acne concealer

girls with acne are absolutely amazing. 

girls with cystic acne, girls with minor acne, girls with any and all types of acne in between.

girls with painful boils and cysts. girls with swelling in their faces. girls with large red bumps and lumps. 

girls with smaller pimples that cover their entire face. girls with acne on their forehead, girls with acne on their cheeks and jaw, girls with acne on their chin. 

girls who have chronic acne. girls who feel like their skin is never clear. girls whose skin is clear sometimes, but still break out frequently.

girls who use acne medication and skin treatments. girls who don’t.

girls who cover their acne with foundation and concealer. girls who don’t. 

girls who have dermatillomania and pick at their acne, making it painful and bloody.

girls who feel like their acne is ruining their life. girls who know their acne does’t define them.

you are so cool and beautiful. i know it sometimes feels like girls aren’t “supposed” to have acne, and i know it’s hard seeing other girls with clear skin and feeling like you’re lesser. i promise you you aren’t, and you deserve to be celebrated. 

WORTH THE HYPE: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

MAC is a popular brand, but not one that I’ve ever been super in-love with, I generally find their products are a little over hyped and often just popular because of the name attached to it… MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, however, is extremely worth the hype and quite possibly the best concealer I’ve ever tried. Overtime I’ve found many concealers that I love, but there has always been one performance ridden quality that has disappointed me. With NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer it was the shade range, with Bobbi Brown’s Concealer it was just a little too creamy and as for It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye it creased so easily. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer however, ticks all the boxes. Firstly, it gives the best coverage I’ve ever found in a concealer, all you need is the tiniest pin sized amount to cover dark circles, discoloration and pimples. The formula is perfect; not too creamy and not too dry which means unlike most concealers it can be used for the whole face and on any imperfection. The staying power is great and lasts on me for over eight hours without showing any signs of creasing or fading, but you do need to blend quickly as the product sets to a matte finish in under a minute. The shade range is great, but not perfect (very typical MAC) but there is a shade that matches my super fair skin, so I’m happy. There is only one thing that I dislike HATE about this product and that is the packaging. The “pump” container, although hygienic dispenses far too much product (you really do only need a tiny amount to cover) I feel that a squeeze tube container would have been more appropriate. Overall I LOVE this concealer, it gives the most amazing coverage, can be used all over the face and is (so far) the best I’ve tried.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I was wonder what's a good foundation for a face with acne. I don't want to look like I have too much makeup caked on but enough to cover my red bumps. I would really appreciate it if you answered this thankyou!!!

For a super natural look, I recommend applying a concealer on the blemishes and then setting it with a translucent powder.
It looks the most natural and is super simple as well.
Here are my top concealers:
• MAC pro longwear

• Nars radiant creamy

• Makeup Forever full cover

• MAC pro conceal and correct palette

My favorite foundations that look super natural but still have good coverage:
• Makeup Forever HD foundation

• BareMinerals bareskin foundation

• Nars sheer glow foundation

• Maybelline superstay foundation

• L’oreal infallible 24h foundation

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Could you do 5, 7, 10, and 11 for Gladion? Your headcanons are ❤

Showering/Bathing Headcanons:


• He has to listen to music when he showers.
• It’ll usually be twenty One Pilots, The Strokes, or Mike Krol.
• He usually takes cool showers because he doesn’t turn on the filter so when he does take hot showers it’s all steamy and a little icky when he exits.
• He doesn’t really like baths because of the whole “sitting in your own dirt” thing.
• If he does take a bath, he’ll take a brisk shower first and then fill in the tub.
• He fills in the tub with bubbles.
• He likes making a beard even though he’ll never admit it.
• When he does take a bath, he’ll put on classical music or MGMT.

Kissing Headcanons:


• He loves jawline kisses.
• Whether he’s receiving them or giving them, he loves them.
• He loves when you kiss his jaw because you just run your lips among his jaw and press small kisses.
• When he gives them, he’ll press wet kisses.
• He’ll kiss your bottom lip and pull on it just a little.
• He loves when you kiss his fingertips or just grave your lips on them.
• He loves how your lips feel against his fingers because the texture of your lips feels soothing.
• When you kiss his cheek, he gets very flustered. Whether you are in public or private, he’ll turn red.

