymore. My skin feels amazing all day, and it’s made me feel so much more confident. For $10, it’s definitely affordable as well.

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Witch Tip

Want to get rid of acne? After washing your face with a gentle soap and water, rub a small amount of tea tree oil over the area in a counter-clockwise motion. Tea tree oil is a cleansing oil(both physically and metaphysically), and also has witchy correspondences with purification. As well, counter-clockwise movements correspond with(among other things) decreasing(in this case, decreasing acne). Also if you tend to have dry skin, make sure to put a bit of moisturizer on afterwards as well!

((Fun fact: Tea tree oil also has correspondences with strength and harmony))

On a lighter note @ the folks who recommended Retinol cream for the horroracne on my chin – it seems to be working!! You’re life savers  😭 

What I’m also finding super helpful is hydrocolloid bandages – they make them for blisters but people have caught on to them working for deep, blind pimples and cysty-type things as well. They’re more gel-like than normal bandaids and end up basically suctioning all the ooze out with the magic of moisture.

You should be able to find them in the drug store along other bandaids for a reasonable price, they look like this:


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these saved my life so i must share !
I have really sensitive skin and pcos so no matter if i didnt deviate from my skin care routine at all, i would still breakout randomly and i’m really sensitive to dairy so i breakout anytime i have the slightest bit of cheese or a bowl of cereal.
These plants aren’t usually used in american skincare so if you think you’ve tried everything but nothing works, try these!!! Neem has been used for centuries for skin problems and its!! a life saver!!!
They’re all natural (which i usually opt for because my skin is really sensitive and i just don’t like risking it bc if i react to a product badly it’s Hell and also u kno like. the environment or w/e), and contain tulsi/neem, kaolin, fuller’s earth, and calamine n thats it! u just mix the powder with a little water and use it as a mask! it healed my skin and also just leaves u with a fresh clean feeling.
These are only $4 at most indian grocery stores or on amazon (search ayur face pack) ! Which is the best part ! Because we all know obviously good skincare products out there exist but $$$ :/ These are really affordable, the best thing i ever put on my skin, and last you a long time.
The neem one is better if you have a lot of large cystic acne and oily skin, because for me it does dry out your skin a little bit so make sure to moisturize. I usually only put it on problem areas. The tulsi one is good if you have more manageable acne or combination/dry skin.