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Ryan, 43

“I’m wearing an Acne cap, Céline coat, Henrik Vibskov jumper, 40s vintage trousers and vintage shoes. I’m inspired to create as many combinations as possible from a minimal wardrobe.”

May 22, 2017 ∙ Upper East Side
Fan Fiction: A Small Rant

petition for fanfics to not always include the societal norm??? what about tall girls? short guys? girls with short hair? guys with long hair? naturally curly haired people? freckles? acne?? tummys? people of color???? no offense but fanfics are made to place the reader into a story, but we aren’t actually placed in if 98% of fanfics contain white girls who are short with straight hair and perfect skin or white guys with abs, who are tall and have short hair and a perfect smile. it’s boring and uncreative.