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Hi could you please recommend some exfoliants for acne prone/sensitive skin?

hey you’ve asked me this like 74 times sorry for not answering 

aha - glycolic, lactic 

bha - salicylic 

good product containing both glycolic & salicylic :

m61 power glow exfoliating pads 

good genes sunday riley luna night oil sunday riley 

clinique acne 3 step 

paula’s choice acne system system 

acne products that are also gonna exfoliate your skin 

retin-a, differin, tazorac, benzoyl peroxide 

it’s important to remember to not use scrubs on open pimples, that’s just going to spead the acne bacteria all over your face, be careful with scrubs in general bc they can cause your skin to create even more oil bc you’re stripping your skin and your skin will try to overcompensate by creating more oil, leading to more dead skin buildup, leading to an unhealthy moisture barrier which is imbalance in oil and water in your skin, think of your skin as a sponge, a new sponge is gonna have a lot of bounce back, it’s not gonna let that much water go directly through it at first, if you put it directly under the faucet the water will probably roll to the sides of the sponge on the rough side for at least the first few seconds until you squeeze it and the sponge absorbs the water, now think of a sponge that’s seen some wear and tear, the water almost goes directly through it bc the sponge has been breaking down, that’s how your moisture barrier works, if you have dry skin, not enough oil is coming to the surface bc the sponge is too tight, leading to dry patches and tightness if you have oily skin, too much oil is coming to the surface bc the sponge has been worn down and oil is flowing freely leading to shininess, clogged pores and enlarged pores, when you have the oil and water in your skin balanced you will have normal skin, not too dry not to oily this was a really long analogy as to why i stick to chemical exfoliants as someone who has acne. too many scrubs strip the skin of the natural oils and a lot of scrubs have things like walnut shells in them??? and menthol????? no thanks 

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For the anon concerned with acne: I've got PCOS and endo, a bunch of hormone problems, I'll probably always have problematic skin and have breakouts constantly even though I'm in my late 20's. I highly suggest the acne 3 step system from clinique! It's all made for delicate skin and when your face clears up, you don't have to get the medicated stuff anymore. You can switch to the regular 3 step system and just continue with your daily routine to keep it clear <3 Hope that helps! It works for me~

good advice from my fuckin girl! ty slammie

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You once said you had some skin problems. How dod you get rid of your acne/ are there any products you would recommend? You gave such lovely glowing skin and i am in desperate need for a new regimen Much love x

Hey love ….yea I had really bad painful cystic acne. Have to say The only TRUE remedy is to change your diet completely ! Pills and cremes may help but you never know what long term permanent damage your doing to your skin and body . (Accutane and retinol for example ) eliminating dairy is number 1 !!
. Dairy is mucus forming , feeds bacteria and causes MAJOR inflammation within the body
. 2 . Drink WAY more water Like an obscene amount a day .start with two liters if you can and just build up to flush your system and eliminate toxins and bacteria .. Your skin is an organ (Your largest one in fact) so treat it as such
3. Drink green tea !!!! This was a personal helper for me that I found on accident! Turns out Green tea naturally kills bacteria (the root of acne ) flushes the system and blocks the hormone progesterone . Progesterone is the male hormone that fuels break outs . I started drinking 4 really strong UNSWEETENED cups a day .
4. Sleep . Your skin cells naturally turn over and regenerate and repair while you sleep every night . But if your not achieving rem sleep this won’t work and your skin will kick you for it . Take some naps and cut the stress .
Start with those 4 things and see how you feel ! (I also cut out gluten which helped but that was based on other specific health concerns.) Hope this helps ! Bless

Ps. Take your time with this we all slip  ! I know I have. But you’ll have control over your skin and you’ll know when you’ve done something and a breakout is on it’s way

Pps: I use Murad’s acne cleanser and a plain hypoallergenic non comedogenic (means it doesn’t clog your pores ) fragrance free moisturizer from “first aid beauty”… Less is more


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Hey Fran!:) you know how you suggest using oils for the face, but don't the oils clog up the pores which is the reason people use them for massages? Which might later on also cause few pimples here and there?

Hey! :)

Not every oil will clog your pores. Most of them will serve as a detox for your pores while also replenishing your stripped natural oils (especially with this intense dry air and polar vortex). The key is studying which oils clog and which oils cleanse! Use this Comedogenic (acne causing) Rating System to help you decide on a great natural oil! I swear by pure Almond Oil and my skin is absolutely thriving. I hope that helps <3

Unfamiliar with the Oil Cleansing Method? Watch my tutorial here.