acne scar

romanticize physical flaws tbh

can u imagine how boring and samey we’d all look if we were ‘perfect’ 

romanticize the fuck outta those crooked yellow teeth and those acne scars and that broken nose and those asymmetrical af eyebrows like god all perfect skin looks the same!! do u have any idea how magical it is that ur skin doesnt look like anyone elses? all ur little flaws and blemishes are like the stripes on a barcode, theyre what make u distinct from all the blank white sheets of paper that is incredible and beautiful af 

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Have you heard of any good products to clear skin / keep it clear and any good products to get rid of acne scars Love your blog ๐Ÿ’—

So, I’ve never been able to find anything to help with scarring in general but my cousin had them pretty bad and she started using this steroid cream she got from her dermatologist and it really, really helped. Like if you have insurance and can afford to copay and everything, I would really recommend going to see a doctor. 

My skin has always been pretty good and I think part of that is being on birth control. I stopped taking it a few months ago and my skin started getting tragic and now I’m taking it again and its only been a week but its cleared up. So if you’re a girl, you an actual get pills that are specifically made to have extra stuff in them to keep your hair and skin strong, too! 

And then just wash daily, face masks every week, make sure you don’t use any soaps that are basic (your skin is actually slightly acidic and things like bar soap- which are basic- will make them break out!). If you do pop your pimples of black heads, use a bobby pin that way you don’t push extra oils your finger in (though if acne scars are an issue for you, you should probably stay away from popping all together!)

The youtube Stephanie Nicole has really extensive videos on skin routines and finding the right one for you and she’s very well researched so I definitely recommend!

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How long does it take to notice the results of vitamin c serums? (Like acne scars fading)

2-4 weeks for all skin care! It depends on how often you exfoliate and the percentage of the vitamin C too. :)

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i have severe acne and i get a chemical peel once every month (except summer months, your skin gets sensitive to sunlight) and i've personally loved my results from it !! it obviously wont get rid of your acne problems completely but it can really help with acne scars and dark spots

Wow ok that’s cool!! Thanks for sharing this 🌹


Long post here I apologize 

Honestly guys this video really hit home for me. Throughout most of my grammar and high school years I worried about my acne so much. To me, it was one of my biggest flaws and I constantly put myself down and told myself that I was ugly because of it. Over the years my acne has become a lot better but of course I still have many breakouts and acne scars that happen and are there that I tend to become insecure about. I have self harm and psoriasis-type scars on my arms and legs that also tend to make me feel very insecure about wearing certain types of clothing that will make them visible. Now that I’m in college and getting older, I’m starting to realize that beauty doesn’t just come from an outward appearance and even though I may not like my scars, they are still apart of my body and I need to learn to be accepting of that. Thank you G for helping me realize that my flaws don’t define me. ♥

BTS Reacts - Your Acne Scars

Yoongi: You tap the fixing cushion gently against your moisturized skin, concealing the dark spots left on your cheeks. Your date with Yoongi isn’t for another hour, so you’re shocked when he walks through your bedroom door early with a handful of gladioluses and larkspurs. You squeak weakly, veiling your face with a hand towel nearby, telling him to leave since you haven’t put your face on just yet. He knows your scars bother you, and it’s not like he can pretend they’re not there - but he needs you to know that his love is unconditional; that your worries are irrelevant. Appearances have never mattered to him, but he knows how much effort you put into looking good for him. He taps you on the side of your shoulder, and you open your eyes to be greeted by the sight of him acting cutely, blowing kisses and hearts to you. If there is anything he can do to distract you from your distress, this would be it. He hates doing this, but he hates seeing you worried about your scars even more.

“The great, powerful Min Yoongi is sacrificing his status to act cutely in front of you - if that doesn’t say that I love you enough, even with your scars - I don’t know what will.”

Hoseok: He’s taking a sound nap on your mattress, so you’ve gotten up earlier to take this opportunity to quickly put your make-up on. Bottles of cosmetics clicking against each other awaken him, and he catches a glimpse of your bare face. You lock gazes with him in the reflection of your mirror, and you instantly react by burying your face in the palms of your hands. Hoseok sits up with his sleepy eyes examining your features, unbridled by any form of colored foundation. Hoseok doesn’t have his head up in the clouds, he knows you can’t have make-up on 24/7, all week. You need to give your skin a break, too. More importantly, he already sees you as someone who looks naturally fetching, with or without your acne scars. He wants you to be comfortable around him; being a 100% yourself with him shouldn’t be some sort of crime. He’s always been true to you, and he wants that notion to work reversely. He smacks his lips, wetting them as he reaches over to tuck the lazy strands of hair away from your face:

“Honey, you’re already pretty - the blemishes will go away soon, until then, you don’t have to conceal them around me.”

