acme bakery

Place: ACME Bakery, Midtown

Menu: Chicken Salad Sandwich

Somewhere along the road, a soulful restaurant by the name of the Federal Food & Provisions piqued my interested and sent me downward on my current foodie road. I want to try every bit of food, everywhere, all the time, that is produced in Miami.

I finally made it over to the Fed during Miami Spice and it’s probably one of the best life decisions I ever made. ACME, however, hangs somewhere in between. The first time I checked the place out, was for a quick breakfast (mom was taking me out to Sugarcane that afternoon for the first time!!!). So, I had the chocolate croissant. Best way to do that is to ask for a to go box. Sit somewhere you can enjoy your croissant and open up the tiny brown box and let that sweet, homey waft fill you with delirium. Yum.

When I visited ACME again, with R, who was already on the verge of murdering me because I’d already had a piece of the place, I left a bit dissapointed. Not so much because of the food- it was phenomenal. It was the perfect Sunday brunch. The chicken salad was bold in texture and is recommended on the menu as a sandwich, so that’s exactly what I did. It was sweet and crunchy and the toasted bread was buttery- it rivaled my memories of the cheese biscuits over at the Fed. They’ve got all sort of appealing baked goods and a neat range of old time soda pops (R loves anything grape flavored). The whole place is welcoming, trust me, you’ll want to stay there forever or consider redecorating your own place. The only let down was the staff. There’s no way of knowing if you should seat yourself or who will be taking care of you and you’re sort of left wondering what’ll happen after you’ve been served. We waited and waited while the server and cashier chatted for a good ten minutes. We could have walked off and they would have never known.

Other than all of that, grab some friends, throw on some comfortable Miami garb and join the Sun for a delicious, feel-good selection of food.