acne beanie

anonymous asked:

Hi Loni - you seem to travel a lot. :) I was wondering what would be in your capsule wardobe if you had to pack it all in one suitcase/ bag?

ummmm… depends where im going i guess, heres an over all if i was going on a trip tommorow

2 pair of bikinis, plain black and pattern so i can mix match (strapless and non strapless)

a snap back cap. wutang beanie.

acne skinnes or any tight jeans

a few lacey bras

mesh top of some sort

wang plain loose big tees,long sleeve/ vintage tee

something funky, bright sparkly, rad. loud

vintage dress

black vintage pettie coat skirt

black slip dress


Upside sports bra


big sloppy faux fur coat

black hoodie


denim shorts/ baggies