acl spoilers


For Halloween I decided to put on my Aveline de Grandpre cosplay (and scared little kids)

Incase you were wondering this is an actual outfit in AC:Liberation that you can obtain, thus why I am tagging this post under spoilers for I know that alot of AC fans have not yet played AC:L! It’s considered her Bayou Hunter Outfit if you are curious enough to look it up!

ps: I met a fellow Ezio cosplay while out and about, we hugged and took picture together but I DIDN’T GET HER NAME OR TUMBLR(if she has one) FELLOW ASSASSIN IF YOU SOMEHOW FIND THIS POST FEEL FREE TO STOP BY AND SAY HELLO!

connor and aveline being super respectful to each other at the beginning of their alliance and then slowly becoming more belligerent as they start trusting and getting to know each other better until they have a stupid fight where connor goes all teenage boy and snaps like i killed my own father ur never going to understand and aveline just looks at him dead in the eye and just says i did the same to the woman that raised me and then cue super deep real talk at three in the morning that changes everything to blind loyalty and trust