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girls with acne are absolutely amazing. 

girls with cystic acne, girls with minor acne, girls with any and all types of acne in between.

girls with painful boils and cysts. girls with swelling in their faces. girls with large red bumps and lumps. 

girls with smaller pimples that cover their entire face. girls with acne on their forehead, girls with acne on their cheeks and jaw, girls with acne on their chin. 

girls who have chronic acne. girls who feel like their skin is never clear. girls whose skin is clear sometimes, but still break out frequently.

girls who use acne medication and skin treatments. girls who don’t.

girls who cover their acne with foundation and concealer. girls who don’t. 

girls who have dermatillomania and pick at their acne, making it painful and bloody.

girls who feel like their acne is ruining their life. girls who know their acne does’t define them.

you are so cool and beautiful. i know it sometimes feels like girls aren’t “supposed” to have acne, and i know it’s hard seeing other girls with clear skin and feeling like you’re lesser. i promise you you aren’t, and you deserve to be celebrated. 


I guess this is Part 2 of “how to pretend to be pretty for strangers on tumblr.”

I was going to do another tutorial but didn’t have time to fanny about this morning so instead I introduce you to my trilogy: The Social Media Acceptable, The Pre-Edit, and The Disturbingly Red Reality. 

Remember, kiddies! Tumblr is bullshit, nobody looks like that and there’s nothing fucking wrong with you. (But just in case you want to feel less shitty, you too can trowel on the makeup and filters just like me!)

How to cover/treat acne scars and dark marks

I recently received at least two different asks about how to cover/treat dark marks and acne scars to I thought I’d address both in one post. 



Unfortunately acne scars are more permanent and harder to get rid of. Because of that It’s best to see a dermatologist in order to get treatment . There are some scar treatments you can buy but I’m not super familiar with them and they won’t work on all scars. You’ll want to make sure to look for a hypoallergenic formula and test it on a small area of skin first to make sure it doesn’t cause any irritation. 

Dark marks:

Dark marks caused by acne are temporary and will fade after a few months but there are treatments that can help speed the process up.

First is Sunscreen. Sunlight can worsen the appearance of dark marks so it’s important that you protect your skin.  Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 is a dermatologist approved sunscreen with anti-inflammatory agents that will help reduce redness

The Second thing you can use is  a topical vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C can help lighten dark spots as well as help build collagen and promote healing. 

The last thing you can try is a  Retinoid treatment like Retin-A ( which may have to be prescribed by a doctor, I’m not sure)  Retinoid treatments help you to make skin cells faster which will push out discolored skin cells. Retinoids can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight so it’s best to apply them at night before you go to sleep.

How to cover them

Since treatments take a while to work and may not completely solve the problem it’s easiest to just cover them up with makeup. Using makeup to cover acne scars and dark marks shouldn’t give you any problems as long as you take the makeup off before bed and you wash your face regularly. 

Color Corrector 

When it comes to covering scars and dark marks color correcting concealers are your best friend. Depending on the color of the mark or scar will determine what color concealer you should use. 

Pink or Red spots should be covered with Green concealer 

Dark brown or Purple spots should be covered with yellow concealer

White scars can be covered with a concealer that matches your skin tone.

Here’s a post more about color correcting concealers 

The order you should put things on 

  1. apply any treatments
  2. apply primer
  3. dot color correcting concealers onto all scars/ dark marks. Make sure to only to put concealer on the mark/scar not around it. 
  4. apply foundations as usual
  5. go over dark marks and scars with concealer that matches your skin tone in a thicker formulation such as a cream.
  6. pat to blend
  7. Set with powder

for a while i’ve had this idea where teenage Balth, after leaving home when Evil Bratt was cancelled, ran into the Overkills - let’s say they live in the US after their defeat - and eventually found a home with them.

some ideas where Scarlet and Herb would be the best adoptive parents for him:

