Here’s my follow forever! I’m lazy so it’s just written in a notebook…anyway, this is a list of all my Tumblr friends/blogs I would be deeply saddened if they stopped showing up on my dash.

Funny how things work

I was thinking about my subpar, for a nursing student, GPA while re-reading my notes for Bio 142 when a realization slapped me. I preach the words of Ezio and Alty so much. I love their one liners and well thought out responses/speeches.

So why don’t I act on them?

Then I opened my Tumblr one more time. The AC life lesson of the day fit right into that thought and I couldn’t help but cry.

From now on, I will defeat every obstacle in my way. Two hours a day, in small sprints or at once, I will study. Read the chapters and do review quizzes online. Flashcards. Scan diagrams and erase the answers, then fill them back in. Be eating lunch and looking over my lab atlas.

Be the Assassin I claim to be.

Because I learned from Ezio that no obstacle is too great to overcome. And no matter how bad things get, Altair, I can turn them around.

And I can.
I will.

Vittoria agli Assassini.