Physical Appearance Headcanons:


• He sometimes has a resting bitch face.
• He usually covers his acne with concealer.
• His nails are healthy.
• However, his hands are dry. So he constantly moisturizes them but he forgets.
• His lips have a light pink color but towards the part where they meet, they get a darker tint.
• His hair is very soft but it falls out. A lot.

Wardrobe Headcanons:


• He has a very simple wardrobe.
• Usually just clothing that he wears every day.
• However, now that he’s running the Aether Foundation, he’s bought cargo pants to store berries, beans, and food for the Pokémon.
• He usually wears Converse or Vans.
• He also wears boots and those are like a muddy brown now. They were originally a light brown.
• He has two pairs of Converses which are black or red and a little dirty; while the Vans are gray.
• He likes wearing slim fit jeans.
• He tried wearing skinny jeans but it got uncomfortable.
• The jeans are usually a dark color and at least some of them have holes.
• He usually wears black, gray, or white shirts.
• Some of them have graphic designs but most of them are just plain.
• He has like at least five sweaters.
• He loves hoodies because they have pockets and he can store stuff in there.
• He has one oversized hoodie and he loves it. If it ever gets cold or if he feels bad, he’ll wear the pullover and feel better.


“I used to use makeup to cover up and to hide who I was. Now I use it to express myself and to show the world who I really am.”

Check out this amazing description of makeup as a means of revealing through concealing.

tbh it’s fucked up how ~trans girls~ can throw on the rattiest wig and some drug store lipgloss and put absolutely no other effort into looking decent, much less feminine, and be praised as beautiful goddesses but cis girls have to tweeze their eyebrows, keep their hair in perfect shape, shave every inch of their body, have no acne, wear foundation, concealer, powder, eye makeup, mascara, lipstick, and god knows what else, and have nice, stylish clothes before we’re even considered human

OKAY so people have been asking for a while what skin care and make up products I use, so I decided to make a lil post about it. (by the way, I’m not doing the products in order that they are in the picture)

1. face wash- I am completely religious to the noxzema classic clean moisturizing cleansing cream. it’s ALL I use for face wash and it has cleared up my skin by 90% since I started using it (approx. a month ago). (p.s. note that I have combination skin, so both oily & dry) 

2. moisturizer- I am not that picky about moisturizer, but right now I really like the olay lotion for sensitive skin. it doesn’t have any scent, or leave your skin feeling oily, yet it moisturizes really really well. 

3. mattifying moisturizer- I love mattifying moisturizer because it takes away the oily feeling while also moisturizing your skin, and the body shop seaweed mattifying moisturizer is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it if you have annoying oily skin.

4. acne/pimple cream- I use this for those annoying, red, painful pimples. the brand I use is the life brand clear action acne medication. you don’t have to get this one exactly, just know that if you get one with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, make sure to get a 2-5% one, you DO NOT want to overdry your skin. it just creates more sebum aka more pimples.

5. primer- it get a little costly when it comes to primer, but I use the smashbox photo finish more than primer blemish control. ITS FUCKING AMAZING. that’s all I have to say.

6. foundation- I barely use foundation because I tend to keep my makeup on the lighter side, but when I do use it, I use the almay nearly naked liquid makeup. It doesn’t come out streaky or anything and it’s just a really cheap and reliable foundation.

7. bb cream/tinted moisturizer- I LOVE MAYBELLINE DREAM FRESH BB CREAM, I cannot stress that enough. if you want light-medium coverage or bb cream underneath your foundation, this is an amazing bb cream and it’s super cheap!!! the other bb cream/liquid foundation I use is the lancome teint idole fresh wear ‘18 hr matte makeup’. This stuff makes your skin matte, has spf 15 and has a nice solid medium coverage. 

8. concealer- I use two amazing concealers. First, I use the garnier 'anti pimple tinted roller’. it’s basically a concealer with acne medicine in it which is fucking great. and the other concealer I use for acne scarring, which is the maybelline fit me concealer. I recommend it BIG TIME. it’s amazing for eye bags, acne scarring etc. and it doesn’t look cakey.

9. powder- I love love LOVE the almay smart shade skin balancing powder. I bring it EVERYWHERE with me, and it doesn’t make your skin look cakey or anything. it’s just if you’re feeling a little shiny or blotchy it’ll take that away like that.

10. mascara- I have tons of mascaras and I’m not too picky about mascara at all, but I like the essence brand 'get big lashes’ mascara (it’s like 2 dollars), the maybelline falsies volume express mascara, and the 'great lash’ mascara from maybelline.