  • Scarlet helping Balth improve his combat skills in various ways
  • Scarlet secretly watching Evil Bratt episodes late at night to find out what went on in the show, to better understand what Balth would be feeling
  • Balth and Herb bonding over smart stuff
  • Herb helping Balth create/invent stuff
  • Balth and Herb challenging each other to crack the worst puns and make Scarlet roll her eyes up into her head
  • 14/15yo Balth not wanting to go to school because a) he’ll be recognised and humiliated by kids and b) he’s already a genius, so Herb tutors him in anything he doesn’t quite understand
  • Scarlet trying to get used to Clive’s presence
  • (Scarlet, to Herb: it’s the eyes. i don’t like the eyes.)
  • Herb helping Balth make improvements to Clive, so when he does set out on his way as an adult, Clive can be his mentor/father figure
  • Scarlet trying to neaten Balth’s hair and getting brushes/combs stuck into the wax-and-gel mullet mess he doesn’t wash properly (because he’s a teenage boy lol)
  • Scarlet educating Balth on proper hair care because of the above
  • Scarlet helping Balth feel more confident with his appearance by teaching him how to mess with makeup
  • if the makeup the show had didn’t conceal the acne on his face, Herb making Balth makeup that’s thicker/doesn’t make his face break out
  • the three of them, and Clive, watching 80’s movies/Evil Bratt episodes on a Saturday night
  • Balth offering to reenact his favourite Evil Bratt scenes when Scarlet’s bored
  • Scarlet, being somewhat interested in Shakespeare (sort of evidenced in canon?), reading Shakespeare plays in her armchair while Balth sits on an arm and reads over her shoulder
  • Scarlet telling Balth of old heists she’s carried out (with a wine bottle in hand sometimes bc she’s an “alcoholic sometimes”)
  • Herb making Balth clear braces that align his teeth faster
  • Herb teaching Balth how to shave
  • Scarlet sitting up with scaredy-cat Balth who thought he could watch 80’s horror movies, like The Hitcher (1986) and Motel Hell (1980), but was freaked the heck out by the gross af themes in those movies that have me nauseous rn
  • Scarlet understanding why Balth feels so abandoned and rejected and, along with Herb, doing everything to help him feel wanted and loved
  • Herb and Balth having rubick’s cube solving battles
  • Scarlet catching Balth sneaking midnight snacks from the fridge
  • “Oh… Hi… Didn’t expect you to be awake….” “You need a bit more meat on you anyway” “Not to make me into frankfurts like in Motel Hell I hope”
  • Herb accidentally making Clive short circuit when he discovers his motherboard can’t handle in-depth brain teasers
  • (he’s okay now)
  • Scarlet dropping Balth at the skate park to let him socialise and, when she hears other kids casing on him, is like “HEY THIS IS MY SON AND IF YOU SAY ANOTHER INSULT TO HIM I’LL BEAT YOUR LITTLE ASSES BLACK AND BLUE”
  • Balth being slightly embarrassed but also so relieved that Scarlet will stand up for him (and she called him her son!!)
  • Herb and Balth trying to beat each other’s high scores on the machines in the arcade
  • Herb and Balth rigging the pin-setting system at the bowling alley so Scarlet can win every game
  • Scarlet catching Balth holding an airkeytar session in his new bedroom, singing, and she waiting in the doorway for a moment to watch him having fun
  • Scarlet realising she is good parenting material after all
  • Balth accidentally calling the Overkills “Mom” or “Dad”, as a slip of the tongue thing, but eventually doesn’t correct himself
  • Balth eventually referring to the Overkills as his parents
  • Balth passing as the Overkills’ son in social situations, since he sort of resembles both of them and by the late 80’s, the Overkills are about mid-40’s (but use anti-ageing cream to stay youthful and beautiful because they’re vain lol)
  • Scarlet tucking Balth in on nights he’s a little down, and reciting poetry to him
  • if his overbearing, pageant-mom-style official foster mother i gave him actually does go looking for him after he left, the Overkills protecting Balth from her, refusing to let her take him, and eventually, and no doubt literally, shooting her out of Balth’s life
  • Balth accepting Scarlet and Herb as his parents when that happens
  • Balth coming out as gay/bi (he’s achillean, definitely) and Scarlet hugging him the moment he says “I’m gay/bi”
  • Scarlet and Herb feeling like they’ve succeeded in parenting him because he was comfortable with coming out
  • Scarlet excitedly helping Balth pretty himself up when he goes out somewhere, so “both girls and boys will think you a little stud!”
  • Balth leaving the Overkills to start his own life when he’s older, and taking polaroids of them all with him and sticking them to his lair’s bedroom wall (who is actually in those polaroids?? i wanna know)
  • alternate ending to DM3 where Balth is not defeated, but when about to face off with Gru after the Brattbot was destroyed, is stopped by Scarlet
  • Scarlet just appears (and Lucy’s like OH MY GOD IT’S SCARLET OVERKILL) and is like “come home with me, Balthazar. you’ve lost sight of what we’ve taught you”
  • Gru’s like “what the frickity is going on here?? Bratt isn’t gonna listen to her!” but Balth goes to her
  • Balth leaves bc he’s like “screw it, i’m done with you hosers, Mom, Dad better have cookies for me at home”
  • Herb helps him repair Clive (yayy he’s okay!)
  • but before that happens, back in the 80’s, Balth learning he is actually wanted and loved when he’s not acting as Evil Bratt, and realising a family can be himself, Clive, and two supervillains from the 60’s