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Taehyung: You’ve just washed your face of all the make-up residue that’s left from a long day. You hear feet shuffling around outside your bathroom - who could it be? Carefully, you open the bathroom door, peeking around to check if what you heard was just pure imagination. You spot Taehyung rummaging around your closet - he spins around so speedily that you have no slight chance of even hiding your face; you just stand there, completely mortified that he’s seen you with the dark spots on your face. Taehyung can’t hold back an emerging grin. He doesn’t even notice that you don’t have any concealer or foundation on, all he acknowledges is how cute you are, looking so abashed and stammering away to come up with an explanation for your lack of primping. He thinks that you’re silly for even thinking that something so superficial would drive him away from you. Tae has always found you most appealing in essence, and nothing would stop him from loving you, the way you deserved it most.

“I was looking for my sweater, but I think I’ve found something better - come here, let me love you!”

 Jimin: With or without make-up masking your face, Park Jimin knows for sure, that he would cherish every ounce of you dearly. When he walks in on you, beauty blender in hand for the first time, you almost swear at him, panicking anxiously in your seat. You sit there, defeated, staring at Jimin to see if he was going to walk out on you after witnessing the faults in your features. He shakes his head - he knows exactly what’s running through your head right now, and he laughs at how ridiculous you’re being. He sees beyond your physical beauty - the scars don’t matter to him, because you’ll always be the individual with the radiant personality that captured his heart - nothing is going to change what he feels for you, just because of a few blemishes. You obediently scoot away in your seat, as he motions you to do so, before swathing his arm lovingly around your demure figure. The singer’s soft spoken words travel to your ears, undoing the knots in your shoulder-blades as he asks:

“Jagi. Don’t you think an already gorgeous person like you, putting on make-up, is a bit of an overkill?”

Namjoon: Kim Namjoon could give less of a flying f-ck about your scars. You are absolutely beautiful to him, no questions asked. When he sees how self-conscious you become after he walks in on you in the process of applying your make-up, he can’t help but feel a sense of frustration bubbling up within him. He wants you to understand that you are everything to him, no matter what package you come in. Sadly, he knows you can’t resist the anxiety from overcoming you, which results in his disappointment slowly fizzling into empathy. Namjoon is the sort of person that would never devalue anyone’s worth just over physical shortcomings. Even with his own fair share of bad experiences struggling with self-esteem, he sees beauty in everything; in people, in you. He squeezes your cheeks in his palms and unexpectedly sends his lips into yours - this gets his message across without any room for misunderstanding. Taehyung stares at his hyung -  the sudden public display of affection startles him too.  When Namjoon pulls away, he blows you one last kiss.

“Scars mean that you’ve healed from pain. Don’t be ashamed of them - and know that I’ll never be ashamed of you for having them.”

Seokjin: Because of your lack of make-up on, Jin is now starting to notice the little details on your face that he wouldn’t see otherwise. Not the scars etched into your skin in particular, but simply the natural lines and creases on your face, camouflaged by the hue of your foundation. He doesn’t respond to you with shock, instead, he endearingly smiles. He truly admires and adores you the way you are, without a single doubt - and he honestly wants you to be fine with the skin you’re in. If that meant for your scars to disappear, he’d do whatever he can to help you get past it. He’s supportive in nature, so his confidence in you truly makes you feel better about yourself and about wanting to fight your demons. The two of you are supposed to have dinner reservations later, but once he sees how disheartened you are about going out, he changes his mind - he would always put you first and foremost, and he’ll always be there when you’re at your lowest. He takes hold of your fingers, giving them a light press to bring you back from your thoughts.

“Let’s stay in tonight, alright? I’ll drop by the store later to get us some face masks and some tea - is there anything else you want, sweetheart?”

Jungkook: Jungkook’s heart sinks when he sees you cower away from him, as if you’re not worthy of being in his presence. He doesn’t know what to do to make you feel safe with him. He’s not just a friend, and he’s definitely not a stranger to you. Watching you feel insecure about your scars strains his heart, because he just wants to be able to comfort you. He sits next to you at your desk, glowering intensely at your face; or at least, what he can make of what you’re trying to hide. Kook has suffered from scarring before, from both acne and fights with his brother, so he knows what it’s like to constantly feel the need to shy away from the public eye. He tries to ponder about the root of your anxiety - has anyone been harassing or needling you about the spots on your face? Jungkook gets mad at the thought of that happening. He lifts his hand; his thumb sweeps across your cheek tenderly: look at me. You’ve been avoiding eye contact with him this whole time, so when he finally has your attention, he tells you:

“It’s okay to feel self-conscious, but please, don’t ever feel like you need to hide your face from me. I will never leave you for what you look like, and I’ll always love you for what you are.”

