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Ive noticed that a lot of people use the spinning face brushes thinking its the key to clear skin, while also battling with acne. Spinning face brushes are way too harsh (even the sensitive heads) for our faces, sure, exfoliate your body with that but not your face. Going over your active acne with that brush may irritate it and cause worse scarring or even break outs. In addition to that youre also overexfoliating your skin, stripping her of oils. Overexfoliated skin becomes dehydrated, oily and may even develop dry patches. It also becomes more sensitive, so more breakout prone. Many people including me have gotten cystic acne from using these face brushes. All in all, its okay once a week if it works for you, but definitely not for every day use. If you have one and dont want to throw it away, use it on your body. IMO, spinning face brushes do you no good when used on the face.

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Damain bedroom

How does this character sleep? (Position, sleeping habits, bedtime routines)

Position - On his side, no extra blankets unless it is winter, both hands under his head

Sleeping Habits - Talking in his sleep. Dick has recorded him multiple times saying things like “no but those are my bananas” and “I don’t like Madonna”

Bedtime Routine - Pajamas, brushes his hair, washes his face, puts on his acne spot treatment, brushes his teeth.

What are their pyjamas like?

A matching set with some design on it. His favorite is ones with the bat symbol all over them that Alfred gave him as a birthday gift

What do they dream about usually?

Opening a no kill shelter and helping the homeless animals of Gotham to all find loving homes

How neat/tidy is this character?

For a teenager, pretty clean. For an adult, sorta messy. He has a few items on his floor and he never remembers to take out the trash from his room but it’s not an embarrassment or anything

How affectionate is this character?

He’s not. If Dick goes in for a hug, Damian pushes him away. If Bruce goes to kiss his forehead and say good night he hisses and locks his door. He hates affection 

universi-tea back to school challenge

Day 7: Daily Routine

Morning Routine:

 - wake up @ 8:00 am

 - shower / brush teeth / get dressed

 - go to class !! (at 9:00 or 9:30)

I spend most of my time from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm in class, working on homework, hanging out with my roomies and friends, or watching movies.

Night Routine:

 - wash face / use toner / brush teeth / acne cream stuff

 - pj up

 - pack my bag for the next day

 - watch camp camp / conan gray / vine compilations until i get tired !


Favorite Brushes:

Working with textured skin:
I don’t have this concern so I don’t know much about it but I’d try and use a very light hand when applying blush and face powders. Try blending everything in with your foundation brush after so it presses into your skin and doesn’t sit on top of the texture. You can also try using more cream products like cream blush. If you don’t have one you can mix a bit of lipstick with your foundation to create a cream blush.

Lisa Eldridge has some great tips on how to apply makeup on mature skin. I know that’s not the same as having textured skin but I think her tips apply.

Here are her videos on how to apply makeup if you have acne:

I hope this helps!!

Natural and non-toxic makeup ideas

(Spoiler alert: If you follow me on my Croatian blog, you probably saw this already. I’m translating some 2015 post here so please be patient for the new reviews.)

If you are a natural beauty enthusiast like me, you always try to incorporate natural tips and trick to make your beauty rituals as clean and body-friendly as possible. Now, it’s easy with skincare: most drugstores today sell a good range of organic or even natural products , but makeup it’s a lot harder. Most natural makeup I’ve seen can be only purchased via Facebook pages, Etsy or some indie websites. There’s a small chance you’ll find natural and non-toxic makeup products in local stores (mostly because they don’t contain any conservative ingredients, so they has extra short shelf life - under 6 months and are produced in small batches or custom made after ordering for individual clients and their needs.)  

So, the question is: how to find these products? My answer: make it! It doesn’t take much to make natural makeup and you probably have most of these ingredients in your kitchen already. Here are some of my suggestions:

Liquid/cream foundation with sunscreen: mix your mineral makeup foundation (in a powder form - the stronger the coverage, the better) with your go-to non-toxic sunscreen cream or lotion - I use Kiss my Face 3in1 SPF30 Sensitive side because the formula is gentle and I can even apply it around my eyes (if you use cream it’s going to be thick and you’ll use less product every time, but lotion will be easier to apply and less cakey). The amount can be customized to your needs: add more powder for more coverage and add more cream/lotion for moisturizing properties, natural coverage and better sun protection. I also advise you to make super small amounts of this products because it can get really dry in no time. It is kind of annoying, but it can turn into a no-fuss habit.