i’m gonna eventually write this au!!

sammo headcanons

★ she has 14 piercings (yes i sat down and specifically thought of them)

  ☆ exactly 5 on each ear, a nostril piercing, a septum piercing, a bellybutton piercing, and a tongue piercing 

★ every time she sees an animal on the street she MUST pet it

★ she used to have braces in middle school

★ before she became a vegetarian/vegan whatever, she used to really love chicken nuggets. she lowkey still misses them very much

★ she has really bad acne and wears concealer to cover it up

   ☆ danny and tucker assures that they don’t care and she looks fine the way she is, but she takes NO RISKS

★ ever since girls night out, her and jazz have been really close

★she’s honduran and adopted 


★ she’s a really good artist

   ☆ since she spent most of her early childhood indoors bc of her strict parents, so she spent most of her time drawing

★ loves korean dramas

★ when she was younger, her mom made her wear a lot of pink frilly dresses

   ☆ every time she finds a picture she burns it


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hi HB!! i was just wondering how you built up the confidence to not wear makeup anymore. i really dont want to and im okay with my face with no makeup when im at home or camping or whatnot but when i go to work i get super self conscious and people tell me how tired and sick i look i guess bc i have super dark circles :c thanks for all your help i hope you're having a great day!!

it was honestly soooo hard for me to quit wearing makeup, like it was such an emotional year and tbh it is still a daily battle! 

I only quit wearing it to work when I started a new job where they’d never seen me with makeup! because then it wasn’t like a surprise that i have a normal face underneath the foundation. if you & the people around you are used to the way you look without makeup, they won’t even notice it! 

The way I made the transition was I just started to wear a little less makeup to my old job and my classes, started to go on occasional days without makeup to gauge the reaction, and then finally transitioned to being fully makeup-free when I started at the bookstore! I took down the face mirror in my room (but kept a full length mirror lol) so that I’ll stop obsessing over my stupid face and looking at it and criticizing it and making comparisons. and strangely, “out of sight, out of mind” is a fact? I try to take fewer selfies. I try to dress in clothes that make me feel COMFORTABLE and also feel like MY REAL SELF, which helps to boost my confidence a lot! The fact that I don’t wear makeup doesn’t mean I don’t care at all about my appearance - I just wanna look like my most genuine and authentic self. i wanna feel in control of my body. tattoos help me with this too. for some people, their most genuine self can be expressed through makeup, which I recognize, but the things I take issue with in makeup obviously aren’t issues of self expression, and that’s a whole different discussion. 

unfortunately there are still tons of environments where women are considered unprofessional if they don’t wear makeup, which is part of what makes makeup so evil. and i recognize that not all women have the privilege/situations to help them step out of it.

(and I still sometimes wear concealer under my eyes, because sometimes I just can’t sleep and i look like a zombie in the morning.)

idk, there are definitely makeup things I still do. I wear lipstick to work, which i honestly think tricks most people into thinking i’m wearing makeup. i fill in my eyebrows (because i’m a natural blond and I dye my hair black, so my eyebrows just look SO blond unless i color them in.) And if we have a Big Event at work I’ll wear mascara and maybe a little highlighter. 

