acne stress control

OH! I forgot to do a 1 week review of the Stress Control Acne wash.

I started using it last Saturday. It was around 10 dollars for 6oz. of the stuff. (At least at CVS. I heard that it’s a bit cheaper at Wal Mart.)

So far, I haven’t noticed a lot of change. Actually, it seems that I’ve gotten more acne since I’ve started using it. But I’ve been told, and I also suspected, that when switching products your face has to get used to it. So I’m giving it a few more weeks.

I will say this, though; I’ve noticed that my under-lying acne is almost gone. I had a lot of under-the-skin acne before, and it’s almost completely gone.

I guess the only bad parts are the fact that it’s taking a lot more patience then I anticipated. AND it dries out my skin hardcore. So if you plan on using it, buy an oil-free moisturizer. ;)