I hope your skin gets better, anon! I used to have really bad acne (and in turn, scarring), and a lot of it was because I wasn’t taking better care of myself. Thankfully, my scars are starting to get better, even though I still have a few marks here and there! I do hope you’re looking out for yourself too, both emotionally and physically - you deserve nothing less than that, and you should be happy with who you are, no matter what anyone may say/think/feel about the way you look. I hope you’ve enjoyed this react, and I hope it’s made your day better! <3

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Hey, i'm trying to be confident with myself but what's really throwing me off is my acne. I'm 16 years old and i know it's puberty but can you help? I get a new one almost everyday and have a lot of clogged pores and acne scars. i drink water, exfoliate and wash my face twice a day. Nothing seems to help. I get a lot on my nose and clogged pores on my forehead and chin. recently i've started getting some on my cheeks. Do you have any tips on getting rid of clogged pores and acne scaring?

Okay I feel you because I use to be you. I can’t really help you bc everyone’s skin is different but I’ll tell you what has worked for me:
• I realized my skin was not oily just dehydrated so no harsh cleansers and I washed my face less and with colder water
•you are what you eat. Get your daily vitamins and cut down on hot cheetos
• sun screen is gold
•black african soap is something thank the Lord for
• acv toner is good to balance ph of your skin
•which hazel rose water toner has cured me
•MOISTURIZE HOLY SHIT •exfoliate once a week
•topical spot treatments will never compare to diluted tea tree oil
• don’t exfoliate more than 3x a week
• 8 hours of sleep will transform you
• mild exercise won’t kill you
•clean your pillow case and wipe your phone
•tie your hair out of your face
•but seriously
•do a mask once a week
•vitamin c serum but never without sunscreen
•be open to new products but do your research and remember everyone’s skin is different
•your skin is an organ, please be kind to it

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Love your lip gloss vid, I've gone to anon cause I still hate myself for my acne scars, but your outlook on it has given me a bit more confidence in myself, so thank you for talking about it for people like me ๐Ÿ’œ

Stay strong and stand tall. Your beauty comes from the inside, not out. <3

85. Because Thunderbirds love exploration and adventure, new spells and potions can be expected to take place all over the common room. It's more popular among the 1st-5th years because their imagination grows to its peak. The most famous is the Hibernation jinx, which places the user into a deep sleep instantly for 8 hours, created in 2015. The most popular potion is unnamed, but cures even the worst acne/scars/skin problems for up to 6 months. They prefer them as secrets, but will share to others.

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I find myself staring
at the creases in your eyes
above your eyebrows that haven’t
been plucked in months
yet they’re perfect to me

I find myself
aligning the stars
with my hands
tracing your acne scars

you’re full of life
the universe is apart of you
im lost in your world
you’re imperfectly perfect
I love everything about you
with the sun in your eyes
hope is on your lips

maybe I’ve falling in love
maybe it was the way we kissed


self care post:

i am by no means a dermatologist…. not by a long shot…. i am 16 nearly 17 years old and i have acne. the first photo was me before going to work, in a natural light about 3 months ago. the second was me 10 minutes ago after getting out of a shower. im red and i still have my acne scars but ive really come far and im just very happy with my progress. my skincare routine might not work for you because its my skin obviously but this is what i do!!

• this could be the WORST for ur skin but it helps the products sink into my skin more if i shave my face with a little razor before i get into my routine!!
• firstly i wake up and cleanse my face with either my cetaphil cleanser or body shop seaweed cleanser; using my forio to exfoliate my face.
• i wash that off first with hot water and then with cold water to close my pores
• i then tone my face with witch hazel toner
• then moisturise my face with my cetaphil every day moisturiser and then because i have dry ass skin i follow with another moisturiser maybe a tea tree oil one.

and then on sundays i pamper myself with a face mask!!

ive found that the less products the better. im still trying to figure out how to diminish my acne scars but!!! im happy y'all!!

It breaks my heart that some people are so insecure that they feel the need to try and drag down and belittle others.

If you have acne/acne scars- DO NOT be ashamed or embarrassed by it. It’s so common! There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t make you dirty, nor does it speak for your level of hygiene. It just mean’s you’re human.

Embrace it. We can’t spend our whole lives wishing it was different.

I love y'all a lot. You rock.