For a matte face/T-zone: use cornstarch! Cornstarch is a common ingredient in many commercial face powders (along with talc and silica, except cornstarch is less likely to clog your pores and cause acne). Simply dip your brush in a small amount of cornstarch (I keep mine in baby food containers or empty powder jars - recycling points! or even in a salt shaker so I can use it as dry shampoo). A dry shampoo made entirely out of cornstarch works best on bleached, blonde or silver hair. If you are a brunette or redhead you can add cinnamon, cocoa powder or activated charcoal for a color matching dry powder. Make sure it absorbs well and brush off any excess powder. Most local food stores sell cornstarch and it dirt cheap: few dollars for at least 200 grams, which can last you a whole year.

If you want to use a natural blush, try beet root powder or raspberry powder (although I think beet root powder is way cheaper). You can mix in different natural and edible ingredients with it to make custom shades, which can also be used and mineral eyeshadow or (mixed with a DIY lip balm with some shea butter and coconut oils) lipstick or lip gloss.

For bronzer: use cocoa powder and cinnamon along with cornstarch (you’ll save a lot of money on bronzers and dry shampoo with one DIY product). For matte black eyeshadow: use activated charcoal, but be careful if you have oily lids because it can smudge a lot and make a mess (the same goes with mixing charcoal with coconut oil to make a DIY eyeliner - tried it, smudged like hell).

If you add cocoa powder to shea butter and some other unrefined oils you can make an instant bronzing body lotion for summer or special occasions where you don’t want to or can’t tan outdoors or in a salon (which I don’t endorse, but some people like getting tanned).

For colorful eye makeup, mascaras, highlighters, concealers and opaque lipsticks: you CAN make these but the raw ingredients are often expensive and the recipes are quite tricky. Also, mascaras are super tricky to make because you’ll need a lot of testing to ensure you won’t wake up with a pink eye in the morning and they require a sterile environment for packaging which most of us don’t have in our homes. I advise you to buy from small indie companies that produce good quality, safe and affordable makeup, like the ones on Etsy. Ask your neighbors and friends is someone they know makes natural makeup, but if you can’t find any, check the links on my Cruelty-Free page (in the middle of the list, under “Mineral Makeup”). My favorites are: Everyday Minerals (great foundation formulas and shade selection + amazing brushes!), Concrete Minerals (awesome shade selection for both shimmer and matte shades + the best eye primer ever!) and of course - Meow Cosmetics (my absolute favorites when it comes to eye makeup - thousand of shades, effects, collections and styles. Their Egyptian Treasures eyeshadow collection is so perfect I almost cried when I got it - check this post for swatches.)   

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How should I and with what should I sanitize my makeup ? I have a friend who uses a spray and I'm really confuse about what is a great way of keeping your makeup fresh. Thanks ! xxx

Yes you can make your own disinfectant spray with just alcohol and water! Usually about ¾ water and ¼ rubbing alcohol, just make sure to have more water than alcohol. However you can buy sanitizing sprays.

The best way of keeping your makeup fresh is washing your brushes regularly and not using your hands to touch products because dirty brushes and hands will get your makeup dirty transferring oils, bacteria, etc. For cream concealers and products try not to use your finger to pick up product its best to use a clean brush. You can also dip lipsticks into rubbing alcohol to disinfect the tip.

Sanitizing your makeup with an alcohol spray and keeping your products clean is great if youre acne prone because dirty brushes can easily cause breakouts and you don’t want all that bacteria on your makeup as well! Also great if you’re a makeup artist or share makeup :)

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Advice for people with acne: clean your brushes often, wash your hands before you apply makeup or keep hand sanitizer by your makeup and use that before and after. Drink water/eat fruit. Use sun screen every day, but sunscreen specifically made for people with sensitive skin/ acne prone skin. Don't try to dry out your skin to stop acne. It makes your face produce more oil in reaction to. Steam your face and use Bobby pins to get rid of black heads/ large white heads.