I don’t allow myself to conceal my acne or my scars anymore, because I realized:

1. even when the color is covered up, anyone with eyes could still tell that there is acne and a really uneven skin texture on my face, unless i wore like a literal mask of makeup

2. makeup 100% makes my acne worse and irritates it and causes more breakouts

so whenever i have a big old zit and i am tempted to put concealer on it i just remind myself that this big old zit makes me human, that everyone gets them, that men are NEVER told to cover theirs up (which will eventually make things worse,)  that skin makeup is a vicious cycle where the more I use the more I need. and that the way I allow my skin to heal is by giving it time and air and moisturizer, not by drowning it in chemicals. 

ALSO whenever I feel scared to be my authentic self, I remember what Adrienne Rich said: “When a woman speaks her truth she creates space for other women to speak their truth.” I just wanna create a more positive space for women in this world, and a freedom to be our truest self, and I can’t change the whole world, but I can start with myself!

  • Person with naturally clear skin: the trick to clear skin is t o t a l l y just like drinking water trust me i would know ;)))
  • Me, who not only drinks water but uses several facial washes at multiple times per day, uses toner, oil free sunscreen, and is on three prescription acne medications: oh really? just water? huh... I'll Give That One A Try :)))))))))))

WORTH THE HYPE: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

MAC is a popular brand, but not one that I’ve ever been super in-love with, I generally find their products are a little over hyped and often just popular because of the name attached to it… MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, however, is extremely worth the hype and quite possibly the best concealer I’ve ever tried. Overtime I’ve found many concealers that I love, but there has always been one performance ridden quality that has disappointed me. With NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer it was the shade range, with Bobbi Brown’s Concealer it was just a little too creamy and as for It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye it creased so easily. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer however, ticks all the boxes. Firstly, it gives the best coverage I’ve ever found in a concealer, all you need is the tiniest pin sized amount to cover dark circles, discoloration and pimples. The formula is perfect; not too creamy and not too dry which means unlike most concealers it can be used for the whole face and on any imperfection. The staying power is great and lasts on me for over eight hours without showing any signs of creasing or fading, but you do need to blend quickly as the product sets to a matte finish in under a minute. The shade range is great, but not perfect (very typical MAC) but there is a shade that matches my super fair skin, so I’m happy. There is only one thing that I dislike HATE about this product and that is the packaging. The “pump” container, although hygienic dispenses far too much product (you really do only need a tiny amount to cover) I feel that a squeeze tube container would have been more appropriate. Overall I LOVE this concealer, it gives the most amazing coverage, can be used all over the face and is (so far) the best I’ve tried.

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How to hide pimples using drugstore make up ): it's a reckkk.

Step 1:

If you have a lot of pimples or blemishes, you can use color correcting concealers that come in variety of colors. Keep in mind that different colors are used to conceal different kinds of spots: mint green is used to cover red areas; yellow or orange concealers are used for dark spots (also can be used to cover dark circles under your eyes); lilac or pale green for a yellowish tint. You may need more than one color to cover the problematic area properly. I recommend Wet n Wild CoverAll Correcting Palette, $4. It contains all you need to balance out any imperfection in your complexion. 

Step 2:

Choose oil-free foundations with no or as little parabens as possible because foundations containing those ingredients may clog your pores and irritate skin, causing more pimples to appear. You can also look for foundations that contain acne-fighting ingredients, here’s some of them:

Step 3:

If you still see some pimples after applying foundation, cover them with a concealer. stila Stay All Day Concealer is amazing at covering spots and blemishes, plus now it costs only $5 instead of $23.

Step 4:

Finish off by applying a little bit of matte loose powder to help set the foundation and concealer. It will make your makeup last longer. Matte Maker Mattifying Powder, $12 provides good coverage and feels light on the skin. The powder creates a silky finish and controls oily areas while minimizing the look of pores and other small imperfections. Plus, it does not make your face look cakey.

Step 5:

Consider using products with tea tree oil to prevent new break outs. Tea tree oil kills bacteria that causes acne and break outs and prevents new pimples from forming. Apply tea tree oil on clean, washed skin.