11. eyeliner- OOoooOOK so I barely use eyeliner, but when I do, I use liquid liner, and the liquid liner that I’m completely in love with is the essence brand liquid liner (it’s super super cheap)

12. lip chap/balm- I didn’t add this in the photo but I found the BEST lip chap in the world (besides vaseline) and that’s the nivea 'a kiss of moisture’ lip chap. it’s FUCKING amazing. trust me- buy it.

aaaand that’s it. I hope I helped you guys, and message me HERE if you want any prices/links/more comments on the products and I’ll be happy to help you out! also if I forgot and make up/ skin care products that you want to know about, just ask!

xox -Emma

Sugarplumtoasters Eyebrow Coloring Tutorial!

As we all know, daaaaaaaamn cosplay make up is hard! Between having to wear wigs, poke our eyes with contacts, stab our bodies with needles, and wear uncomfortable shoes, we all know cosplay is a worthwhile experience. But you know what hurts? When looking back on the con photos of your perfect costume, and seeing your face not looking like you wanted. Make up is important in cosplay! So here’s a little tip for one of the more difficult parts of cosplay make up: Eyebrows!

What you’ll need:

  • Make up sponges/ also q-tips or those little eyeshadow qtip thingies
  • Eyeshadow in the color/colors you need!
  • Obviously you’re typical make-up concealer and foundation
  • Aaaaaaand the most important: cheap-ass facepainting crayons!

All of these things are super cheap, so don’t even worry about it!

Step one!

External image

First step is to apply the spirit gum! You want to go against the grain of your eyebrow first, it’s feels super weird and sticky, but that just means it’s working. Once you do that, you can go ahead and smooth your eyebrow back down normally, making sure you get enough on and apply enough pressure to make your eyebrow hairs as flat as possible. 

Step Two!

External image

Make up is the next part! This is the part where you’d do the rest of your cosplay make up as normal. Don’t worry about getting anything on your eyebrows, it’s okay. For my make up, I use bare minerals concealer for acne spots and stuff, and then my foundation is loreal true match, and my blush is an oooooold, ooold, old thing that I have that’s maybeline dream mousse. I don’t even know if they make it anymore, so i’ll be very upset when I run out. Okay, so do your make-up as normal, people!

Step Three!

External image

Now take that crayon and make it your bitch. I didn’t take the time to shape my actual eyebrow or none of that. I just shave them really thin for conventions usually so that I can draw on any eyebrow shape I need. The things we do for cosplay. But if you aren’t about that life, just go ahead and trace your own eyebrow like I do here! Start by outlining first, and then line the middle. Don’t scribble it like a real crayon though! Like woah man calm down! Nice even lines starting from the edge of your brow, following the grain. Once your eyebrow is all white, we can continue!

Step Four!

External image

Now just take that q-tip/eyeshadow thingie and carefully apply it to only the white! Be veeeeeeeeery careful! You don’t want to ruin your nice pretty make-up! And then you’re done! Wig time!

I really hope this helps some of you!

Concealer tends to "slip" off freshly raised pimples so apply a small amount of powder onto the pimple with a cotton tip and apply a waxy concealer on top.

lisa eldridge acne and blemish cover up makeup tutorial

annyx3  asked:

Hi! I was wondering what is a good high end/drugstore concealer for under eyes and blemishes? Thank you! && I love your blog!! :)

Thanks love <3

For a good all around concealer for face and under the eyes try

Loreal True Match Crayon Concealer, great for acne and spot concealing since you can just dab it in the areas you need it and on blemishes. Creamy enough for the under eyes as well! 

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer (sold at Walmart)Great coverage, creamy enough for under the eyes yet not too creamy for blemishes.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser, not for blemishes really but GREAT for under the eyes! Light weight so it won’t crease, very brightening and blends out easily.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. Great coverage for under the eyes and blemishes, super long lasting, fairly light weight because it’s a liquid. 

NARS Creamy Stick Concealer. Creamy enough for under the eyes, good coverage, convenient in stick form for blemishes. 

candicejuli  asked:

Do you know of any good drug store concealers for acne scars?

Try full coverage concealers like

Hard Candy Glamoflauge $6 at Walmart

L.A Girl Pro Concealer $2 at Walgreens, and (wide shade selection)

Loreal Crayon Concealer $8. Wide shade selection and great for spot concealing since you can just dab the crayon exactly over a spot, prevents from over applying and looking cakey.