Life after a coding bootcamp

Man oh man, its been quite the ride the last couple of months.  Obviously as stated before ACLTC is over and the continue education for myself continues.

 I’ve felt like I’ve been spread so thin because there are SO MANY things I want to get better at. Javascript (Angular in particular since its the library I am most familiar with) is a point that I really want to just go back and start from scratch.  Can I do it? Yes, but it might be a struggle and as I look back on some of the Angular I put into my Capstone, I am more or less confused by things that I myself, wrote. 

I’m also torn, because I’ve been having fun going back and trying to clean up things in my controllers/views in some of my projects (mostly my SetGame-Match app).  I’ve been trying to take more of the logic out of my views and “model-ize” a lot of things to just make things more neat and concise.  I think for a while I didn’t realize just how great custom model methods can be.  I started using TDD in the creation of the methods (something I really wanted to do and it’s been pretty cool to actually use that process as it really is meant to be used.

Interviews have been an experience.  I was really intimidated about whiteboarding code, pair programming with someone on-site or just having someone watch you as you code.  It has continued to get better though, every time I get out there is a learning experience and it motivates me to get better.