First Meeting w/ Syd.

Sydney’s greasy hair was washed and tucked up in a messy bun. Her eye bags were slightly covered with old drugstore makeup, acne peeking through cakey concealer. Her glasses were askew on her face as she set up her little area and the farmer’s market, torn hoodie not doing that great of a job of keeping her skinny body warm. For the first time in a while, she felt okay. The sunshine was giving her a boost, almost too bright for her strained eyes. She put up her art pieces, a few landscapes and some surrealist self-portraits filled with bright colors. She gulped, turning to face the morning crowd, instantly regretting ever leaving her small apartment as people started coming by.


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Hey I was wonder what's a good foundation for a face with acne. I don't want to look like I have too much makeup caked on but enough to cover my red bumps. I would really appreciate it if you answered this thankyou!!!

For a super natural look, I recommend applying a concealer on the blemishes and then setting it with a translucent powder.
It looks the most natural and is super simple as well.
Here are my top concealers:
• MAC pro longwear

• Nars radiant creamy

• Makeup Forever full cover

• MAC pro conceal and correct palette

My favorite foundations that look super natural but still have good coverage:
• Makeup Forever HD foundation

• BareMinerals bareskin foundation

• Nars sheer glow foundation

• Maybelline superstay foundation

• L’oreal infallible 24h foundation

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Could you do 5, 7, 10, and 11 for Gladion? Your headcanons are ❤

Showering/Bathing Headcanons:


• He has to listen to music when he showers.
• It’ll usually be twenty One Pilots, The Strokes, or Mike Krol.
• He usually takes cool showers because he doesn’t turn on the filter so when he does take hot showers it’s all steamy and a little icky when he exits.
• He doesn’t really like baths because of the whole “sitting in your own dirt” thing.
• If he does take a bath, he’ll take a brisk shower first and then fill in the tub.
• He fills in the tub with bubbles.
• He likes making a beard even though he’ll never admit it.
• When he does take a bath, he’ll put on classical music or MGMT.

Kissing Headcanons:


• He loves jawline kisses.
• Whether he’s receiving them or giving them, he loves them.
• He loves when you kiss his jaw because you just run your lips among his jaw and press small kisses.
• When he gives them, he’ll press wet kisses.
• He’ll kiss your bottom lip and pull on it just a little.
• He loves when you kiss his fingertips or just grave your lips on them.
• He loves how your lips feel against his fingers because the texture of your lips feels soothing.
• When you kiss his cheek, he gets very flustered. Whether you are in public or private, he’ll turn red.

Physical Appearance Headcanons:


• He sometimes has a resting bitch face.
• He usually covers his acne with concealer.
• His nails are healthy.
• However, his hands are dry. So he constantly moisturizes them but he forgets.
• His lips have a light pink color but towards the part where they meet, they get a darker tint.
• His hair is very soft but it falls out. A lot.

Wardrobe Headcanons:


• He has a very simple wardrobe.
• Usually just clothing that he wears every day.
• However, now that he’s running the Aether Foundation, he’s bought cargo pants to store berries, beans, and food for the Pokémon.
• He usually wears Converse or Vans.
• He also wears boots and those are like a muddy brown now. They were originally a light brown.
• He has two pairs of Converses which are black or red and a little dirty; while the Vans are gray.
• He likes wearing slim fit jeans.
• He tried wearing skinny jeans but it got uncomfortable.
• The jeans are usually a dark color and at least some of them have holes.
• He usually wears black, gray, or white shirts.
• Some of them have graphic designs but most of them are just plain.
• He has like at least five sweaters.
• He loves hoodies because they have pockets and he can store stuff in there.
• He has one oversized hoodie and he loves it. If it ever gets cold or if he feels bad, he’ll wear the pullover and feel better.

Apply a small amount of nude eyeliner on discolouration/dark spots; the peachy tone corrects the colour and any shimmer will help to reflect light.

“Heavy Duty” is a large claim to make about a concealer. A lot of concealers that claim intense coverage are oftentimes very sticky, cake-y and create a lot of creasing among the under-eyes. This is the review of the Hard ♥ Candy “Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer”.

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